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Re-Think Authority


Helena heard him before she saw him, he was thrashing again. She quickly made her way into the bedroom of her apartment and sighed at the sight that she saw. Vic was chained by bed-sheets and trashing in his sleep to free himself from his inanimate captors. She made her way silently into the room and carefully began unwinding the sheets from the form of her red haired love.

It had been a month since Vic had been captured by Cadmus and tortured mercilessly and two weeks since he had woken up in the Watchtower infirmary screaming at the sight of Superman. Needless to say, it took little convincing after that incident that Vic would heal much faster if he stayed with her in her apartment. After all, having Vic almost send the tower out of orbit was expensive enough that Batman had decided to back her on her decision, just this once.(1)

As his tossing slowly died down she lay down beside him and gently stroked the side of his face, as she became lost in thought. 'What had he seen,' she wondered, 'what terrible evils had they shown him that they tormented him still?' She remembered his conversation with Superman before Luthor took control of the Watchtower. Vic had been scared, he didn't show it his voice was as concealed as usual, but she could tell. The way his tone changed, the way his voice rose, he had been scared then. Scared of Superman.

She knew what he wanted the second he entered the room and was completely prepared to use every means necessary to keep he from it before Q spoke, "It's okay Helena." She looked at him, he wasn't used to hiding his expressions from her and she saw the small glimmer of fear before he hid it behind his mask. She'd seen it before when she and Q watched Victor Sage on the Hub City News in his apartment. He'd always criticized the man heavily on his repots, what he could have added to make it better, she never thought that it had been self evaluation.

She glared at Superman as she left and told him he only had five minutes. As she strolled down the hallway she pulled out the receiver for the bug she had placed in Q's coat and placed it in her ear before settling in to listen. Superman spoke first.

"What happened Question? How did Cadmus get a hold of you?"

"I went to kill Luthor so that you wouldn't be able to."

Helena took this all in stride, it made sense. The one thing she hadn't been able to figure out was how, how had Cadmus captured her Q and now she knew.

"That's not how we do things."

"How do we do things Superman? Your counterpart killed Luthor, this Luthor is scheming to enrage you-"

"Doing a pretty good job of it."

"Ruining your reputation, turning your friends and comrades against you, creating a super-powered arms race! But you cannot succumb." His tone was lower now, with a sense of an implied threat.

"I can shut down Cadmus without killing Luthor."

"Carry on then, if your wrong, it's not like it's the end of the world right." She could almost see Superman shifting uncomfortably under the stare she imagined Q must be giving him now. Pretty soon he was going to find a way to change the subject, probably to Q's attempt at murder.

"I see you didn't learn anything from your girlfriends mistakes, attempted murder is a quick way to get yourself kicked out of the league." Bingo.

However, she didn't expect Q's reply, it made her blood run cold and she felt like her heart had stopped. "I never expected to make it back in the first place. I had tied up all my loose ends. Set up to have copies of my work sent to people who would appreciate it and continue it if I did not return. I had even said goodbye to Helena, although she didn't know it. She never would have let me go"

He had said goodbye? When? She would have known right, if he had uttered a goodbye so final? She couldn't remember one, so it must have been when she couldn't hear, when she was asleep. She directed her attention back to the man who was going to be in BIG trouble when he was recovered as he continued.

"Besides, you can't kick me out. I'm too much of a liability, if I'm not under the protection of the Justice League who knows who could take me and try to force that ever so valuable information out of my head. But then there would be no rescue coming for me, the league would never even know I was gone. Arrow would have no reason to associate with me anymore, so Helena wouldn't have any ties here and I doubt your pal Jimmy is going to let himself get caught like that again. You can't afford to get rid of me, I'm sure Batman will agree if you ask him."

Even though she was still angry with him Helena couldn't help but smile with pride as she heard Superman huff and storm out of the room. Why was it that no one saw the brilliance of this man?

Batman had agreed, Question had not been kicked out of the league and Superman had declared the information classified, the same day that the gossip train left the station. The official explanation was that Supergirl had heard and confided the information in Green Arrow, who accidentally slipped and spilled to Black Canary who just happened to invite Stargirl to go with her to lunch the next day and after that the train took off. From the information that Arrow gave her, the tower was greatly divided, several members were changing their opinions of Question based on what he had endured and not broken. The other half decided that this clenched the fact that he was loony and needed to be shipped off to an asylum.

As he slipped back into peaceful dreams she brushed her fingers over his temple and into his red hair. Vic, Victor Sage, Q, Question. All of his names felt good as they slipped from her mouth. Q and Question rolling off her tongue while Vic and Victor sounded sharp. She liked all of his names she decided, they were beautiful, different. So very much like him.


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(1) The ultimate reason why Question was allowed to stay with Helena instead of the infirmary. Superman tried to wake him from a nightmare and seeing him upon waking Q went into another fit. He managed to escape the infirmary and evade capture believing he had been transported into the world of his nightmares. He ended up in the still being repaired Javelin bay and caused an explosion that almost sent the tower out of orbit.