Keith Mars was well into preparing dinner for himself and his as-yet absent daughter when the knock on the door came. "It's open," Keith called, his hands to busy crushing tomatoes, garlic, and herbs together to grab it himself.

The door swung open and heavily tattooed biker with a history of violence sauntered in.

"Eli," Keith greeted him.

"Sheriff Mars," Weevil nodded. Backup ran up to greet this new visitor, which involved far more petting and licking of palms than Keith generally condoned towards known criminals.

"Well, he certainly seems to like you," Keith observed.

Weevil smiled. "Yeah, me and Backup are pretty tight."

"All this money on dog food and he can't even dismember my daughter's gentlemen callers," Keith shook his head in mock rue. "Sometimes I wonder if it was all worth it."

"Well, let me assure you that my intentions towards your daughter are completely honorable," Weevil promised theatrically.

"Oh, I'm sure you know the consequences were that not the case," Keith replied with over-the-top warmth and energy.

Weevil snickered. "Actually, though, I'm here to see you, Sheriff."

Keith cocked his head to the side to show he was interested.

"You and Backup," Weevil amended.


After several hours of exhaustively tearing through everything Jai owned, the real depth of the problem became apparent.

"It's not here," Jai sighs.

"Certainly looking that way," I agrees.

He turns to me and asks "So, what's that next step you were talking about?"

I shake my head. "Right now we need to focus on the most likely suspects."

Other than the Joker, the Riddler, and Two-Face, naturally.

"Who knows about the tapes? Who would have access to them?" I give him my most hopefully reassuring smile. "I mean, with any luck you might have just given the disc to someone and forgotten about it."

Jai, however, seems unconvinced. And I just to pride myself on my ability to lie to innocent young men. "The only ones who know about it are they other guys from movie."

"I'll need a list of names," I ask as gently as I can. "I promise I'll be as discrete as possible."

"None of them are interested in hiding it," Jai shrugs it off. "They're not the ones in tights."

"Fair enough," I concede.

And then Jai has one of those horrible 'I just remembered' moments that always make my job a little more complicated. "Oh, and you should probably talk to the girl they had set up our website."

And somehow I just have a premonition who that girl is going to be.


"There's an illegal dog fight ring going on somewhere in my neighborhood," Weevil explained. "I want it shut down and I kinda don't think Lamb will be that interested."

"I didn't realize that would be such a problem for you," Keith said honestly.

Weevil shrugged, it was certainly fair enough. "Yeah, well maybe it wouldn't have been before I saw the results. Never met a dog that had it coming," he mused darkly.

Keith nodded. "What did you have in mind?"

"If I still had my crew, I'd shut down myself," Weevil explained, "but those days are behind me and I'm gonna need someone on the inside."

"You're not actually thinking of using Backup," Keith protested.

"He won't actually need to fight," Weevil protested. "We just shop him around a little to get a lead on who's running the show."

Keith thought for a moment. He didn't like the idea of using Backup as bait... but he wasn't about to let dog fights go on in his town. "All right," Keith agreed.

Weevil smiled. "You won't regret this, Sheriff."

If Keith was ever given legislative powers, he really would make that praise illegal.


"No, I definitely gave them back all their DVDs last month when their site went live," Mac assures me.

"You're positive?" I ask, grasping at straws.

"I do like a man in a cape, Veronica," Mac said laconically, "but I built the site, I can see the videos any time I want."

I nod reluctantly. "So... how secure is this site, Mac?"

"Well, you have join," she admits. "Which only requires a valid email password, so... I'd say Fort Knox."

"So, even if I do recover these tapes, Jai's secret is still out there on line, just waiting to explode," I muse I slip into the seat next to her. "Makes me wonder why I'm even trying."

"Well, that's not really true," Mac interjects. "I mean, sure anyone can look the video up, but they'd have to find it."

"Remember how long it took for that video of Carmen to circulate?" I remind her.

"Right," Mac agreed, "but consider the number of high school students looking up bizarre sex acts versus the number of high school students looking up Batman fan films and I think you'll see how your client is still pretty safe."

"I guess you've got me there," I concede.

"There been 34 hits since the site went up and most of those are the guys from the movie checking to see how many hits they've got," Mac informed. "They should have just gone with their original idea and hosted it on YouTube."

I nodded. "Aren't you proud that your generation is responsible for the downfall of American entertainment?"

"Hey, I'm enjoying watching the collapse, personally," Mac quipped cynically.

Okay, I guess it's time to go the crew list and find out if someone in the Justice League has turned against the Dark Knight.