He had never expected to be anything more than a sickly Captain. He had never expected to be the man that almost every high ranking male shinigami in the Sereitei came to for advice. Well, he couldn't say that he hadn't expected for people to come to him for advice. He was one of the older Captains with a few lifetimes of experience behind him. But he had never expected anyone to come to him for this type of advice…sex advice. He had also never expected to earn another name in the Sereitei. He had never expected to earn the name: Ukitake-Sex Therapist.

His first…client, if you would like to call him that, was Kira Izuru. The young vice Captain had not been the same since his own Captain had betrayed Soul Society. He had been surprised when Kira had asked him to dinner but he was even more surprised when the blond asked him about his relationship with Shunsui. Ukitake was slightly taken back when he learned that Kira was not…exactly…strait. Hell, he was about as strait as a wobbly circle. He had found out about Ukitake and Shunsui's relationship and had come to the white haired Captain for advice. He had been his own Captains…toy for so long that he did not know how to find someone to have a meaningful and safe relationship with.

Ukitake did not know exactly how he had gotten in this position but he couldn't make himself complain all that much. He had tried to give the nervous vice Captain helpful advice and one thing had led to another and he now found himself stroking Kira's bare chest while the other man watched him carefully. As he leaned down to kiss the slightly trembling blonde he tried to think back to how the conversation had led to this personal sex therapy.

"I would like to ask your…advice, Captain Ukitake." Ukitake watched as the seemingly frail vice Captain sat down across from him. He had been slightly leery when the blonde had invited him to lunch but who was he to turn him down? Ukitake nodded slightly and smiled, what he hoped was reassuring smile, at Kira.

"I need to talk to you about personal relationships, Captain. I need to know what I tell you won't be repeated to anyone unless I give you express permission first." The captain only nodded and leaned forward. This had to at least be interesting. "I…had a relationship…that wasn't exactly, how do you put it, ideal? I was…definitely not the aggressor in the relationship and I did not…exactly want to be in this relationship. I mean, if that's even what we had would have been called. The relationship I had with-" Ukitake watched as Kira seemed to freeze. He looked down at his food and swallowed over and over again. He seemed to be stuck on the name, he could tell Ukitake that the relationship wasn't ideal, wasn't what he wanted but he could not tell the Captain the name of the person he was in the relationship with. Ukitake decided he was not going to push Kira, the vice Captain could him or not tell him if he wanted to.

"That is all right Kira, I do not need to know a name, please continue." Kira nodded sedately at the white haired captain before he continued his explanation.

"I guess what I mean to say…is that what we had was not really a relationship…it was more like…slavery. I…was his sex toy, nothing else. I know it wasn't…healthy to stay in the relationship but there was no where I could go that he couldn't find me. It wasn't until he…left…that I found out exactly how grating the relationship was on me. It wasn't until he left that I finally noticed how much of my spirit that he had taken."

Ukitake shook himself out of his memory when the blonde below him gripped his shoulders and made a small noise in the back of his throat. He apparently didn't like how Ukitake had be operating on autopilot and showed his disapproval in the only way he knew how. He chuckled slightly on the inside at how responsive the young vice Captain was before leaning back down to lave Kira's neck lightly and rub his own body down against the now nude one of the man below him. He wanted to make Kira make those pleasure full sounds again.

"Your…spirit, Kira? Who-" Ukitake cut himself off before he could ask the question of who had done this to the kind vice Captain. It grated on him that this had been happening under his nose and he had never noticed it. No one had ever noticed it. The man had always seemed so stable. He had a lot of friends, he was socially active and open to almost anything. He was kind to almost everyone and seemed to very trusting. He had never seemed withdrawn like most victims of abuse or mistreatment seem to be. There was only a few times that Ukitake could remember Kira being quiet and downcast but he always been with his…Ohh God. His Captain. Gin had done this to him and no one had noticed…no one had even thought to look…"Ichimaru…Kira? He was the one who did this to you?" Ukitake watched the blonde soul reaper look down and shake slightly before he heard the soft reply.

"He did everything…everything…"

Ukitake could help but hold himself back as he touched the blonde haired man below him. He couldn't help but feel sorry for what Kira had gone through…or more specifically put, been subjected to. He couldn't stop himself from kissing Kira when he felt himself being led to by the insistent tugs on his hair. He slide his tongue smoothly into the warm cavern of Kira's mouth before pulling the smaller man tighter against him. He had been right, he was frail but there was also surprising strength beneath Kira's skin. He felt fingertips dig into his shoulders as the vice Captain pushed up against his body clearly trying to indicate that there were pressing matters to be taken care of.

"God…Kira…I-" Ukitake was cut off when the blonde suddenly looked up at him with what seemed like anger in his eyes.

"I don't need your pity, Captain Ukitake, I've gotten over what he did to me. I just need your advice. I just can't-" Ukitake listened attentively and almost chuckled when Kira abruptly stopped. Apparently he had just remembered who he was talking to and what his rank was because he now looked like a frightened dear in the headlights. "I am so…sorry, Captain, I didn't mean to overstep my boundaries." Kira gave a little bow and Ukitake couldn't stop the chuckle from escaping him before he spoke.

"That is quite all right Kira, I am glad to see you can talk to me like this. Now, please finish what you were saying." Ukitake smiled that nice, caring smile again before nodding. He could of swore he saw a faint blush across the blondes cheeks before he began to speak again.

"I just can't trust anyone with sex anymore…Captain, how can I have a relationship if I can't be physical with them at all?" Ukitake opened his mouth to reply but was abruptly cut off when a voice spoke behind him.

"Anyone can trust my Juu-chan with sex. If you need to learn to let someone touch you again, he's the one to let do it." Ukitake rubbed his face when he heard the voice behind him. It was, of course, Shunsui. He could never seem to go anywhere without the brunette Captain following him. Apparently he had, rudely, eavesdropped on the conversation and was trying to fix it in his own way. "Anyway, if you let Juu here have sex with you then give you that advice you're looking for I'm sure you'll feel better, I always do." Ukitake looked at Shunsui, beyond startled at his words.

"What!?" He could help himself from blurting out, he was utterly confused.

"You'll have sex with him, won't you Juu? All in the pretense of helping his physical relationship of course." Ukitake felt his eyes widen as the brunette leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear. "I know you've always found Kira attractive, just help the boy." Ukitake looked back up at Kira. That was true but he had never thought that a conversation on personal relationship advice would take this turn.

That was how the Captain of the thirteenth division found himself slowly pushing two of his fingers into the body of the third division vice Captain. He could not say that he regretted the decision to give Kira personal "Sex Therapy" as his ohh so helpful lover had called it. He was immensely enjoying himself and so was Kira if he could take how he was wriggling and moaning as his fingers pushed into his body as any clue. He heard a low moan come from the blondes throat as he angled his fingers to impact his prostate. Ukitake had never thought that he would have so much fun doing what he thought was cheating on his lover. Ukitake knew that he was not cheating on Shunsui because the meddling captain had set this all up but he couldn't help but admit that how forbidden this act was, was making it very erotic. He was pulled out of his musing when he heard a whining plea come from the body beneath his.

"Please…Captain…I need-" Ukitake silenced Kira by leaning down to kiss the blonde again. He gently scissored his fingers in the blondes body while kissing down his jaw to his neck. He stopped there for a moment to leave a mark on the pale neck. If Kira did not like marks they could always be healed later but Ukitake found great pleasure in giving them. He felt the smaller body under his give another impatient move before he decided that Kira had been stretched enough. He withdrew his fingers and smiled at the whimper he heard from Kira. He quickly slicked himself and began to push into Kira's willing body. He heard that whimper turn into a moan as he breached the tight ring of muscles.

Ukitake had to stop himself. He tried to act unaffected but he couldn't help but know that was a lie. He was just as affected as the whimpering man beneath him and he needed a moment to make sure that he didn't come just from entering Kira. Ukitake took a few deep breaths before bearing down against and sliding smoothly into Kira. He felt Kira scratch at his arms until he hilted and couldn't help but gasp at the glazed look in Kira's eyes.

"Ohh…fuck…Captain…please…do that again." That was as good as a move in Ukitake's mind so he pulled back slowly then buried himself once again in that delicious heat. He found himself becoming addicted to the sounds the small vice Captain under him was making. He couldn't stop himself from trying to make Kira make even more sounds. He found himself spreading Kira wider and thrusting deeper hitting Kira's prostate on each stroke. At each erotic noise that the blonde made Ukitake felt himself going deeper, harder, faster. It had been a long time since he topped and he felt himself enjoying the sensation a lot more then he thought he would. He could feel the almost strangling heat inside Kira's body around himself and he wanted more. He wanted that heat to seize up when Kira came. He wanted to feel the clenching that would send him over the edge to his own spiraling orgasm.

He was surprised when he felt that clenching begin. He looked down to see Kira with his arm thrown over his eyes and moans pouring out of his mouth. He could see Kira's body shake, he was clearly very close. He had heard that men could come from just prostate stimulation but he had never actually experienced it.

He really wanted to experience it.

Ukitake gripped Kira's hips tightly pulling him up farther as he thrust deeper into him impacting his prostate even harder. He watched as Kira's muscles seemed to tighten and his whole body tense up. He thrust just a bit harder and watched what he thought was impossible. He felt that hot, tight canal squeeze around him even harder as Kira was thrown into his orgasm. He watched the blonde rip at the bed sheets as he came violently. He felt warm wetness hit his abdomen as he heard what had to be a scream come from Kira.

Ukitake couldn't stop himself. He thrust harder into the tight, clenching body still spasming beneath him as his own orgasm crashed into him. He felt his body tense and he pushed hard into Kira's stifling heat as his head fell to the blondes chest. He held Kira's hips hard enough to bruise as he came hard inside him. He felt himself fall onto Kira's still heavily breathing form but couldn't bring himself to care as he tried to breathe. This loss of breath was nothing like an attack, it was a good loss that stayed until he came down from his orgasm. He rolled onto his back, pulling Kira with him. He was careful not to severe their connection as it seemed that the blonde still needed it. He felt Kira cuddle into him and breathe deeply.

"Thank you, Captain." Ukitake couldn't do anything more then nod as he waited for Kira to continue speaking. "I think I could use that advice now." Ukitake couldn't stop himself from chucking slightly before he stretched.

"You need to go after what you want Kira. Never let your own insecurities hold you back. You are very attractive and, trust me, damn good in bed. So, you have nothing to worry about." Ukitake saw a genuine smile cross Kira's face before he was kissed softly.

"Thank you again, Captain. I think I can do that." Ukitake smiled before he shared another kiss with Kira before falling into sleep.

"So I take it, it went well, Juu-Chan?" Ukitake smiled up at his lover and nodded affirmatively.

"Yes, it went very well, Shun, he left yesterday morning looking a lot happier then I have seen him in a while. He told me that he would take my advice and to keep watch for him with what he wanted." Ukitake smiled again as he followed the other Captain out into the commons. He looked around until his eyes stopped on the familiar form of Kira Izuru. He didn't recognize the other person until Shunsui pointed out exactly where Kira was sitting.

"Well, I guess he found what he wanted and claimed it as his own." Ukitake's eyes opened at Shunsui's words. Was Kira sitting on…Ikkaku's lap?

"Hmm, I guess he did just need a bit of courage to grab what he wanted." Shunsui smiled at Ukitake before walking away to let him watch the tender moment unfolding between the two soul reapers. Ukitake felt himself smile as he watched the two kiss when they though no one was watching. It's such a good thing to seem people find happiness.

Ukitake found himself being visited by the seventh officer of the fourth division just a few days later. He was surprised when the small, black haired boy, spoke to him.

"I heard you fixed Kira-kun's problem, Captain Ukitake. Do you think you could…give me some…advice, also?" Ukitake felt himself smile as he ruffled Yamada Hanatarou's hair.

"Of course, Hanatarou-kun, I'm always up for giving advice."

AN: OK, I know I said that I was not going to start any new stories until I finished the other ones but I couldn't help it. This story got stuck in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it until I broke down and wrote it.

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