Hello Everyone, it's Inspired.Butterfly out with her very first story! Well, just wanted to let you all know that constructive criticism is always welcomed, but, try not to let it be too harsh, since it is my first one. Now, lets get on with the story, shall we?

Chapter One: Introduction

"I'm telling you, Alaine, the sea is so wonderful...don't you wish you could just look at it forever?" Gen asked her best friend.

"Yeah yeah, Gen, it's beautiful. Now can we please get back to what I was talking about?" Alaine asked her friend, trying to pry her friend away from her view of the sea. Trying and not getting any further, Alaine gave up. "Oh, Gen, you're hopeless!" she said, waving her hands in the air. She got up from her spot at the table and walked over to her mother, who had just baked an apple pie. "Thanks mom." Alaine said as her mother handed her two pieces on a silver plate. Walking over to the table, she set it down and sat down herself, picking up a fork and cutting into the pie. As she took a bite, she looked over at the clock on the wall. "Oh my, that time already?!" she exclaimed, as Gen looked at her, and then at the clock. Her eyes went wide, quickly getting up from the table.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late for Captain Norrington's promotion ceremony!" She quickly ran out the door, leaving her friend and mother. Alaine and her mother quickly glanced at each other as Gen came back through the door. "Thanks for everything, Mrs. Coppersmith! See you later, Alaine!" She shouted as she ran through the door once again, down the street, to her home.

Oh man...my mother's going to kill me. I'm SO late! Gen thought as she ran through the doors of her house, getting a welcome from Bernard, their house's main butler on the way up the stairs. "Thanks, Bernard!" Gen shouted, running to her room and grabbing a basin full of water and a cloth with some soap. She quickly scrubbed her arms and feet that were full of dirt, and then turned to the mirror to scrub her face. Her hair was frizzy from the huminity outside as she took a brush and tried to straighten it out as much as she could. She then realized that she still had her commoner disguise on, and ran to her bed where her nightgown was, along with a robe. She quickly undressed out of her commoner clothing and put on the nightgown and robe. Also, her porcelain seal, that she never went anywhere without. Walking to the closet, putting the seal into her pocket, she opened it and quickly looked for something to wear. Suddenly, the door opened and a maid came in, carrying a box. Oh no...please don't be what I think it is...Gen thought as her mother followed the maid through the door, followed by another one.

"Hello, dear." Gen's mother said, motioning the maids to go behind the changing area and bring Gen along with them. Gen's mother hears a gasp from behind the area, and her mother smiles, thinking that her daughter loves it.

Actually, Gen gasped because it was more dressy than any of her mother's other clothing in her store and that wasn't the worst part. It had a corset...something that all of her other high-class "friends" wore, and her mother was not to be someone who was behind in the fashion. "It's lovely, is it not, Genevieve?" Her mother stated looking at the direction of the changing area, smiling.

"Oh yes, mother, it's absolutely lovely." Gen replied, frowning a little because her mother had called her by her full name. She really dispised that name and told her mother a million times to call her by her nickname, but refused to, because her mother thought it was improper to call her daughter anything but her full name.

"I'm so excited for Captain Norrington's ceremony. It was the talk with all the young ladies in the store today. It's a pity that he has taken a fancy to that Elizabeth Swann, because I would very much love it if he took a fancy to you instead, Genevieve." Her mother stated, but Gen wasn't really paying any attention, because she was more focused on how her waist was getting smaller and smaller by the second, all help from the corset.

"Must you have it so tight?" Gen asked one of the maids, holding onto her stomach, trying to breathe but finding it very hard for her to do so.

"Oh, Genevieve, it's the latest fashion from London, and everyone is wearing them. Besides, you'll look absolutely beautiful once their done. A skinny waist attracts many young men, Genevieve."

How many times must she use my name in one paragraph? Genevieve questioned to herself, as Kiana and Arlena (maids) finished tighting her corset and tied the strings, placing the dress over Gen's head. After tieing the back, Gen stepped out from the dressing area, and into a pair of green high-heeled shoes.

"Genevieve? I'll be downstairs waiting for your father, so please come downstairs when they have finished your hair." Gen's mother walked out of the door, closing it on her way out.

"Miss, could you sit down on the chair so we can do your hair?" Kiana asked as Gen looked at her.

"Kiana," Gen told her, walking over to the chair and sitting," how many times do I have to tell you to call me Gen?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Miss, my mistake." Kiana said as she started to brush Gen's hair. She hated when they called her Miss, because it didn't seem to suit her.

Twenty-Five Minutes Later

Kiana and Arlena had finished Gen's hair. Gen looked in the mirror, and almost frowned at her appearance. Yes, she looked very beautiful and proper in those clothes and hair, but she didn't feel good at all. She gave the maids a fake smile and thanked them, as they left and she looked in the mirror a bit more. Her dress was made of blue/green material, with deep red velvet in the middle. Well, I suppose that this is alright...besides for the corset. Gen thought as she tried to take a deep breath, but her corset stopping her from doing so. She swallowed, and felt like she was suffocating from the absence of air. Something pulled her out of her thoughts, as somebody called her from downstairs. Her eyes went wide; it was her uncle. She smiled widely as she ran out of her room and down the stairs. She flew into his arms, breathing very deeply. Gen's uncle looked at her with concern as he spoke to her.

"Are you alright, Gen?" he asked her, as she smiled because he called her by her nickname.

"Yes...I'm alright" she said outloud as her mother looked at her. "A new corset" she whispered to her uncle, and he chuckled softly.

"Yes, I suppose that it's about time you wear one, because, everyone who's anyone is wearing one." He said, winking in her direction as her mother gave him a stern look.

"Julian, don't laugh at the style around her, it is most fashionable." She said to him, as Gen was trying to hold back a smile. Just then, the door opened and a man walked into the door. He was wearing green formal-wear with a white wig and a hat a-top his head.

"Agustus!" Gen's mother exclaimed as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. When he pulled away, he looked over in the direction of Gen as she smiled.

"Hello, father."