Tempting Fate Chapter Four Should-be Slytherins


"Alright, we'll hear them out," Sam sighs after a few minutes before coming over to the table and sitting in the seat across from Severus. "Toni's already told me who's who so don't bother introducing yourselves and I'm pretty sure she's already mentioned me. But to be clear, it's Sam, not Samantha."

"Yupp," Toni smiles cheekily at the other girl and sits across from Albus, foregoing her old seat at the head of the table. "Albus, can you tell us about this plan you have to hide Potter and his friends?"

"You two are really just going to be babysitters," Severus sneers before Albus can stop him.

Neither of the Saberlings respond to Severus' words, both of them blatantly ignoring the Wizard. Albus refrains from chuckling at the event but the twinkle in his eyes roars with laughter. He has to admit, the two young ladies would be more than able to handle the influx of people into their home if they agreed.

"How best to explain this," Albus muses, his twinkle glittering madly at the amused eye roll of the pseudo-sisters and muttering of his Potion Master. "Your lives really won't be altered much although you will need to continue living the way you do now to keep from arousing suspicion. Otherwise, I will take care of everything else. I will arrange for all of your utility bills and such to be paid from my vault at Gringotts bank. Let an old man spent his wealth on you in exchange for your help, I cannot take it with me into the afterlife, nor do I wish to, and I have no heir except for my brother but he is well enough off without my assistance. You will also have access to the vault for food, household supplies, and other necessities. And before you ask about how you will accommodate the extra sixteen people, Severus and I, with the assistance of a few other members of the Hogwarts staff, will take care of those details. Privacy wards and the like shall be erected so that no one who does not need to know will know. What do you think, ladies?"

"Other than the fact that you need to let Severus transfigure your clothing the next time you go somewhere disguised as a muggle," Sam comments wryly. "I don't know. Sixteen people is a bit much to deal with."

"Why not at least find out what they're like before we decide?" Toni gives Sam a pleading look.

Seems one of them is agreeing to the plan at least. Sam sighs in defeat and Toni asks Albus to describe them. Albus pointedly uses a Silencing Charm on Severus before answering.

"All sixteen people won't be staying here at all times," Albus explains, that damned twinkle glittering again. "Four of the people will be staying at Hogwarts for the majority of the time and only spending occasional nights here as an extra security detail. Severus and I will remain at Hogwarts more often than not where as Sirius Black and Remus Lupin will probably stay here on most weekends. Sirius is Harry Potter's godfather but he has missed out on much of his godson's life because of the war and Remus is a second godfather to Harry. Sirius is an Animagus, meaning that he can change from his human form to a large black dog at will. He has a temper and his comments are overly blunt but the kind and gentle Remus will keep him in line. Remus is a werewolf but Sirius will stay with him during the full moon. Both will be at Hogwarts for the school year as they will both be teaching at the school this year. Molly and Arthur Weasley are a kind hearted couple who will most likely take you in as their own as they have done for Harry, Draco Malfoy, and Hermione Granger. The seven Weasley children range in age from seventeen to twenty-eight but all of them are good people. The twins are your only concern though. They refuse to abandon their joke shop so they'll be running an owl order service from here. The rest of the Weasleys are too varied to accurately describe. Draco will probably insult the condition of the house until someone tells him off for it. Don't mind him though; he is from a wealthy, pure-blood, supremist family and is trying to overcome the prejudices he grew up with. Hermione is muggle-born so she will undoubtedly adapt to life here the quickest. She isn't the brightest witch of her age for no reason after all. Harry will no doubt adapt quickly as well; he is a half-blood but he lost his parents to Voldemort at a young age and was raised by his abusive muggle relatives only because living with them gave him blood protection from Voldemort until he came of age last year. I believe that's everything I can tell you other than that we will all treat you as a part of one very strange family."


Family. Albus said they'll be a part of a family. Those words resonate in the minds of both Toni and Sam. Sam excuses the two of them from the table and drags her sister off to the side to talk to, or rather argue with, her. Sam reasons that it isn't worth it and that it doesn't matter if they get to be part of a family other than each other again because they'll leave and go back home once the Death Eaters are caught. She doesn't want to go through the pain of losing her family again. Toni argues the exact opposite: that it is worth it because they'll be part of a family 

other than each other and that chances are they'll still stay in touch afterwards. She is the optimistic one despite not acting like it, believing that they need to be part of a big family because it'll be good for them.

"Not a chance," Sam finally snaps a while later and regrets her choice the moment Toni's expression changes from pleading to crestfallen and then finally to devious. Turning on her heel before her sister can start talking to her again, Sam flees upstairs with Toni bounding up the steps behind her.

"Alright, look at it this way then," Toni catches up to her sister and blocks the blonde from entering her room. "If you don't want to be part of a family, then why not let them stay here simply because it's the right thing to do?"

Sam ignores her sister and hides in her room. Predictably though, that only makes Toni louder and more persistent. Toni smiles to herself and moves onto her last resort, guilt tripping her sister no matter how much she doesn't want to.

"Come on, Sammy, think about it," Toni whines. "If we don't let them stay than imagine how bad you'd feel if you found out that the Death Eaters ruined their family they way they ruined ours. You can't possibly say that you want what happened to us to happen to them, especially after that pleading and hopeful look Albus had in his eyes when he asked us."

Silence meets her words and Toni walks back downstairs, somewhat dejectedly. She had been sure that would work. Sam's voice stops her at the base of the stairs and she turns around in time to catch a pair of socks aimed at her head.

"You really need to not walk around barefoot," Sam slings her arm around Toni's shoulders and sighs in defeat. "You knew you won this argument the moment it started."

"Told ya," Kayla squawks in Severus' ear, making the poor man try to swat her away. "Ha ha."

"Smart ass Macaw," Severus grumbles and Kayla only laughs more.

"I'm guessing Kayla was able to predict the answer just going by how other discussions have ended, right girl?" Toni coos as Kayla flutters over to her and rubs her beak against Toni's nose.

"I'm taking this as you both agree to my request," the delighted twinkle in Albus' eyes worries Toni and Sam a bit but they nod in response all the same. 

"I'll make the necessary preparations upon returning to Hogwarts and will return tomorrow with the other professors."

"We'll see you then," Sam escorts Albus and Severus to the door while Toni sits at the table putting socks on her feet.

"We both have Sunday off so just send an owl to us before you come over so that we're home," Toni calls as she catches up to them.


"Of course," Albus calls back before he and Severus Disapparate back to outside the anti-Apparation wards of Hogwarts.

"You and that girl should both be Slytherins, Albus," Severus scowls. "You used a Silencing Charm on me without warning for Merlin's sake! And she quite effectively guilt tripped her pseudo-sister into agreeing! Their pet bird is no better! Laughing at me like that..."

"You might've said something scathing to them and ruined our chances had I not," Albus retorts stubbornly. "And that does not make us Slytherins. Plus, you deserved it for arguing with the creature. Merlin, Fawkes is going to throw a jealous fit. I was around a bird other than him."


"I can't believe you did that to me," Sam yells as she returns Toni's serve. The two are playing tennis at the courts by their old high school.

"Sorry, it was only other was to get you to agree short of blackmail," Toni laughs as she hits the ball back.

"You would do that too," Sam laughs and misses the shot.

"That's out, hun. Sorry," Toni snickers playfully.

"Rotten little snake! You distracted me!"

Laughter rings in the air as Toni sticks her tongue out at her sister and Sam chases her around the tennis courts and adjacent football field, each of them trying to tackle the other into the dirt.