By Leah


Formerly known as nipples. On "The Dark Scribe" it is still "Nipples"

This is Just a little ditty set during season 2-ep "Child hood"

Marian rides over to Locksley to meet Guy and ends up offering him a bit more then friendship.

AU and is rated a big fat M for VERY sexual content. It is

This was written for my BETA Jules. You rock sweetie!


I do not own a thing.

Locksley Manor

"Guy," she breathed.

Before she knew it, before she could stop herself, her finger tips were lightly touching Sir Guy of Gisborne's smooth chest.

"What are you doing?" Guy asked in a low dangerous tone.

"I do not know," she replied softly. "I honestly do not know."

Her fingers drifted further and further til they came to a rosy puckered nipple. Taking it between her thumb and index, she pinched it lightly.

Gisborne stiffened.

Finding his reaction interesting, she did this again with the other nipple then with both at the same time thus causing the master at arms to shiver.

Feeling compelled to go on with her ministrations, the girl ran her hands over the dark haired mans broad glorious chest, caressing and stroking him with long cold fingers.

Guy bit his lip and clenched his fists. Jesu! Down below he was becoming hard as a rock!

Marian looked at his nipples with profound fascination finding them exquisite. Like little sweets. Marian liked sweets, especially the ones you sucked and sucked until they dissolved in your mouth.

Her mouth! Oh god, how it watered! Oh how she longed to take one of his unless manly teats into her mouth and just … suck him!

After some hesitation, the girl finally leant forward, capturing a nipple in her mouth. The man before her growled deep within his throat, wrapping his arms around her waist. Marian did not seem to notice, sucking and sucking as if she were a newly whelped pup on a bitch's teat.

Suddenly the licking and the sucking were no longer enough.

She bit him. Hard.

White teeth sunk into reddened, wrinkled flesh. Gisborne let out a cry of pain and ecstasy; his hands flew up to tear at her dress til all she wore was her white shift.

Pulling the bodice apart, he revealed his tormentors small, yet ample, breasts to the cold night air.

"Oh my beauty," he rasped.

Picking her up, Guy carried Marian over to the fireplace, depositing her tenderly onto a white fur rug.

"Wait for me," he told her, bending over to unfasten the armour covering his legs. When done, he sat on his knees, stormy eyes holding her own.

"I think it's time for me to torture you," he told her.

"Torture me?" Lady Marian echoed warily.

Before she could blink, Guy was binding her ankles with a black leather belt.

"G-Guy," his captive whimpered.

"Now, now, my little maiden," her possessor teased huskily, using his black, silk tunic to bind her hands above her head. "You must keep still."

"Why?" she cried. "You said you are going to torture me!"

Gisborne loomed over her, grinning wickedly.

"Only in the most pleasurable way possible Marian," he purred. "You've played with my tits. Now it's time for me to play with yours."

That being said, Sir Guy Crispin of Gisborne lowered his head, sinking his teeth into Marian's soft white breast.

The end

Authors note

I hope you enjoyed this rather wicked little ditty. I wrote it for two reasons. One as a present for my BETA. Two because my other MAG or Guy and Marian stories were becoming a bit tricky to write.

The lollies Marian thinks about probably did not exist during the 12th century, but I desperately wanted to add that description.

Neither Bobbin nor that blasted scar are mentioned in this ficlet. This is due to the fact that I simply could not be bothered writing about them. I just wanted to write a short ditty about Marian's inner wanton coming out to "Play" with Gisborne.