Author's note: This is just an expanded version on my oneshot 'Tempting Fate'. The titles are the same because it's the exact same story, just longer and with a lot of the odd gaps that I left in the oneshot filled in. Unfortunately, I don't have a beta reader for either of my HP related stories and the grammar-check on my computer sucks simply because it's a machine and can't interpret all the different rules without severely frying a few circuits. Put simply, feel free to correct any stupid grammatical errors I make even though I'll try to correct as many as possible before hand. There might be a few changes made too.

Other notes: Severus Snape and Charlie Weasley paired with OCs. AU, obviously. Rated for occasional language use and violent mood swings due to female hormones. Also, some temper tantrums as well that border on violent.

Disclaimer: I'm not J.K.R.; if I was, OotP, HBP, and DH would not have happened, Sirius and Remus would be married, Harry would return to Hogwarts as DADA teacher, Dumbledore would have made Severus and Harry reconcile, and the two would have ended up together eventually.


Tempting Fate Chapter One After the war


May 1998

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley sit in the Shrieking Shack, hovering over their Potion Master as their friend Hermione Granger chants various healing spells to try and save the dying man.

"He's coming around again, 'Mione," Harry sighs in partial relief and adds pain-blocking charms to his best friend's spells. "Professor Snape, are you alright?"

A stifled moan of pain is Severus Snape's response to the foolish Gryffindor's question.

"The greasy git is fine. Can we go now? Please," Ron whines. He still doesn't like the dilapidated old house on the outskirts on Hogsmeade village from an incident during his third year at Hogwarts. Pity he had been forced to accept Professor Snape's status as a spy for the Light; it gave him one less reason to hate the git.

Harry and Hermione both round on Ron as one; they're too preoccupied trying to get Professor Snape to a stable condition to be able to do more than yell at the red-head. Neither of the two look up at a soft pop from behind them, Ron's sigh of relief enough to tell them the person who had just Apparated into the house is an ally.

Albus Dumbledore gently shoos the three Gryffindors away from Severus so that he could take over healing him for them. Albus tells the trio that most of Voldemort's followers have fled the castle grounds but that his closest followers and the madman himself are trapped within the Great Hall. A few simple spell suggestions later and Albus tells Harry to go and finish Voldemort once and for all.

On their best friend's request, Ron and Hermione remain with their school's Headmaster to help assist with Professor Snape's recovery. Both Gryffindors say silent good luck charms for their friend. They had been through too much this year to lose him, and the war against megalomaniac formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, at the final confrontation between the Wizarding world's savior and the evil psychopath.


Five days later, an exhausted Madam Poppy Pomfrey summons two of Hogwarts' house elves up to the undamaged Infirmary. The only two sections of Hogwarts damaged were the Entrance and Great Halls. Predictably, the two that appear are her person house elf, Fiona, and the house elf known for his obsession with Harry Potter, Dobby.

Poppy tells the two of them to bring food up her finally conscious patients. There had been relatively few casualties from the final battle and even fewer fatalities, the most notable being Vol-the Dark Lord himself. Poppy shakes her head in disgust at herself. She, like many others, is not yet able to say the deceased insane man's name but at least she is trying. Back to the fatality toll, the only others to have perished were Atonin Dolohov – killed by a Cutting Hex from Draco Malfoy; the man had been found missing his head and wand hand, the Carrow siblings – both happily hexed into two large piles of ash by Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, Dolores Umbridge – the idiot actually had the nerve to show her ugly mug at Hogwarts; the Weasley brothers made her regret that move; the mutated toad, literally, is currently a test subject in the Department on Mysteries' division studying the effects of tandem magic performed by six very angry red-headed brothers barely keeping their tempers in check, and former Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge – found dead in his home; believed to have been executed for crimes against the Wizarding world by the current Minister Rufus Scrimgeour and justified by Fudge's refusal to acknowledge Volde-

Voldemort's return. Surprisingly, or rather not so surprisingly depending on what you know, the only Death Eater in custody that hasn't yet been given the Dementor's Kiss is Peter Pettigrew. The betrayer of Lily and James Potter is to stand trial before the Wizengamot under Veritaserum as soon as Albus is fully recovered.

Highly content with herself, Poppy finishes gathering the needed potions for her charges, i.e. the worst of the casualties, promptly going over to those in the most need of help first once she has drunk a Calming Draught and Pepper-up Potion. She would need them both. The former is to help control her temper and the latter is to help her magic recover a bit quicker. Magical exhaustion was just as bad as its physical counterpart and everyone currently present in the Infirmary is under the strain of both.

After a full ten minutes of arguing with Severus Snape, Poppy, rather unprofessionally, puts the stubborn Head of Slytherin into a head-lock and dumps a poison cure-all, an infection blocker, a pepper up potion, a blood replenishing potion, and a time released sleeping potion down the man's throat one by one. She had force fed him Skele-grow and repaired Cruciatus-caused broken bones while he was still unconscious.

He should be thankful that he'll be able to stay awake for two hours so he can get something to eat. They should all be really, Poppy reasons before moving onto her next finally awake charge, Albus Dumbledore.

Albus doesn't bother protesting and merely takes the potions Poppy places on the man's lap without question. Albus recognizes them as an infection blocker, blood replenishing potion, pepper up potion, and a time released sleeping potion. The mediwitch would have the wing of the castle empty again in a week's time if she had her way.

Next on the mediwitch's list are the seven Weasley children, though Poppy could hardly call them children now. They, like Albus and Severus, receive a basic set of potions, as would everyone in the Infirmary unless they needed extra treatment. Poppy explains this to Ginevra when the red-headed girl asks.

"That makes sense but who would need extra treatment?" Ginevra asks, concern audible in her voice. She had been in the Infirmary the longest, having been knocked unconscious by Umbridge in front of her brothers near the beginning of the battle.

Poppy makes a coughing noise that sounds similar to 'Severus' as she hands Hermione Granger her set of potions to take without protest.

"That isn't very nice, Madam Pomfrey," Hermione scolds mildly, her tone an indication of her thoughts being one with Poppy's.

"No, but it is the truth. Severus should have known enough to take some form of anti-venom potion and a quick healing potion before going to confront Voldemort," Poppy clarifies for the confused looks on the Weasley childr-sibling's faces.

The mediwitch tones out Severus' muttering and Albus' light snickers as she turns to her next charge, Draco Malfoy.

The blond Slytherin protests much the same way his godfather had but drinks the potions obediently, having seen what happened to Severus when he refused to willingly take his medicine.

Nodding her approval, Poppy hands Remus Lupin a Wolfsbane potion along with two sets of potions, one for himself and the other for Sirius Black. The mediwitch knew well enough that Remus would take the potions without protest but Sirius would hoot and holler and whine and cry much like he had during his school years. Back then, the only ones who could get Sirius to cooperate had been James and Remus but now the task falls to Remus alone.

After another ten minute round of arguing with one of her charges, Poppy resorts to the same treatment Severus had received. With the her arm securely around his neck, Poppy forces a set of potions down the throat of a very reluctant Harry Potter, making it a point to include a migraine potion in order to rid the teen of said painful migraine, and thus his bad mood, and a nutrient potion because of the boy- young man's still unnaturally scrawny for his age form at the end of the school year.

"Now that all of you have had basic treatment for now," Poppy taps her wand on one of the bedside tables. Dobby and Fiona appear with a bed tray of food for each person in the Infirmary, Poppy herself included. "We can all use something to eat."


True to Albus' prediction, Poppy had all of them healed up and out of her Infirmary a week later.

Deciding to take care of the loose ends as quickly as possible, Albus flooed to the Ministry and summoned the Wizengamot. Pettigrew's trial was over in a record time of thirty minutes and he was sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss. After meeting with Minister Scrimageour, the two decided that until all of the remaining Death Eaters could be captured, it would be best for Harry, Hermione, Draco, and the Weasleys to 

leave the country. The youngest Weasley could be tutored by her eldest brothers since three of them had been Head Boy in their days and Hermione as well seeing as she would have been Head Girl had the school year been a normal one.

Upon his return to his office, Albus quickly informs the group, now including Arthur and Molly Weasley who had come up from brewing potions for Poppy in the dungeons, of the decision. The only reason needed is that crazed Death Eaters such as Bellatrix Lestrange were still out there somewhere and would be hell bent on killing Harry to avenge Voldemort. Hermione and the Weasleys are in danger because of how close they are to Harry and Draco can't risk returning home for fear of his father killing him for siding with the Light. Remus and Sirius would remain at Hogwarts to teach Defense the following school year and would be acting as body guards until Albus and Severus could locate a sufficient safe house. Albus and Severus would return to their posts at the school afterwards and spend weekends and holidays with the group. Albus had bluntly refused the Minister's suggestion for using a simple Fidelus charm. The old wizard plans on using that and so much more to protect the people he calls his children and grandchildren.