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Chapter 3: Powers and meeting

"Damn! Interference!" the man turned towards Ako, "Why do you even need that boy to save you?"

"M-Makie, go help Sakurazaki-san and get out of here." whispered Ako.

"What?! No way! I can't leave you here." Makie whispered back.

"Don't worry. 'Onii-chan' can help me, just go and if I'm not back by the time class starts, get help."

"Ok, fine. You better come back." Makie went towards Setsuna's side, helped her up, and walked back to the dorms.

"You should've went with her Jou-chan." whispered the boy.

"And leave you alone? Never. You can drop the honorific now Kaito-kun." said Ako.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever Ako." smirked Kaito, "You can start whenever."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

'Drat I forgot! He sealed some of her memories about it!' thought Kaito.

"You're to slow!" the man was about to punch Ako, but Kaito grabbed his arm.

"Some gentleman you are!"

"Shut up you little lackey!"

"Ako get outta here! Leave this old guy to me!" shouted Kaito.

"Eh? But…"

"No buts! Go now!"

"No who's the gentleman?" said the man.

"You can shut up Shirogane Ryota!"

"Ho, not only you remember my face, but as well as my name." grinned Ryota.

"I remember every guys faces if they touch my master!" growled Kaito.

Ako blushed. Suddenly the pain in her back came back.

"Jou-chan?!" Kaito looked back at her as he kicked Ryota away.

"Eyes on me stupid!" Ryota pulled out a sword and slashed Kaito's back open.

Kaito glared at Ryota and kicked him hard enough to become barely conscious. At the sight of blood on Kaito's back, Ako eyes glowed as a bright light surrounded her.

"Shit!" Kaito punched Ako's stomach, making her fall unconscious. He quickly picked her up bridal style and ran away, leaving Ryota there.

"Ugh…" Setsuna groaned waking up.

"Secchan!" Konoka hugged her tight, "You're alright!"

"O-O-Ojou-sama!" Setsuna blushed and winced in pain.

"Wow, I guess even someone like you can get beat up. Eh Setsuna?" smirked Evangeline.

"Shut up." Setsuna muttered.

"I guess whatever Makie said was true." said Asuna, seeing how beat up Setsuna was.

"Where's Sasaki-san and Izumi-san?" asked Setsuna, rubbing her shoulder.

"I'm right here, but Ako's still not back yet." Makie said the last with worry.

"I'm sure that Ako-san will be alright." said Konoka.

"Is this the right room?" said a voice from the outside.

"That voice!" Makie opened the door revealing Kaito and Ako in his arms, "Wha! Ako!"

"She's fine." Kaito placed her carefully on the couch.

"Who're you?" asked Evangeline, glaring at him, "From what I can sense from you, you're not a human."

"So what little vampire?" Kaito sat on the floor next to he couch like a wolf, "If you can't tell, then you're a pretty weak vampire."

"Why you!"

"Eva-chan stop and think for a sec!" Asuna stopped her, "How did you know she's a vampire?"

"I'm a wolgolian…half wolf, half dragon demon." Kaito scratched his head, "Not really proud of what I am, but it does have it's advantages."

"Like what?"

"Speed of a wolf and strength of a dragon, you know stuff like that."

"And why aren't you proud of it?" asked Konoka.

"…'Cause I'm the last in my clan." Kaito shrugged them off, "Anyways, since I'm the last in my clan, I was looking from someone…someone that can give me more power for what I am…"


"So that I can protect them in return."

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