Summary: It's TK and Kari's senior year in high school and they take a surprise Thanksgiving trip to America where things get super complicated. It doesn't look good for TK and Kari's relationship when Kari decides to move back to America and have nothing to do with TK. Can their relationship survive the test of time or will Kari's stubbornness keep them apart forever?

Hard to Love You
Forever and Always
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Five Years Later

"Go Brian!" A little blond haired girl cheered in front of the big screen tv.

"And Brian Vickers leads the field out of turn four and he wins the Daytona 500!" Nascar commentator Mike Joy exclaimed.

TK and Kari sat on their couch together as their four year old daughter, Hope, jumped up and down in excitement.

"Brian won, Brian won!" Hope excitedly exclaimed.

"Shhhh, you have to be quiet Hope. You're gonna wake your little brother," Kari quietly said and the little girl obediently obeyed. "Why don't you go play with Gatomon and Patamon in the backyard?"

"Ok!" The almost four year old girl replied as she ran out of the living room and to the backyard.

After Kari's almost marriage to Brian, she moved back to Odiaba. She found a job as a kindergartner teacher and began teaching again. TK and Kari began dating again, taking their relationship slow. They got married a few months later in a small wedding in front of all their friends and families. TK went back to college and got a four year degree in Journalism. His career brought them back to America and he landed a job as a Nascar writer thanks to the connections he made at the Nascar races all those years ago.

TK and Kari followed the racing schedule up until the birth of their first child, Hope. Once Hope was old enough, they traveled around the country together as a family. However, it wasn't long before they added another little one around the track. Tyler was born about forty races after Hope (A/N: That's a little over a year after Hope)

TK was skipping the first race of the new season to take care of pregnant wife again. Kari was due with their third child any day. With TK's steady income, they lived in a simple house in the suburbs of Charlotte. Despite the drama that lasted nearly ten years, Brian was one of their neighbors, along with many other Nascar drivers.

After getting dumped at the alter, Brian focused on his racing career. Kari felt terrible about everything and hooked him up with one of her friends, Becca. They have been dating for almost four years before Brian just recently proposed to her, this time, in a more private fashion.

Tai and Sora lived a few blocks away from TK and Kari. Every Tuesday night, their families get together and have a supper and game night. It was a great way for their kids to hang out and spend time with each other while the adults caught up on weekly events.

Matt had taken some time off from his rock star career to finally settle down with his supermodel girlfriend and get married. They had just found out they were expecting a little girl in a few months. With some help from Kari, Matt and TK patched things up in their relationship. Matt occasionally invited TK and Kari to his cabin in the mountains back in Japan during the holidays. TK is thrilled to be back on good terms with his older brother again.

Izzy and Mimi briefly separated after Kari's failed wedding to Brian. Mimi couldn't help but think there was something going on between Izzy and Kari. When Kari and TK got married, Mimi moved back into their 5th Avenue apartment. The separation made their marriage stronger as they added a third child to their family.

Joe and Rebeckah are still very happily married. Joe won another Nobel Peace Prize for his most recent advancement in medicine. Joe was the doctor who found the cure for the dreaded Swine Flu epidemic.

Davis and Sarah moved to America so Davis could open another restaurant. His restaurant became very popular among the celebrities and it is the hottest place to be on Friday nights. The sudden fame of his restaurant landed Davis a reality tv show.

While everyone else was living in American, Ken and Yolie were very happy and very content in living in Japan. They came to visit everyone in America at least once a year while they looked forward to everyone coming to visit them during the All School Reunion held every summer.

Jake went from Japan's hottest bachelor to Japan's hottest man. He surprised the media by getting married to his secret fiancee. He is still Japan's most popular basketball player but is considering retirement to settle down and start a family.

Cody got married to his girlfriend of four years, Lindsay. He was Japan's most famous lawyer, often representing famous celebrities. Cody and Lindsay are expecting their first child in a few months.

"Congratulations Brian on winning another Daytona 500 and recently getting engaged again!" Congratulated Nascar pit reporter Steve Byrnes.

"Thank you Steve! I have to thank God today. We had an amazing car out there. I also want to thank my sponsors, Aaron's, Toyota. I have to thank my family and my friends especially my finacee Becca whom I love very much." Brian said as he kissed Becca on the lips, "I can't believe I just won the Daytona 500!"

"Awww, I'm so proud of him!" Kari said as she smiled. "I'm glad things are going well for him."

"Me too," TK sincerely replied. Over the last few years, TK and Brian actually started to get along. They often hung out at the track late at night when Kari and Becca weren't with them on the weekends. "Ya know, I still can't believe he proposed to you in victory lane six years ago."

"Yeah, but I'm glad he did," replied Kari.

"What?" TK asked confused.

"It's what led me to you. If he wouldn't have proposed me, I don't think you and I would have gotten back together. For all I know, I'd still be living in Tai and Sora's basement."

TK laughed and held Kari tighter in his arms. Since they have been married, TK and Kari haven't been happier. It was truly obvious, they were destined for each other. Their marriage freed Azulongmon of his chains and the Digi World and the real world have been trouble free.

"I love you so much Kari," said TK as he kissed his wife on the forehead.

"I love you too." Kari replied, "forever and always."