Chapter 1: Was it a Dream? Or something...Important...?

A little girl about 5 years old was smiling and running down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Mom, dad, good morning!" she said happily.

"Here's our little birthday girl!" said a man about 30 years old, wearing dress pants and a dress shirt. He has short grayish hair and blue eyes.

"Good morning to you too Ako-chan." said a woman also about 30 years old, wearing a nice dress. She has long brownish hair and pink eyes.

"Heya Ako. Happy birthday!" said a girl about 9 years old, wearing a pink dress. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

"Thanks onee-chan." smiled Ako.

"So Ako wanna go out for a walk?" said her dad.

"Ok! Are we all going together?" asked Ako, holding her older sister's hand.

"we sure are! It's your birthday today, so we're gonna do whatever you want!" grinned her sister.

"Hey! You didn't have to tell her that Sakura!"

"But mom! It's true!"

"Ok, ok. You win."

The family of four went out of their two-story house and walked on the road. Little Ako couldn't help herself and ran ahead of the family, chasing butterflies whenever se saw some.

"Hey Ako! Don't go too far ahead of us!" said Sakura, catching up to her.

"It no matter how far I am, I know that you will always be there!" laughed Ako.

Then the sky went dark.

"W-What's going on?" Ako was getting scared.

"It's your fault you know." said a voice.

Ako looked around, and saw nothing but darkness.

"W-Where's my parents? Where's onee-chan?"

"I killed them on that day." the voice continued.

"What are you talking about?!"

"You don't remember? Well you were a 5 year old brat, so I can't really blame you. This is what happened after I killed them." the voice laughed at the last part as Ako found herself in her house with blood all over the place.

"M-Mom?" Ako looked around. "D-Dad?" she ran to their rooms. "O-Onee-chan!" She ran to the living room and there was a pool of blood there with her family's corpses lying on top of each other.

"Noooo!" Ako screamed.

"Noooo!" Ako screamed from her bed, causing Sasaki Makie, her roommate, to wake up in a jolt.

"Ako! What's wrong?" Makie jumped down from her bed and sat on Ako's bed, looking at her friend in worry.

"I-It's nothing Makie….Just a nightmare." said Ako, wiping sweat off her forehead.

"Well whatever it was, it must've been pretty scary." noted Makie, "And you should take a cold shower too. You're sweating pretty badly."

"Y-Yeah." Ako got out of her bed and walked into the bathroom. Turning on the water, she stripped of her clothes and went in. About half an hour later, she got out. Looking at the clock it was only four in the morning.

'That nightmare…did it has something to do with my past?' she thought, 'They seemed familiar too…'

"You feeling better now?" asked Makie.

"Not really…" said Ako, sitting on her bed, next to Makie.

"Wanna go out for a walk then? To cool off a bit?" suggested Makie, "After all, it usually works for me whenever I have a nightmare."


"Sasaki-san? Izumi-san?" said Sakurazaki Setsuna, panting a bit from the training that she was doing.

"Hi Setsuna-san. What are you doing here this early?" said Ako.

"I'm just doing my usual morning training." replied Setsuna, "What are you two doing here?"

"Ako had a nightmare, so we're taking a walk." said Makie.

"Really? Mind if I ask?"

"Well….I don't really remember it." Ako suddenly had tears in her eyes, "T-There's just a feeling…that…I lost something important…."

Me: And there! XD Hope that this is good enough for now. I'm kinda bored right now, and it seemed that most of the stories right now only focused on Konosetsu or Negi and Asuna or few other more pairings and not enough fanfics with the rest of the class (sweat drop) I'm probably not making much sense right now but, I just kinda feel sad for some of the class so decided to make some fanfics for them.

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