A/N: I really enjoyed writing this piece

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this piece. It was something that I had wanted to do ever since I first watched 'Question Authority'. To me it seemed like there were a lot of times when they jumped forward in time. I decided I wanted to write what I think might have happened in between the scenes we see in the series.

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Justice League, or anything DC related.

Re-Think Authority

Chapter One

"Those things you're afraid of will never happen here. I won't let them."

Superman had never scared him into physically reacting before, almost no one had. Yet when the man of steel had touched him his already panicking mind had invoked the flight response and he had reacted, by jerking away.

Superman had promised, but how sure was he that Superman would keep his word? After all, no one affected Superman like Lex Luthor, just look at what he had done to Lexor City. Something had to be done and yet it looked like he couldn't count on the League to do it.

His mind was racing as he climbed the apartment fire escape as silently as possible. What could be done? Who would do it? The thoughts did not rest even as he slipped through the window into Helena's living room and crept into her bedroom. He didn't have to worry about waking her as he opened the door. It was a little known fact that despite their awareness during the day most heroes slept like the dead at night. As far as he knew, Batman was the exception.

The time on the clock read 4:30, meaning that she had been asleep for thirty minutes since she normally returned from her patrol at four am. And from the look of things, she had arrived home, fell into bed, and went straight to sleep. She hadn't even taken off her boots! Smiling under his mask he removed his gloves and set to work making sure his girlfriend slept comfortably.

What will I do about Luthor?

He was careful not to wake her as he removed her boots and tossed them into the secret compartment where she hid her vigilante gear. Her belt, her cape, her gloves, and finally her mask quickly followed her boots. After making sure everything was inside he closed the compartment and sat down next to her on the bed. As he stroked her cheek he wondered, What would happen to her if the apocalypse happened? He cared for her more than he had ever cared for anyone, it was hard to believe sometimes that she was really with him, but she was and she made him happier than he had ever been before.

What can I do about Luthor?

He remembered their first date. It had been that night on the docks when he had admitted to liking her she had grabbed him by the tie and kissed him! Through his mask! He had been so shocked that he had let her lead him back to his car and drive them to an expensive looking Italian restaurant.

What must I do about Luthor?

It had been an interesting experience, seeing the reaction of staff and customers as the two walked in. On in a leotard with no stomach and thigh high boots, the other having no face. At first the waiter had been reluctant to let them in but after a few quick words in Italian from Helena he showed them to a table and took their orders. They had talked about many things that night, their new relationship, his theories and what this would mean to someone wanting to hurt them. She had looked so serious as she leaned forward and asked him, "Is it really safe for us to eat out in public like this? Now all of our enemies are going to know a weakness that we have. We're both in danger now, maybe more than we were before. They could go after one of us to get to the other" He was sure that if they had not been in public she would have looked more worried but here she looked so confidante, even as she spoke those words, that she inspired his reaction.

He had looked her square in the eye and replied, "That's all right. I trust that you'll always be there to rescue me." She had stared at him in silence for a moment before a beautiful smile captured her features and her laugh filled the air.

"You've got an eccentric charm about you Q. I like it, you're cute," she had said as they left. He stared at her for a moment before she also said, "At least personality wise, who knows, you may actually be the ugliest guy of all time!" With that she kissed him again and was gone slipping into the darkness of Gotham.

There is only one option, no other way.

Smiling down at her sleeping form he leaned over and planted a kiss on her temple. She was beautiful, she was his, and she was all he had ever wanted. Now, he was leaving her. He had never even showed her his face, he had always imagined they would have more time and she never seemed to mind kissing him. What had she said? It was 'kinky'. He let out a quiet laugh and was about to rise when he heard it.

"Q," she said it so quietly and sleepy that he had thought she had woken up but seeing her eyes still closed he decided she was talking in her sleep. "Q, I love you." If anyone had been watching they wouldn't have been able to see the sad smile he gave as he brushed her hair from her face and replied, "My real name is Vic, Vic Sage, and I love you too Helena."

He rose then with a new determination. He would not let the woman he loved be destroyed by an apocalypse that he could prevent. This beautiful woman who loved him despite all his quirks and flaws. He left through the door and strode down the hallway with a new purpose, new confidence and new determination now surrounding the only thing on his mind.

For the best of the world, the League, Superman and for Helena it cannot end any other way. I must kill Lex Luthor.

A/N: The first chapter. Takes place in between the times we see Q leaving Superman and showing up in Luthor's office. If you liked it drop me a review.