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BPOV for a few paragraphs (the next morning)

I woke up early. It was only around six thirty, but I couldn't get to sleep again. Edward wasn't there when I woke up. He was probably going for a quick hunt in the woods around his house. I sighed. I hated it whenever he was away from me, but I figured I could read the book some more. I went to brush my teeth, before heading downstairs to fix myself a bowl of cereal. I had Twilight with me, of course. I started reading from where I had left off last night. "I TOLD Charlie I had a lot of homework to do..." and onwards. It explained my nightmare after the first encounter with Jacob. I was surprised that the author had devoted an entire chapter to describe a dream. I felt my face heat up as I remembered the time that I started researching vampires. God, I feel really stupid right about now.

I finished my cereal and closed the book when Edward appeared. I checked my watch. It was almost eight. Shit, we would be late. But then again, when had we ever been tardy to school with Edward's insane driving? We walked down the driveway to Edward's Volvo. He opened the door for me, like every other day. I jumped in, as he chuckled. We were at school in little more than ten minutes—a drive that would've taken my truck at least half an hour to make.

When I came out of the car, however, I was not expecting someone I didn't know (and judging by their appearance, maybe thirteen or fourteen years old) shoved a book in my face and say, "Hey, you're Bella, Bella Swan, right? Could you sign this?! I've waited forever to meet you! Like, oh my god!"

I held the book that they were holding farther away from my face, and realized that it was the book that I had been reading, Twilight. How had this happened? Angela had promised me that she wouldn't tell anyone! Ugh, they probably went to the bookstore themselves, I thought, mentally slapping myself on the head. God, I had been stupid. Did I think that just because Angela didn't tell that nobody would find out? But now what was I going to do? Wait; did they want me to sign because I was a character in said book, or because they had found out the Cullen's secret? I decided to play dumb for now.

"Uh... I think you have the wrong person. Why would you want me to sign something?"

"You are Bella, right? Your name is Bella?" the redheaded girl demanded. I could only nod stupidly. "Well, then, I'm sure it's you! You're so amazing, and brave! You're my hero-err... heroine! Anyway, I can't believe I get to meet you at last and—"

NOW Edward decides to cut in. "Please, go away. I don't believe my fiancée wants to see you right now, and—"

"OHMYGOD IT'S EDWARD CULLEN!!" she shouted, and proceeded to begin hyperventilating. Edward looked confused for a second, and then remembered the reason that she wanted my autograph in the first place. "Oh. My. God!! OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, and again, OHMYGOD!!"

Right then was when I think I fainted.

JPOV (meaning Jessica) right where BPOV left off

Like, oh my gosh Bella just fainted! What the like, hell?! I'd finally finished reading that stupid book that Lauren told me to read. (GOSP!! – Slaps Jessica for calling Twilight stupid—) It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!! I mean, it so took me forever!! Like, it was almost five hundred pages! I think that's the longest book I've ever read! I think Lauren can barely COUNT up to that number! I liked to think of myself as smarter than Lauren. I mean, who isn't? But she's popular for a god knows why reason. Personally I don't really care, but whatever. I had wasted like... a whole hour of my oh so fabulous life reading the first part of that book, and I really didn't get it. I mean, I was smarter than Lauren and all (like who wasn't) but like, who really needs high IQ anyway?

Suddenly, I heard a bitchy sounding scream. Don't ask how I can tell if someone's bitchy by their scream, but due to large amounts of exposure to Lauren's bitchiness... well, I won't continue. Lauren may be pretty much using me and my brains, but like, whatever. Karma, Lauren, karma. If I were nice to her, something good's bound to happen to me, right? Anyway, I saw this short little red head run up to Bella and Edward with that book Lauren had made me read. She had a pen in her hand, and the book was opened to the first page. She was dancing up and down, and seemed extremely excited—up to the point that it seemed very dumb. I couldn't hear what they were saying from here, but it couldn't really be that important, could it?

"Ooh! Ooh, Jess!" I heard a voice scream. Yep, it's Lauren alright. Never a 'hello,' 'good morning,' or a 'hey' her—it was always the 'ooh, ooh, ooh!' Man, she has some issues. She was alright when she decided to play nice, but otherwise she would act like a woman who was pregnant and PMSing at the same time. "So, Jessica, my very bestest friend! Have you finished reading that book?"

I pushed my rather bushy hair out of my face and answered, "Ehn. Not the whole thing. It's so like, long! But I really don't see the point of reading it."

"What was it about?" she asked, a completely fake smile plastered on her face.

"Well, it's about a guy called Bella Swan, and her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. So they're basically just going out and stuff. I'm at this part about the Bella fainting in biology class from seeing blood or something. Like, pathetic much?"

Hold on. Did I just say what I think I said? Holy crap, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen... WHY hadn't I seen it before?! This was OUR Bella and Edward! Shit, and I think it mentioned something about Lauren, Tyler, Mike—who I still hadn't managed to get over since our last breakup, especially since Edward was no longer available—Conner, Eric (can you say chess club geek?), Angela, and, oh, my gosh! Me! This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weird! Wait a minute! The book had said that Edward and his family were vampires! Could that be possible? And the book had said that he can read minds! Oh, no. This can NOT be happening! Wait... so he knew that I liked him all this time but still went out with Bella? Talk about unfair! Anyway, and it also said that Alice could see the future, and Jasper could change people's emotions. They're like, super hot, AND have super powers?! (Author's Note: Did it say that Alice was all psychic and stuff and the thing with Jasper by that part? Sorry if it doesn't! I just lent my copy of Twilight to my friend, and right now I'm kind of clueless about when everything happens exactly.)

I didn't tell my suspicion to Lauren. She wouldn't get it anyway... who else could I tell? I mean, I'm basically the main gossiper of the town of Forks! You can't just give me juicy information and not expect me to pass it on! I decided on Josh, the guy who sat next to me in Trigonometry. (Another Author's Note: I JUST realized that if Bella and Edward's wedding were almost here, they would've graduated already, and they wouldn't be in school. Oops. Please ignore that rather large detail... hehe. Sorry!)

"Psst! Josh!" I whispered. Mr. Varner wasn't paying attention, and apparently neither was the Josh guy, so I passed a note to him. Hey, Josh! I'm Jessica Stanley... I think you know me. Anyways, did you know that the Cullen family are vampires?! Like, I know, huh?

Shut up and go away. No I don't know you, and where the hell did you get that idea from? Was the note that he passed back in my direction. Of course, his question just gave me an excuse to pass another note.

It's all in this book—Twilight, by someone named Stephenie Meyer. It's so weird, and kind of cool. You should read it!

I never got an answer from him, and ended up sitting there with a pout on my face for the rest of the period. Okay, that certainly didn't go the way I wanted it to. When I arrived in the cafeteria, however, it was time to get the rumor mill grinding. I turned to my friend Gina (A/N: I'm going to start making up a bunch of people from this point, since I don't really think Stephenie Meyer's Twilight characters suit this gossiping personality). "Hey," I said, "You know the Cullens?"

"You mean those creepy pale freaks that all act like their best friends died half the time?" she asked, "If you mean those guys, then yeah, I believe everyone at Forks High School does."

"Yeah, well, anyway, did you know that they're vampires?!" I asked. HAH, she was SO not expecting that one.

"Jess, I know that Forks is a relatively boring town, but there's no need to make up gossip, you know," another girl, Francesca said. Yeah, right. If only they knew that half the things I said were false... well, they were true to some extent I guess. Like the fact that Mike Newton—sigh—was dating the principal's daughter, Vanessa. Like, please, I'm not even sure if the principal has a daughter or not.

"It's true! I have proof. Okay, go to this bookstore—well, I'm not sure what it's called, but it's like the only bookstore in Forks—you go there, and there's this book called Twilight, under the Bestsellers shelf. It explains EVERYTHING, I promise. It'll explain the Cullen's weirdishness too." (lol, my friend Ellen and I say these random basically non existent words like... say, randomlyishness, stupidityishness, holy crappishly... you get the picture... anyway, we say them so much I don't even realize that they're not actually words no more. Yikes! There goes my dictionary-writing career, lmfao) This piece of information was true. I lived for gossip, and so this was awesome. Mama would've been so proud.

"No way! You've gotta be kidding me!" this girl called Katrina—though she liked us to call her Kat (and no one did just 'cuz she wanted us to) gasped. "That is SO not possible!"

"It so totally is! I bet I could go ask him and he would say like yeah he is!" I said, upset that they hadn't believed me. They'd always trusted me to telling them peoples' secrets before! Though I guess saying that there was a family of vampires sitting in our cafeteria did sound a bit far fetched. Oh well, whatever.

"You're totally not kidding are you?" asked Sabrina. That's my girl, Brina.

"Nope, like I am so completely not!" I said.

"Well, let's go ask them then!" Hailey said. Boy, was she THAT stupid? If they were vampires and didn't tell us for that long, did she think that he would admit it just because she went up to him and asked 'Hey, are you a bloodsucking vampire?'

"Oh, and he—Edward, I mean, the cute one with the brownish red... bronze, yeah that's it, hair, he can read minds. Don't let him know when you're coming. Think about shoes or something... Or something like oh, my god he is so cute! He won't know what's coming!" I was truly an evil genius. And a pretty one, at that!

We approached the Cullen family, ready to spill their secret to the world.

EPOV (at the start of lunch)

"Bella, love, you have to eat something," I said to her.

"Ugh, I don't have an appetite right now, Edward. I'm just so worried about the damned book thing! Why did that woman have to publish that book?!"

"If it makes you feel any better—though I doubt it will, if this really affects you that much, we can be in Alaska by tomorrow afternoon," I said in a reassuring tone—though I'm sure that she would never take up on that offer.

"You're right," she sighed, "But I don't want to just run away. That seems so cowardly, if you know what I mean. I've had death stare me in the face before, so I don't know why I'm so worried."

Suddenly, I was hit with five or so voices, or rather thoughts, of some rather obnoxious sounding teenage girls.

Like, oh my god, I can't believe they're having a sale! They like, NEVER have a sale there, ever! Credit card, get ready, 'cuz you're about to get maxed out! Then...

Holy crap, how is Lauren walking in those shoes?! They're like, at least six inches high! Ooh, but they're so cute! I wonder where she got them... Followed by...

Oh my gosh, that Tyler Crowley guy is so hot! And he's not all geeky and stuff like that Eric what's-his-name. Damn, I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend! Should I ask him out? Well, typical teenage girl thoughts of this century, I told myself. But somehow, these thoughts sounded forced. Almost as if they were covering up for something else. But why would any human girl do that? It's not like anyone could read their mind or something—that they know of, at least, I thought, smiling to myself. But... they didn't, did they? I told myself to calm down, at least for Bella's sake.

I turned back to my love, when all of a sudden, a rude sounding voice interrupted. "Hey, Cullen!" surprisingly, it wasn't an insufferable boy. Instead, I recognized it to be a girl named Sabrina, from the English class that Bella and I were in. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, before answering. "Yes."

"Are you guys vampires?" Where had that come from?! I thanked god that I could think up a reply quickly.

"What are you talking about? Vampires?! You are out of your mind! What, just because I'm pale I'm a vampire?!" I tried to make myself sound like one of those disrespectful boys that inhabited half of this school.

"Well, yeah. You are, aren't you? Don't worry, we all find vampires totally hot. You don't have to spend all day hanging out with this skunk anymore." I almost laughed at that. 'Skunk'? I believe she meant skank, but I was still glad she had not worded it out loud. But at the same time, I was angry that she had been mean to Bella.

"Well I'm not sorry at all to say that I find the fact that you think that vampires are 'hot' very interesting. So please, leave before you feel the need to offend anyone else further."

I hoped that my eyes didn't darken to the pitch black—or as Bella says, onyx—colour that it turned into when I was angry. Otherwise, it would've been a huge giveaway to the fact that I was lying. Perhaps, if I had been more prepared for it, I would've came up with a better response. Now, she was probably just going to come back later with more of her friends. I sighed. High school life was even more difficult when you were a vampire. I couldn't wait to leave Forks behind. Even though it is the place that I met Bella, I don't find the town itself very attractive. The people, scenery, everything, basically, were just not to my taste.

"Don't lie, Eddie," she purred. That was the last straw. I laughed out loud at her attempt to flirt. I could see the hurt look on her face, but it really didn't matter at all to me, especially if she was going to reveal my family's secret.

"Humph," she said, strutting away. However, her miniskirt got caught on the edge of a table, and it ripped, revealing a piece of her polka dotted underwear. She gasped, then ran away sobbing, probably to the bathroom.

"Phew," Bella said, returning to the conversation, "That girl was so annoying."

"Annoying she may be, but that's not our biggest problem," I said, frowning. "Did you not hear what she just asked? She thinks that we are vampires!"

"Oh," said Bella. I could tell that she was scared. She was scared at the prospect of everyone finding out. I didn't know what to say. Comforting would be the same as lying now. Eventually, someone would find out. We, vampires, had kept this secret for thousands of years, but it seemed to be that we couldn't for much longer.

Bella finished the remainder of her lunch, as I contemplated on what was our next move. This was like a chess game. How could we win? What, and I gulped as I thought of this, who would we have to sacrifice in order to keep our secret? What would happen next? I was glad that the question had not been asked to Bella, however. She could not lie to save her life, though I'm not sure that I did such a good job of it either. Something would happen soon. I didn't know what it was, but there was going to be a big change in our lives. I didn't know what it was, but I could feel it.

JPOV (right where EPOV left off)

What did Sabrina mean by I was wrong? Didn't she ask him? Didn't she know?

"He laughed at me, Jessica! He didn't admit that he was a vampire! And look at my skirt! I had to go change in the middle of lunch! Do you not know how embarrassing that is, Jess? People probably thought I leaked or something!" she sobbed.

"Well, if you didn't run off shouting 'OMG CRAP MY SKIRT!!' maybe they wouldn't have thought that!" I said, annoyed with her. I mean, come on, I wasted (how dare she say wasted?!) like, three hours of my life reading that book, and I don't even get to benefit from it?!

"I'm not being your friend anymore!" she screamed. Like, good. She was even more of a bimbo than Lauren, if that was even possible. She was so childish too. Did she think that it was cute or something? 'Cuz it was NOT! N-O-T, not!

"Okay, well, ta-ta! It was nice knowin' ya!" I sang, grabbing my books and rushing off to next period. Bitch.

Yeah, I know it was rather short and kind of suckish (another made up word that I wouldn't have caught if it weren't for the Microsoft Word dictionary), but I wanted to get this story out as soon as possible so you guys can review. And I promised myself that I would write at least three chapters before I posted it, so here it is. Future chapters will be more interesting. These three chapters were more just the intro for the whole thing. I swear this won't be a cliché 'May I have your autograph, Edward?' kind of story. Or at least the majority of it that I have figured out already in the plot won't be. I might change the name half way through, if someone can suggest something better.