Ikkaku/Kira Side Story for Ukitake-Sex Therapist

Alternative Title: One Kiss.

This story take place in the time period that Kira disappears after his therapy session and the ending is supposed to happen at the same time that the other stories did.

This is just explaining what happened when they got together and all that, I hope you like it.

"I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…" Kira was mumbling lightly under his breath as he walked towards the 11th squad barracks to take the advice from Captain Ukitake. "All I have to do is talk to him, right? I can do this…" The blond shinigami took a deep breath then looked down at the ground laughing at himself softly. "Who the hell am I kidding, I can't do this…" He shook his head slightly and ran his fingers through the hair perpetually covering his eye before turning on his heel away from the barracks. "Why would Ikkaku even care? He doesn't even know I exist…" The third division shinigami scuffed his toe into the ground as he started to walk forward still mumbling to himself. "Go after what you want…don't let your insecurities stop you…easier said then done." Kira stopped his trek forward when he saw another pair of feet stopped in front of him. He knew he didn't have four feet himself so all he could wonder was who is this other person…

"What wouldn't I care about? And I know ya exist, I'm not that thick skulled." Kira felt his breath stutter in his chest and he whipped his head up and saw Ikkaku staring back at him clearly confused. "and what the 'ell do ya mean by go after whatcha want? There something you need ta tell me, Vice Captain Kira?" Kira felt what had to be his heart jumping into his throat as a blush spilled neatly across his cheeks. He opened his mouth but quickly closed it again when he tried to speak. He couldn't speak. Not now that Ikkaku was standing right there and all he had to do was say those three words. He couldn't speak and he only had to say three words! " Vice Captain Kira?" Kira watched as Ikkaku's hand reached out and couldn't help his fight or flight reflex from kicking in. Unfortunately he chose flight and was shunpoing away from Ikkaku in less then a second.

Who knew Ikkaku could shunpo as well?

In that same split second Kira felt a hand grab his arm and press his body up against one of the walls that make up the confusing maze of the Sereitei. He felt himself flush deeper as he was held against the wall by the bigger body of the 11th squad third seat. He couldn't stop himself from reacting to the closeness of the man and had to take a deep to keep from moaning when his body was pressed more firmly back against the wall, making sure he couldn't escape.

"Why are ya runnin from me, Kira?" Said man felt his eyes open wide when Ikkaku muttered his name. The other man had never called him just by name and he found that he liked it very much. "I think there is somethin we need ta talk about, do you agree?" Kira blushed an ever deeper read before he stuttered out his response.

"N…no, nothing we need…to talk about…I swear." The Vice Captain licked his lips as Ikkaku's bald head tipped in closer to his.

"I don't think that's true, Vice Captain." Kira swallowed again as Ikkaku's hot body was pressed closer to his. "I heard ya, you know? Go after what you want…don't let ya insecurities stop you…Why would Ikkaku even care? Am I spose to take that as I'm what ya want?" Kira desperately tried to escape at these words, he was scared, he wasn't ready, he needed more time. "Or should I take it as ya just dun want to talk, you just wanna do?" Kira blinked at this statement, just…do?

"What? What do you mean?" The blonde haired man watched as Ikkaku tilted his head then laughed, his red rimmed eyes closing as a beautiful smile crossed his face.

"I mean, do, Kira, like this." Kira let out a squeak when Ikkaku's hard body pressed into his own, one leg pressed between his thighs as a hot mouth devoured his own. He felt his hands scramble along the stone wall as a moan forced it's way out of his throat. He didn't know why Ikkaku was doing this. If only he could get a second to breathe he could ask but it didn't seem like that was going to happen any time soon. He was a little disspointed when Ikkaku's mouth pulled away from his own but found that problem quickly remedied. "Damnit, Kira, kiss me back. Touch me, respond." Kira's problem was remedied when Ikkaku thrust the thigh he had between Kira's leg down hard and claimed his mouth again. He felt a hot tongue force it's way into his mouth when he gasped at the stimulation on his sensitive groin.

Then he did what he was told.

He found his hands lifting to grip at the fabric of Ikkaku's haori and his nips pressing against the other mans. Kira opened his mouth farther and groaned as his tongue was roughly sucked into Ikkaku's hot mouth. He had never thought that he would be able to get turned on by rough treatment again but found his self quickly being proved wrong by the boisterous third seat. He felt, more then heard, a growl from Ikkaku right before slightly calloused hands were pushing his Haori open and roughly pinching at his sensitive nipples. He outright whined when Ikkaku's skilled mouth pulled away from his own.

"I have a few questions I need ya to answer, Kira." Kira nodded and was about to speak before he was cut off. "Just nod, yes or no, k?" Kira nodded yes. "Is what ya were comin to tell me was thatcha liked me?" He nodded yes again a blush crawling back over his features. "Ya want to be with me?" Another yes. "You want me to take ya?" Kira felt his eyebrows furrow and was unable to stop himself from speaking.

"Take me where?" Kira was once again graced with that brilliant smile before he was swept into a hard hug.

"So precious, my little Kira." He felt another kiss pressed to his lips before being pushed back against the wall. "I want to take you, as in…" Kira shivered slightly when Ikkaku's breath fanned over his ear. "…fuck you." Kira felt his throat contract once again at the words and barely heard the other mans next words. "I want to make you feel so good that you can't help but smile that gorgeous smile all day tomorrow." Kira swallowed repeatedly as Ikkaku just watched him. He felt himself blush again before nodding yes. At that nod he was swept up into Ikkaku's arms and shunpoed away.

No one saw either of them until the next day.

Kira stretched before sitting down on Ikkaku's lap. He had glanced around before sitting and hadn't seen anyone so he deemed the move safe. He felt hands on his back as he smiled. Ikkaku had been true to his word, he felt so utterly good that he couldn't stop himself from smiling. He chuckled slightly as he was pulled down into a kiss but he didn't resist the insistent tongue. He felt another smile spread across his lips as Ikkaku pulled away lightly rubbing a calloused thumb over his cheek.

"Love ya, Kiki." Kira smiled again at this. He knew he hadn't smiled so much in a very long time but he couldn't stop himself, he was just so damned happy.

"You too, Kaku."

One kiss when no one was looking was quite all right with him.

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