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Angela's POV

Ben and his other 'guy friends', as I liked to call them, were out watching some other new action movie that had come out this month. I wasn't the kind of girl who spent their typical Sunday watching people get blown up and such using special effects and such, so I decided to head to the bookstore to find something to read. I had already finished my homework, of course, and there was nothing else for me to do at home. All of my friends were busy—Lauren and Jessica were out getting their nails done, Mike and his friends were down at First Beach again (though to be honest, I wouldn't like to hang out with them anyway), and Bella and Edward were preparing for their wedding, which was to be in less than a month. I was very happy for them—you could tell that they loved each other very much, but this did leave me with a lot of free time which I did not want to have on weekends. I was the type of person who constantly had to be doing something, whether it was helping Mom do the dishes, babysitting my little brothers, or working at my job. I loved to be assisting others, and making their lives just a little bit easier.

The local bookstore in Forks was not far away from my house, so I decided to walk there. I hummed a little tune to myself, as I strolled down the sidewalk. Soon enough, the bright yellow sign of the shop appeared in front of me. Pushing open the door, I spied the quaint little bookshelves, the soft couches in the corner for reading in, and the fire place, which did not have a flame in it at the moment. I walked up to the shelves, determined to arrive home today with at least one book that I would actually like.

Suddenly, something caught my eye. I noticed that the back side of the store had two entire rows of shelves holding books with the exact same cover. Getting closer, I noticed that it was two white hands, holding a bright red apple against a silky black background. The title was Twilight, and it was by someone called Stephenie Meyer. There was a sign above the shelves that said 'Best Seller' on it. I wondered what about the book made it so special. (AN: Ha! As if we don't all know. It's about the amazing Edward Cullen! Okay, on with it) Deciding to check it out, I picked up a copy, and turned it around to read the back summary.

I found out that the book was about someone named Edward that was a vampire, and apparently a girl who was apparently in love with him. Also, many starred reviewers seemed to have made some comments saying that this was a spectacular book to read. Something in my brain almost seemed to click. I suddenly felt the need to read this book. I couldn't figure out what it was about it, but decided to trust my guts, and went to pay for the book.

I didn't want to go home yet. It wasn't like I had something against being alone or anything, but I knew that as soon as Ben got home, he'd want to describe his movie to me in detail—something that I was not looking forward to. Of course, it wasn't as if I didn't want to talk to my boyfriend either. I sat down in one of the big couch-like chairs, and began to read. As soon as I read the preface, I knew that this was a book that I'd have to read to the very end. A real page turner, I guess. Judging by the preface, it would've made a good movie that Ben and his action movie loving friends would've loved to watch, but with a touch of romance. I was intrigued by the plot; the author was definitely a very talented woman. I was already at chapter 4: Invitations, before I realized that I had been sitting there for almost an hour. I smiled to the owner of the bookstore, who was standing at the check out desk, before picking up my purchase to leave.

It took me only ten minutes to get home, an even shorter amount of time than it took for me to get there, but it was only because I wanted to get back to my book. I was surprised that Ben was already there by the time I got back. They were supposed to be gone for another half hour, but I wasn't going to complain. I set down my book on the dining room table, and made my way over to Ben. I opened my arms up wide to give him a hug.

"Hey Ang," he said, hugging me back and placing a kiss on my lips.

"Hey yourself, handsome," I laughed, "Why are you home so early? Was the movie not as good as your expectations?"

"Oh, the movie was awesome. But the traffic didn't take as long as I thought it would," he explained. The nearest movie theatre was in Port Angeles (AN: Sorry for not doing my research, but I don't think Forks has a movie theatre, since Bella and Jess had to go all the way to Port Angeles to watch that movie in New Moon) and he had probably expected it to take longer to drive back than it did. I was right. "And I was anxious to see you."

"Aww, Ben. You don't have to be a mush. You know I love you the way you are," I chuckled lightly, but I was glad that he wanted to see me, as always.

After about twenty minutes, my parents were home. Ben claimed that he had to leave, but I think that it was just an excuse to get out before my dad decided to have another 'talk' with him. I rolled my eyes as I remembered the last time. Ben had acted like he had seen a ghost by the time Dad let him out of the living room. He had glared at me for a few seconds, but then his scowl turned into a smile. Neither of us could stay mad at each other for long. He then hugged me quickly and left, avoiding my Dad's gaze, and only replied "See ya Mr. Weber" when my father said goodbye.

When I went off to bed, I grabbed my book hastily off the dining room table. My mother didn't appreciate it when I left my books on her table tops, and although I too hated it when people left stuff lying around, I always seemed to have something of mine sitting there by the time she got home. Mom deserved a day off from having to tell me to tidy up every five minutes, I thought. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower before curling up under the covers, with my new favourite book, Twilight, in my lap. I turned on the lamp on the small table beside my bed, and reread the first line of where I left off. I got to sixth chapter (AN: notice that it's the SIXTH chapter—the chapter before Bella actually finds out that Edward and his family are vampires. This part's important) before I decided to turn out the lights. There was something about the book that seemed familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I sighed. Pondering on the plot of a book was the last thing that I needed to be doing right now. I really needed to get to sleep. We had a test in biology tomorrow, and that was hardly my best subject. I flicked the switch, and with the thought of forgetting about the book—for now, that is—in my mind, and I was asleep within seconds.

The Next Day (At Forks High School) Still in APOV

I had put Twilight into my bag this morning, to have something to do at lunch in the cafeteria while Ben had his nose stuck in one of his comic books, and everyone else was socializing. Looking around, I noticed that Ben's car was absent, and was even more glad that I had decided to bring along the book. I headed towards the shiny silver Volvo that I knew belonged to Edward. Bella would be with him, I knew. He always drove her now. The engagement ring on her finger wasn't that much of a 'pow!' (as my little brother had called it when he had first seen her wearing it) anymore, but it was still something. I laughed as I remembered how she had told me that her dad, Chief Swan, had almost had a heart attack when she had announced that she was marrying Edward.

As I approached them, Edward smiled at me, as he opened the door for Bella. She stumbled as she got out, and as usual, he had to catch her in his arms. Bella blushed a bright cherry red, but managed to control herself after that. They were just too cute. I didn't laugh, though, for I knew that she hated it when anyone did that. And besides, it wasn't Bella's fault that she was clumsy. She straightened, then looked up as if it was the first time that she had noticed that I was there. She had a faraway look on her face, and I had to wave my hand in front of her eyes in order to get her back down to earth. When that happened, she blushed again, and this time neither Edward nor I held back our laughter.

"Meanies," she muttered under her breath. "You, Mister, I'm not speaking to you anymore." Again, she seemed to have forgotten that I was there at all, but this time I did not intrude. This was just too funny.

"Bella, love," he whispered, "Are you sure about that decision?"

Her eyes clouded over for a minute. "What?" she asked. Then, noticing that I was there for the second time, she said hi. I said the same back to her, and we started talking about the classes that we had in the morning, when I remembered the book. I quickly took it out of my bag, and showed it to her. She looked at the book, then back at me, apparently not getting it. I laughed. If I were her, I wouldn't have gotten it either. I told her about what I had thought of this morning, about the feeling that I had that there was something about the book that was... unusual.

"Can I see it for a moment, Angela?" she asked. I nodded, handing it to her. When she read the back, she gasped. I could tell that she was trying to make up a story of why she appeared to be so astonished, and I knew that the next words out of her mouth would not be what she was actually thinking. "Wow, err... that's uh... sounds like a very good book Angela. I think I umm... must've seen something like it before, you know? Um, yeah. It just sounds kind of... familiar. Can I borrow it?" she asked in a rush.

"Oh, well, I'm still reading it, but I could lend it to you once I'm done," I told her.

"Oh, uh, never mind then. I'll just get my own copy. Where did you say you bought it again?"

"I never said anything about that at all, Bella," I laughed. "But anyway, I got it at the local bookstore. It's really easy to find, it's the only one in Forks, I believe. Edward, you know where it is, don't you?" I asked him.

He looked like he was thinking about something, but I had sidetracked him. "Oh, yes, of course. It's near your house, isn't it, Angela? I could take you there tonight, if you wanted to, Bella."

I nodded. That would be fun, if she could read it, then we could discuss it at lunch. She looked at me like she was scared of something. "Um, Ang, could you do me a favor?" she asked. I was surprised. Not that she had wanted a favor, duh, not. But that she had wanted it right after I had shown her my book, probably meaning that it had something to do with it.

"Sure," I agreed, though.

"Could you not show the book to anyone else in our school? I can't tell you why right now, but... could you?" the look on her face told me that this was important to her. If it was, then obviously I would respect her wishes. I smiled to her to show that I was fine with that, though I'm sure that she saw that my face fell. I had wanted to show my new 'discovery' to a couple more people. It really was a great book.

The bell rang, and I rushed off to English, not wanting to be late. Our English teacher didn't like it when we were tardy, and this usually resulted in a detention. I did not want to ruin my so far spotless record, and took my seat seconds before he arrived. English was not my best subject, so I had to pay close attention so that I would get everything that the teacher was saying. By the time the class was over, I was waiting for the rest of the morning to be over so that I could speak to Bella in the cafeteria. I wonder what's got her so riled up. Math and biology were rather uneventful, as usual.

At lunch, after I had paid for everything, I went over to the table that I sat at with our friends—Jessica, Lauren, Mike, Tyler, et cetera. I didn't feel like striking up a conversation with any of them at the moment, so I settled down to read my book. However, as I was opening it, I felt like someone was watching me. Not the 'I'm a stalker out to get you' stare, but the one that said that someone was interested in what I was doing. Confused, I put my book away, and began to eat my lunch.

Lauren's POV (from the beginning of the day)

I saw that like, quiet girl, wait, what's her name? Oh right, yeah, umm... Angela. She was walking over to like Bella's like, totally hideous red truck. God, like, what is wrong with that girl? I mean, like, she has a super rich boyfriend—fiancé, I mean, but she won't like, ask him to get her a nice car? Not to mention that rich fiancé is also totally HOTT!! And like, yeah, believe me, I've heard them talking about it. Making some deal about him 'changing her,' or something like that, like whatever the hell that meant, if she would let him get her a car, get her into some like yucky nerdy university, yadda, yadda, yadda. I like crept up and hid behind Tyler's car, ('cuz I'm awesome like that and like spying on people's totally in) and peered at them with my eyes like narrowed. Ooh that sounds so like, smart! With the way they were totally whispering and all that, you could tell that something was going wrong-ish, like, duh. I like, so didn't get it. But anyway, I'm like, super-smart! I mean, I'm Lauren Mallory! So I SHOULD be getting it right? I continued to listen to their super for lunchtime gossip conversation.

"—Could you not show that book to anyone else at our school?" Bella asked. Ooh, juicy. I wonder what that book had in it. Must be something good, if she won't let the rest of us see it.

Like, probably two minutes later, I heard the bell ring, so I walked to History. I mean, history's totally useless though, isn't it? I mean, dead people, come on. Ooh! I have really nice shoes. They were the ones that I'd bought like, just yesterday! So awesome, isn't it? They were so pretty! Sparkly! Wait, I was thinking of something else before that? What was it again? Damn, I forgot! Dum, dum, dum, dee, dum. Ugh, Mr. Afro dude was sitting right in front of me. Like, he was totally blocking my view of like, um... stuff! Like, there wasn't anything interesting going on anyway, right? But like, still! I felt the need to glare at him, so I did. He didn't get it. Ooh, I'm smarter than Mr. Afro dude! Like, well duh. Oh yeah, I remember it now! I was trying to devise—oh that's a big word!—a plan to you know, foil their plan. Man, I just realized, I don't know what their plan is! Crap, now I'm sad. Look what she did, that stupid Bella! She made me sad! Shit, mood swings. I'm not PMSing am I? Oh no wait, I can't be. Heh... yeah.

"Mr. Umm... what's-your-name, may I be like, excused?" He was totally dazzled by my beauty... or maybe he was just surprised that I interrupted his lesson, but whatever. I needed to get out of here, History is just not a very interesting topic, especially not now since I have this mystery to work on!

I tried to remember what class Mike had this period. He was a real dufus, but came in handy if you wanted him to carry something or to do some boring work that you didn't want to do. Oh yeah, he had Spanish. I walked down the hall to the Senor's room. She was in there teaching some boring class. I went up to her and told her, in my sweetest sweetie-face voice, "Senor, like, Mike's gotta go, like his Mom wanted him to uh... help clean the store! Yeah, that's it, she says there was a gas leak and now he has to go wipe up gasoline in their store! So like, he's gotta go, you know?"

Mike was giving me the confused dope look, and I ignored him. I was normally a pretty good liar if I say so myself, but for some reason the stupid lady didn't seem to believe me. Wait... lady? I always thought it was a man. But seriously, that mole she had beside her lip had enough ugly little gray hairs on it for it to be a beard. Wow. Oopsie, huh. Well, whatever. I marched over to his desk, and pulled him after me. He was staring stupidly at my backside, until I realized what he was doing, and slapped him in the face. He wasn't good enough to go around staring at my butt. I told him of my so far nonexistent plan, and he said he'd help me. Like, duh. Who can refuse THE Lauren Mallory? Besides that bitchy Swan girl, that is. So basically, he was supposed to come with me to steal that Wener? Weder? Uh... Weber, that's it, girl's book. If it was so interesting, we all deserved to see it, didn't we? I mean, I'm not normally the type to read, so I'm gonna get Jess to do that part for me. She'll help me too, I already know it.

After lunch, the only class we all had with Angela was Math. Mike crept forwards in his seat when the teacher wasn't looking, and took the book. Good. I gave him the pinky up—my thumb nail was still drying from the nail polish I had applied in order to waste some time. He handed it to me before the end of the day, and I rushed after Jessica in order to tell her to read it for me. She wasn't that much of a nerd to actually want to, but come on, she was a good little minion. I caught up with her easily—I mean, she was so darned fat! Of course, I never told her that, but still. She agreed, no duh. I told her she was the quote unquote 'bestest friend ever', more like, biggest LIE ever! but she probably wouldn't do what I wanted her to if I didn't.

I got over to my car with a big smile on my face. Finally. Revenge would be sweet.

Author's Note: Confused? Well, here's a summary of what happened if you happened to have not gotten it. Okay, as I said before, Twilight, the book which we all know and love, has just been published in the Twilight world. Angela purchased the book, and has never had any evil intent. So Angela is not a 'bad guy' in my story. However, the next day at school, she showed the book to Bella because she saw some rather freakish similarities between the 'Twilight Bella' and the 'Bella Bella'. Lauren saw it, and noticed how Bella didn't want anyone else to see it. That, of course, just lead Lauren to want to show it to everybody, so she stole it from Angela with the help of Mike to get Jessica to read it for her. Yeah, I know, Lauren Mallory being a bitchy queen bee, how surprising.

By the time I post this, the second and third chapter will already be up! I'm sorry that I'm not updating my other stories, but I'm the type of person to have a really short attention span. I WILL finish them though, (I hope!) and in the uh... maybe not NEAR future, you will see the 'complete' for my other stories! I'm also sorry if this story isn't making any sense, Lauren's plan will affect the plot later on. It IS important though, just remember that. Just for the record, I was half asleep when writing the second half of it (namely, Lauren's POV).

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