Cannonball Run 2008: Hawaiian Tropic


In April of 2009, J.J. and Victor were preparing the Challenger for that year's Cannonball.

"So, Lisa quit as a race official." said J.J. "Any idea of what she's going to do now?"

"There was talk of her entering the race." said Victor. "But she couldn't find a teammate and she's not confident she can do it alone."

"Jill did." said J.J. "Then again, Lisa's not Jill."

Just then, two black Crown Victorias pulled up in front of the garage. J.J. and Victor looked up at the men who climbed out and walked towards them.

Baker walked away from the men with a pair of large photographs in his hand.

"Can I help you with something?" asked J.J.

Baker took out his badge and said "Agent P.C. Baker, U.S. Marshals. This is concerning your actions in Hawaii last year."

"What about them?" asked Victor.

"The thing is this." said Baker. "You interfered with a federal investigation involving a known fugitive. Long story short..." He dropped the photos onto the fender of the Challenger. One showed the car running the red light. The other was a close up of J.J. behind the wheel. "...we have to talk."


And the start of something else.

AN:Thank you for reading. Don't worry. Cannonball Run 2009 is coming soon. I'm not going to leave you hanging after that ending.