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Itachi pov

I cant believe she just slapped me. No girl has ever slapped me before. Dimmit and I really like her. Why I do am not all such….but still I don't think I well be able to see her in the eyes again. Damm it all to hell. Why did I do that? Why did she slap me did she really just not like me? It cant be that there has to be something more. And I wonder were her mom and dad were I didn't see them at hom I would think that they were back from a mission by now…

Friday night. Sakura pov

That last few days I seen Itachi as lest as I could the only time I would see him now was at work or in class but I never looked his way for it. At work I didn't talk to him unless it was necessarily and when it was time to go I would leave as soon as I could with out a good bye. Today I was sitting in the living room with my sister watching the Harry potter movies. We both were having a lot of fun eating popcorn, brownies with ice cream with a chocolate and strawberry shakes. We would dup the popcorn in both as we watch the movies.

"SIS Is Itachi coming over again?" she asked as she ate her ice cream. I was shook at her question.

"No why do you asked?" I asked her

"I don't know I just like him , he nice and he has daddy eyes. I know I don't know him but the pitcher I see his eyes…. I miss daddy and mommy but I have you as a mommy now but who going to be my daddy?" she asked I looked into her green eyes and hugged her.

"you don't need another daddy and am your sister our mommy and daddy are taking care of us from heaven. That why we have the others as friends it because they were send from mommy and daddy to help us a little that why they send the kage to help us as well. . But we have to do think on our own as well. Jasmine as long as am around you well never have anything missing in your life I promise you don't need a daddy not you or me. Now lets keep witting the movie ok sweetie."

"Yes Sakrua" she whispered as she went back to watching the movie. I was a little sad I know she did need a dad but I would not let anyone take our father place it did not feel right.. I tried to get it out of my head by going back to the movie.

About 5 minutes later my phone ringed I picked it up

"Hey Sakrua here." I said I head Tenet on the other line.

"Hi there Ten," I said I wait for a moment

"cant staying home with my sister and watching movies." I told her

"No she has a appoment tomorrow and cant stay up too long."

"Yup its that time of the year again." I waited some more and hear her call out Itachi name I sighted

"hey ten I have too go. I'll see you in school." and with once last good by I hanged up. And went back to the movie.

With Itachi and the other Itachi pov

I walked with my friends as we got closer to Sasuke's friends. This whole week Sakrua has not even said one word to me unless it had something to do with work. Besides that she would just be working, she wont even look at me! I know she hiding something from me but I don't know what it is.

As we got near I could hear tenten talking on her cell phone.

"Hey Sakrua! You coming to the game?" she waited for a moment and went on "oh I take it it's a social visit again."

Why would there be a social worker coming over? Are her parents in trouble?

"that sucks ,oh hey wait a minute" she said as she turn to us "HEY Itachi guys come and sit over here we saved you sits." she said waving. We all walked over and sat down

"ok Sakrua I well see you at school Monday." and with that she hanged up.

"why is there a Social working going to visit Sakura?" I asked and everyone looked at me.

"don't tell us you don't know." Naruto said his mouth wide open.

"Know what?" I asked

"wow and we thought Naruto was stupid. You been here for weeks now. I would think you would know." Ino said as she shook her head at me.

"What the hell going on?" I yelled at them and they sighted even my friends seem a little sad

"it happen about 3 years ago jasmine was about 2 at the time and it was the summer before high school and Sakura parents had to go on a mission…. That night Sakura go in a fight with them case she had to stay home with her sister while she wanted to come with us she said a few nasty things to them before they left she said she hated them and she wish they would just go always." Hinata stopped she had tears in her eyes.

"They never came back they found them die some miss-nin killed them both. Sakura was never the same again. After that they took Jasmine always from her, something that she use to want but then she lived alone for a few days and it was hell she would not come out for anything, she would have puffy eyes everyday she would come to school, and her sister want doing any better she would not eat until they left her with Sakura-chan and she got a job but after that we don't see her unless it at school or on weekends when she takes her sister out. Hell Sasuke dumped her for always have to cancel their dates, and we saw her even less then, if it wasn't for mission, school and her taking her sister out we would not see Sakrua at all" Naruto finished

"ya there a lot of guys that use to ask her out, but she would never go since she has to be with her sister so they don't take her always again." I was quit I couldn't believe it that why she slapped that why she wont talk to me… I had to do something I don't want her to live like that. I want the old Sakrua back the one I know when we were younger.