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Epilogue-One Year Later

Elizabeth stood beside the rail, where Jack would soon be disending into the long boat from, waiting as he said goodbye to Jaquelin.

She was always sad when he left her behind, and now was no different.

Jaquelin said something that Elizabeth didn't hear, but she did hear Jack.

"No, you can't go Jackie, if you go, who's goin' ta stay with yer mum?"

Jaquelin looked to where Elizabeth stood watching, then back to Jack, and nodded "Alright, I guess you're right."

With a smile and a one arms hug, and stood "I'll be back tomorrow."

Jaquelin nodded, and walked off, leaving only Jack, and Elizabeth.

He walked over to her, and she smiled. "I hate that I can't go with you."

Jack nodded, and placed a hand on her rounded stomach.

"I kow ya do love, but we decided it was best for the wee one."

Elizabeth smiled "Well hurry with those supplies, I don't like not knowing if you're alright.

It scares me to not be able to see you're alright for myself.

Jack smiled "Don't worry Liz, I'll be fine."

He looked around behind him, and Elizabeth smiled, this was always a sign that he was going to say something, completely sweet, and unJack like.

He turned back to her "Just remember, courage is being scared to death, but doing it anyway, and you Lizzie-love, are the most courages person I know."

She smiled "I love you, hurry back."

Jack leaned in and gave her a quick kiss "Love ya to darlin', I'll be back 'for ya know it."

She watched as he rowed the boat to the shore, know no matter what he said, she would worry until he was back, safe and sound, aborad The Pearl.


Jack also knew, that she would worry until he was home, which is why, he hurried as fast as he could, and was crawling into bed beside her late that night.

And when he wrapped his arms around her, she turned to face him, breathing in the smell that was purely Jack, and sighed.

"I'm glad you're back."

Jack nodded "Me to love, me to."

Elizabeth was quiet for a moment, then she turned her face up to his "Jack?"


"Hold me close, and promise to never let me go, alright?"

Jack tightend his hold on her a little more "Never darlin' not ever."

Elizabeth smiled, knowing that if she had anything to say about it, this is how they would be falling asleep for the rest of their lives.