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It was a warms sunny day, as Captain Jack Sparrow walked down the streets of Tortuga. He hadn't been here in quite a while, and thought the trip was long over due.

He was just about to walk into his favorite tavern, when he heard a familiar song.

As Jack glanced around, to find the source of the singing, his eyes spotted a small girl, now older than eight or nine years old, with long blond hair and fair skin, walking down the other side of the street, singing "YoHo YoHo A Pirates Life For me"

The song made him smirk, for every time he heard it, his thoughts turned to the time Lizzie had taught it to him.

He had just stepped into the tavern when he heard it, "Jack?" a voice had called his name. But it was a voice he hadn't heard in almost nine years. "Jackie" There it was again.

Jack looked out the door, and saw her, Elizabeth, just as he remembered her.

What surprised him, was the little girl running up to her and grabbing her hand. But, what surprised him even more than that, was when Lizzie leaned down and hugged the girl. "Hello my little Jaquelin."

The small girl frowned. "Mum, I'm not little anymore, I'm eight today."

Jack had walked back into the street, ready to make himself known to her, but when he realized the girl, Lizzies child, shared his name, something held him back.

So that was why, when he saw them start back up the street, he ducked around the side of the building, listening as they talked.

As Elizabeth and her little Jackie talked, they started walking torwards their home, but suddenly, Jackie stopped her.

"I thought you were working today, what are you doing here?"

Elizabeth looked down at her daughter, and smiled. "Since it's your birthday, he said I could go early today. Have you been having a good day?" When Jackie didn't answer, she looked to the ground instead, Elizabeth knew something was wrong. "What is it Jack?"

When he didn't hear the girl say anything, Jack peeked around the corner, almost getting himself caught, when he sees them making their way to the small bench in front of the saloon.

Only after that had seated themselves, did the girl answer Lizzie.

"I got into a fight." Elizabeth was not surprised, Jackie was always getting into fights. "With who sweetheart?"


This however, did surprise her, Andrew was Jackies Best friend, they never fought, at least not for long. "What happened Jack?"

Jackie sighed. "Well, we were playing, and since it's my birthday, I got to chose the game, and I picked pirates."

Elizabeth and Jack both smiled, Jack because this girl was so like her mother, and Elizabeth smiled, because Jackie always picked pirates.

"Alright, well what happened to make you fight?"

"It's my birthday, so I got to be Captain, and Andrew was my first mate, but he said I always get to be Captain, and he wanted to Mutiny aginst me.

So I pushed him down, and told him nobody does that to Jack Sparrow and gets away with it."

Hearing this, Jack was surprised, he had no idea children would pretend they were him as they played, he really was a legand.

But if Elizabeth was surprised, she didn't let on. Instead she just said one word. "Captain" Jackie just looked at her, so Elizabeth went on "It's Captain Jack Sparrow, you alway have to remember the Captain sweetheart."

Jackie smiled "Oh yes, sorry" Elizabeth smiled. "But you were right."

"About what?"

"Nobody would ever get away with doing that to Captain Jack Sparrow."

Jackie smiled as they stood up and started their walk again, Elizabeth grabbed her hand as they walked. "Did I ever tell you about the first time I met Jack, and he saved my life?"

"No, what happened?"

After they had pasted, Jack walked out and heared Lizzie say "Well it was a very hot day, and Your Grandfather had just given my a new dress..."

As they walked out of hearing distance, Jack turned and walked back into the saloon and sat at the bar, he ordered a bottle of rum as he wondered, why it was that he couldn't bring himself to walk up to her, and just say "Ello love" like he use to.

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