"Crazy Weird"

'Chapter Twelve'

The trio had moved to the living room – Naruto and Sasuke had explained everything that happened so far to the Hokage-sama and she actually seemed to be taking it very well.

Tsunade was quite calm sipping her tea, gold eyes on both ninja.

Naruto narrowed his eyes suspiciously; Tsunade hadn't said much of anything since the explanation and it was strange. "Tsunade why are you so quiet?" He finally blurted out, sounding just a little confused.

"I was just thinking about the mission."

"Mission?" Naruto blinked, "I thought you said it required Sasuke and me?"

"It does."

Sasuke narrowed her eyes at the other woman. "I can't change back. I have to refuse the mission." She didn't like saying it but Sasuke wasn't going to put her unborn child at risk – even for the Hokage-sama.

"No you don't."

"Yes she does." Naruto cut in – surprising the Uchiha with his conviction, "She's not going on the field; I'll take the mission alone Sasuke's not coming."

Sasuke was quiet, her dark eyes looking to the blonde's flushed face and determined blue eyes.


Damn hormones – Sasuke felt like she could cry.

"Oh ho ho Naruto." Tsunade grinned, "Already telling you're wife what to do? You haven't even heard what the mission is."

Naruto blushed, "We're not married and I don't care what the mission is!"

"Actually it works much better this way." Tsunade mused, "I actually was going to make a proposal to you to turn into a female for this mission and pretend you two were a couple. However, Sasuke already is a female so it works out perfectly!"

Sasuke's brows furrowed before she shot a glance to the fox, wordlessly wanting him to figure out the details, she didn't feel like asking a bunch of stupid questions but that was Naruto's forte.

"What do you mean?" Naruto snapped, "We have to pretend to be a couple?"

"An under-cover mission." Tsunade waved her hand, "We're going to place you right in the center of the Rice Village to see what's been going on."

"What's been going on?"

Tsunade grinned, "You two accept the mission?"

"Tell me first." Naruto said, his blue eyes determined.

"You get the mission report when you accept."

"Is there immediate danger?" Sasuke finally asked her tone bland.

"The point of the mission is just to have you two sniff around, make some friends, lay low sort of thing and just report everything you see as odd back to Konoha." Tsunade said simply, "It's been rumored that even though they aren't a ninja village themselves they've been recruiting some high-class Anbu."

"Why?" Naruto asked, clearly intrigued.

"The mission report will be available to you, if you accept." She said cheekily before she took a swig of her tea.

Naruto glanced to Sasuke who in turn kept her dark black eyes on the blonde woman, "They won't know we're from Konoha?"

"That's the idea." Tsunade murmured, "Now, do you two accept?"

Naruto shifted a little uneasily, his eyes looking to Sasuke and her belly before he turned back to Tsunade.


The mission sounded relatively safe.

They couldn't go without pay; they needed to take whatever job they could get.

Despite the sinking feeling in the blonde's stomach he decided to speak for both of them, "We accept."

"Good, good." Tsunade clapped her hands before she lifted herself off the cushions, "I'll see you two bright and early tomorrow morning in my office."

Naruto and Sasuke sat in realative silence as the older woman left the home, the sound of the front door shutting vibrating around them.

Was this a good idea?

Naruto bit his lip, looking a little apprehensive, his bright eyes avoiding Sasuke's.

They had such a good morning too; they were actually doing okay and then Tsunade threw this at them.

What if something happened?

What if Sasuke died?

What if the baby died?

Naruto's brain was slowly imploding; his whole body jerked – startled when Sasuke put her small hand on his shoulder. He immediately looked up to her stoic face unable to pick out any emotions, unable to read what she might be thinking.

"It'll be fine." She offered before she took her hand away and walked right past the kitsune towards her own room.

Naruto wanted to say something, wanted to yell at Sasuke to come back but there wasn't a point.

They accepted the mission.

There was no backing out.

They'd be prime targets in a village full of enemies.

Were they ready for this?

Naruto hung his head making a disapproving noise in the back of his throat.

What else could go wrong?



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