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This use to be a normal day for me, that was before they come in to my life, but hey why don't we take a look on how things use to be before he come into my life…..

Chapter 1

"Sissy wake up we're going to be late!" a small girl said trying to wake me up. I awoke only to find myself in the kitchen with my head down on my books and I sighed.

"Sissy we have to go." My little sister said tugging on my clothes and shaking me. She was four and, unlike me, she had long black hair and green eyes. If you looked at us you would think she was my daughter instead of my sister.

"What time is it?" I asked as I looked at her, I turned to look at the grandfather clock in the kitchen, I had about one hour to get ready, not really late for some people but for me it was.

"I am so sorry baby, I will be ready soon, but let me get dressed first, ok?" I ran to my room and got ready for school in a hurry.

My parents died about three years ago, right before I got into high school. Since then, I was the one to take care of my sister and myself. She was only one at the time and she doesn't remember our mother or father at all. All she knows is me and the time when they were going to take her away from me.

The first time they took her away from me, they had seen that she wouldn't eat unless I was with her. They let her come back to me as long as I take good care of her and would not leave her alone at the house, unless I have a babysitter for her.

Since then, I had to give up a lot but I did not mind in the least. She is the only family I have left when I had also lost my ex-boy friend too, his name is Sasuke. He was the love of my life. He got tired of me always being with my sister and canceling our dates that he broke it off… that was when I realized that I could not have a boyfriend, not when I have to take care of my sister. I was her new mother and I could not let her down, she was still so young. Sasuke-kun and I are still friends and talk but it's not like it us to be at all.

"Sissy the phone is for you!" My sister called out as I put on my t-shirt fast and went to down stairs to see her holding the phone and I smiled and took the phone from her. "Thank you hon. now go and get changed, I'll make some pancakes for us." She did as I said and ran to her room to change excited about the pancakes.

"Hello," I said as I took out the milk, eggs, and pancake mix.

"Hey there Sakura, I am calling and asking how things are. Is there anything that you or your sister need?" It was Tsunade, our Hokage, who called me time and time again to check on us.

"No, everything's just fine, I'm just cooking breakfast at the moment." I said as I heard her sigh. I knew she worried about us so much but I didn't want anyone to worry about us.

"Ok Sakura, I'll see you later today and remember if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask me alright?"

"Yes and please don't worry about us and thank you though, I will see you later at the hospital, bye." I hung up the phone and put on the stove to start making pancakes. I finished them in about 10 minutes, just as my sister come in.

"Sissy I'm all ready." she said as she sat down at the table and smiled at me.

"Ok good now eat and get your things when you are done and I'll do your hair as you eat." I said as I did her hair into two pigtails that she loved so much. When I was done with her hair I went and got my book from my backpack and began to read. I glanced at the clock again and noticed that I wasted about forty minutes. I didn't have time to eat so I went to the bathroom where my sister is brushing her teeth and joined her. Once we finished, we grabbed our bags and went to the car. I had to take her to daycare first and then I would dive myself to school.

Once we pulled up to the day care my sister gave me a hug, "Bye sissy love you." She said as she gave me kiss and got out of the car and ran to the daycare where the teacher was waiting her, they waved to me as I dove off.

Once in school I only have about three minutes to get to class. I didn't want to be late so I just took my backpack with me and I just made it in time.

"Running late again Sakura?" Tenten asked me as I went to sit by her, I gave her a grin.

"Yeah, I stayed up late studying for the test." I told her, which is true. Tenten is a year older then me but we have a lot of the same classes because I am in almost all honors classes with her and the others.

"Are you working today?" she asked a while looking at me curiously, I always seem to be busy and not able to hang out with my friends and such. I am ok with it though, I love my little sister and would do anything for her.

"Um yes I am why?" I asked and looked at her oddly even though I knew what she was going to say already.

"Oh ok. Me and the others were going to go out and just wanted to know if you wanted to come with but that's alright we can hang out another day." I nodded it was hard to pick a day to just hang out but it was ok, I mean, this is what my life is now and I am use to it.

At lunch…

We all had the same lunch so we meet at the same table as we usually do. We all had our lunch and started talking, I sat cross Naruto and Sasuke and next to Gaara and Lee. What caught my attention was when Sasuke spoke up.

"Hey guys my older brother is coming back home and will start coming to school by Monday." Sasuke said with a shrug.

"Oh great him of all people." I murmured not very happy with this. Itachi was Sasuke's older brother, he was only a year older then us and the same age as Tenten, Neji, and lee. He was always so mean to me and then when we where younger he left to go to some boarding school. I am not sure why though but I didn't really care either way.

"Oh cool so when is he going to be here?" Naruto asked practically jumping out of his seat with the new information.

"By the end of this week he will be coming and he is also bringing some friends, they want to come to this school too." After that they all started to talk about what they where going to do tonight as I zone out.

At one o'clock I leave early to meet with Tsunade for some training and to work in the hospital, I have to do this every other day. Then I also work at the hospital every day after school but weekends I have off. I drove the Hokage tower where she was waiting for me with a smile.

"Hello Sakura and come along and we will get started on today's training. Today we will be working on healing internal wounds." She said as I walked with her. She left me in a recording room and I read what were in the scrolls about internal wounds then I want to a rabbit Tsunade wanted me to 'save'. I did as scrolls instructed and it took me about three hours to get it right. I went to tell Tsunade that I had completed the training, I wasn't done yet though so she led the way to the hospital so we could now tend the patients.