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Gen found herself standing in the blacksmith shop. A hot, unfinished sword sat in the fire as well as finished swords all over the ground where she walked.

That's strange...Gen thought to herself as she looked over by the door, meeting a set of eyes. Gen's eyes lit up as she realized who it was. She ran into the man's arms as she inhaled his scent.

"Oh, Uncle, how I've missed you!" Gen exclaimed as she tightened her grip around his waist. "Yes, it's been too long, Gen." He said as he released her and looked into her eyes.

"How have you been?" He asked her as he smiled at her and walked towards the fire. "Not getting into any trouble, are we?" He looked back to her and gave her a smile. She smiled back at him as he took the sword out of the fire and put it into the bucket of water next to the fire.

"Uncle," Gen said to him as she walked over to him, listening to the hiss of the hot sword," I had the most wonderful adventure!" Gen said, spinning around a few times.

"Oh, and what's that?" He asked her, banging on the sword with a large hammer.

"Well, I was sailing on the sea...it was wonderful!" Gen said to him, picturing the sea in her mind.

"Oh, and who accompanied you on your adventure, hm?" He asked her, holding the sword eye-level to see it's shape.

"Oh, William Turner-"

"Little Ol' Will Turner, aye?" Her uncle questioned, and then let out a short laugh.

"Yes, Uncle. You see, Elizabeth Swann was capt-"

"Swann? As in Governor Swann?" Her uncle asked, as Gen just nodded. "Who else?" He asked her, as she dropped her previous sentence and began a new one.

"Well, besides them there were just a few other...pirates..." Gen said as she trailed off, trying not to let him hear the last part.

"Pirates!?" Gen heard a voice exclaim from the other side of the room. Gen turned, knowing that voice all too well.

"Father!" Gen exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise as well as some fear.

"You traveled around with pirates all this time?!?!" Her father yelled at her, his voice making her flinch.

"But, Father, some are not as bad as you t-"

"NO! I don't want to HEAR it, Genevieve!" Her father said harshly, making Gen bow her head.

"I...I'm sorry, Father." Gen said to him, but he didn't seem to hear.

"What a shame you are to the family!" He yelled at her, as she gasped and shot up her head, looking in his direction.

"Sh...shame?" Gen said to him, her lip quivering a bit.

"You're a DISGRACE!" Her father yelled again to her. "Uh, I can't even stand to look at you." Gen's throat started to close as tears started to well in her eyes. Her greatest fear...was becoming a reality. Disgrace? Shame? These were Gen's worst fears...the things that her father thought of her. "Get out of my sight!" He yelled at her, breaking her out of her thoughts a little.

"What? But, Father..." Gen said, trying to keep her voice from fading. He then took a sword from the hanging next to him, unsheathing it and pointing it towards her. "Father!" Gen gasped as she turned around, looking for her uncle. "Uncle! UNCLE!" Gen yelled for him, but he had disappeared from her sight. Gen turned back to her father as he came closer with his sword. Gen took a step back as her father came closer to her again. "Father...please..." Gen begged, backing up into a wall, the tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"I'll end you once and for all, Genevieve...so you won't be an embarrassment to me anymore." He said as he raised his sword again, ready to strike. His sword came down, as Gen yelled for him to stop.

"Gen...Gen!" Gen heard her name being spoken as she awoke from her dream. Gen opened her eyes, only to be met by the face of Elizabeth.

"Oh, Elizabeth...how long have I been asleep?" Gen asked her, rubbing her eyes.

"Only for about an hour...come on. We have to start to burn the rum so that it will give us enough time...before Jack wakes up." Elizabeth walked away from Gen, looking on the ground for something to burn. Gen quickly stretched and got up from the boxes that she had fallen asleep on. She walked over by Elizabeth and helped her look for something to burn, causing them to find a thick branch, perfect for what they needed it for. Gen grabbed a few more smaller branches and some dried grass, to keep the fire going as long as they needed it.

Elizabeth had ripped a small part of her dress and tied it around the large branch, and opening one of the boxes of rum and pouring some rum on it. She walked over to the fire, where Gen had already put some of the small branches and grass in. Elizabeth held onto one end of the branch as she stuck the other into the fire, catching fire immediately.

She lifted it from the fire and walked over to the boxes of rum, laying the end down on the boxes that were rum-coated as they slowly caught fire and started to engulf in flames. Gen thought it would be a good idea, so she lifted some boxes close to the palm tree and set them one on top of the other along the side of the tree, so that when the boxes caught fire, the tree would as well.

So for the next two hours or so, both Elizabeth and Gen went back and forth from the fire to the burning boxes, using burning branches from the fire to lite the boxes so that they would burn a little more. During that time, the sun started to rise more and more into the sky, and the flames kept getting higher and higher, creating more and more black smoke.

"Elizabeth," Gen said to her, hauling the last of the burning branches to the boxes, " do you really think they'll find us with our signal?" Elizabeth set down a box that she was moving closer to the fire and whiped her brow with her arm.

"Gen, I know that they will find us..." Elizabeth said, looking back to smile at Gen. Gen smiled back.

"Yes. I suppose you're right. " Gen said to her, nodding her head. At least, I hope she's right...Gen thought to herself, letting her thoughts stray a bit.

"But...when do you think Jack will wake up? What if he doesn't wake up before they come...?" Gen asked Elizabeth, thinking to herself as she walked over to Jack, who was still asleep.

"I really don't want to haul him onto the ship myself..." she said as she trailed off, seeing Jack open up his eyes. The smoke was blowing in their direction as Jack looked up at her and then realized the smoke. He quickly got up off the ground, looking in the fire's direction.

"Well, Jack, I didn't think you were ever going to wake up." Gen said to him as she looked over at Elizabeth who threw her box into the (now) monumental flames. She ducked as it exploded a little but then looked over at them, as Jack ran over to her, waving his arms in the air.

"No! Not Good! Stop! Not Good!" Jack yelled to Elizabeth as she just ignored him. "What are you doing? You burned all the food, the shade....the rum!" He said to her as she faced Gen, saying

"Yes, the rum is gone."

"Why is the rum gone?" Jack asked her, making Gen roll her eyes at his love for rum.

Elizabeth had had it, as she turned to face Jack, giving him a stern look.

"One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Two" she said, glancing over at the flame, "that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire Royal Navy is out looking for me, do you really think there is even the slightest chance that they won't see it?!" Gen walked over to them, as Jack asked once more.

"But why is the rum gone?!"

"Jack, it's alright." Gen said to him as he looked at her standing next to him. "You don't have to get upset over-"

"I don't have to get upset?! She burned all the food, shade, and the rum!" Jack yells, looking down at Elizabeth and then back to Gen.

"Just wait, Captain Sparrow," Elizabeth says to him as she sits, facing the sea, "you give it an hour, maybe two, keep a weather eye open and you will see-"

"Jack!" Gen exclaims, because he had taken out his pistol and was tempted to use it on Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth turned around, Gen grabbed the pistol and shoved it behind her back. Elizabeth looked at the two of them as Gen smiled at her, Jack looking away. Elizabeth turned back towards the sea, finishing her sentence from before. Jack grabbed the pistol from behind Gen's back and started to walk in the opposite direction of them.

"Jack!" Gen said to him as he kept walking away. "Jack, where are you going?" Jack just continued to ignore her as he started mumbling to himself, walking down the shoreline to the other end of the island. "What an immature child Jack is sometimes..." Gen said to Elizabeth, smiling a bit before she sat down next to Elizabeth on the sand.

"Gen?" Elizabeth said to Gen as she looked out to the sea.

"What is it?" Gen asked her, playing with some sand next to her.

"Did you ever think of what would happen after the Navy comes for us? Where we would go from there?" Gen stopped playing with the sand and looked at Elizabeth. How could she forget to think about that part?

"Wow...I honestly didn't think about that..." Gen said to Elizabeth as Elizabeth smiled at her.

"I hope that my father will let us go after Will...I just hope he will be alive when we get there." Gen smiled at Elizabeth, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry." She said, making Elizabeth look at her. "I'm sure that he's fine. Plus, how could your father not go after Will? He came to rescue you...so he has to pay him back some how, right?" Gen said to her, taking her hand off Elizabeth's shoulder. "Just," Gen said, looking at the direction where Jack went, "what do you think they'll do with Jack once we get back to Port Royal...after saving Will?" Gen looked back at the sea, then realized that she almost missed something. Gen looked back in the direction where Jack went, and she saw something in the distance. Gen squinted her eyes to see clearer, and realized that it was a ship!

"Elizabeth!" Gen said as she rose from the ground and tightened her belt, looking over at the ship.

"What is it, Gen?" Elizabeth asked as she looked up at Gen.

"It's a ship!" Gen exclaimed as she pulled Elizabeth to her feet and started to walk in the direction of the ship.

"Come on, Gen!" Elizabeth said as she started to run, pulling Gen along with her. "We must save Will!" Gen rushed after Elizabeth, smiling to herself.

To the other end of the island wasn't a long way away, for just in a few minutes, both Gen and Elizabeth reached the shore just as the rowboat rowed up to shore. Gen stopped and looked around. Jack had come in this direction, right? Where is that ridiculous Captain? Gen thought to herself. Gen then spotted him quickly walking away from the rowboat, probably so they wouldn't spot him. Gen ran towards him as she put a hand on his shoulder, making him turn to face her.

"What are you doing?" Gen asked him with her hand still on his shoulder. "Come on, they've come to take us home...and to save Will." Gen started to walk back to the boat, but then she noticed that Jack wasn't following. She turned and walked back to him, sighing. "Let's go, Jack."

"You don't know what they do to pirates, now do you, luv?" Jack said to her as he started to walk away again.

"Jack...I know that you think they'll lock you up, but you helped save Elizabeth, didn't you?" Jack stopped as she walked over to him. "Plus, this will be your last escape off this island...you'll die out here if you don't come with us." Gen said as she grabbed his upper arm and started to pull him along. He willingly came as she let go of him and they both started to walk towards the rowboat. Gen took in a breath as she realized someone standing on land next to Elizabeth, speaking to her.

"Commodore..." Gen whispered to herself as she stopped walking, as did Jack.

Elizabeth heard them come up as she stopped her conversation with the Commodore and looked in their direction.

"Miss Herrington!" The Commodore stated as he walked over to Gen. "I can't believe that you're here." He said to her as Gen continued to look up at him. "The Admiral gave us specific orders to bring you back to Port Royal as soon as you were found."

Gen took in a quick breath of air. Father is looking for me? She thought to herself as she nodded to him.

"I understand, Commodore." Gen said to him as she looked down at the ground, feeling uncomfortable next to him. He bowed to her as he glanced at Jack and walked back over to Elizabeth. The Commodore motioned over to the few navy men that had come in the rowboat with the Commodore. They nodded their heads and walked over to Gen and Jack. They took Jack and pushed him towards the rowboat as Gen was about to protest, but she thought that it would be better if she just went with silence.

One navy man came over to Gen and held out his hand to her, but she just walked past him with her head down. She put her hand on her porcelain seal in her pocket as Jack and the rest of the men followed her into the boat. Elizabeth and the Commodore had already gotten in the front of the boat and Gen was behind them, feeling quite awkward. She looked down at her hands the whole time as they pushed off the island and started to row back to the ship. It wasn't completely silent, though, for the Commodore and Elizabeth were talking (mostly the Commodore was talking and Elizabeth had to answer back) and Jack was telling a story to the navy men in the back, but Gen mostly tried to stay out of any conversations.

She had stayed in her own thoughts for the most part of the boat ride and, before she knew it, they were at the side of the ship. The Commodore stood and held out his hand for Elizabeth, as she stood next to him. The soldiers behind Gen stood, so she thought that she would stand as well.


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