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Inspired by Chris Jericho's pants from RAW.

"Kate! This is all your fault!" Chris Jericho screamed after just losing her Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston at Night of Champions.

Kate sighed. She knew what was coming. "Chris, it isn't my fault. You knew you were going to lose it. The matches are predetermined, remember?" Kate knew she had to fight Jericho's whining with harsh, yet obvious, statements.

"No, it's not. My glitter can save the world! My glitter saved us from Randy Orton," Jericho decided to remind Kate and every other worker in the room.

A few chuckles escaped the lips of various employees of the WWE fashion industry.

"Chris, no, you didn't. Randy Orton beat you."

"It's a non-issue," Chris waved off. "Then how come my nice, sparkly Save Us shirt was one of the best sellers?"

"Chris, it's on the clearance section of the retail website already," Kate sighed.

"Again, it's a non-issue. Okay, so how are we going to get my Intercontinental Championship back?" Chris asked, bending over Kate's sewing table and glaring into her eyes.

"You know you're not going to get it back," Kate reminded him.

"Why don't you believe in me? First, you refuse to properly accentuate my outfit. Then, you refuse to polish my title belt. Now you don't think I'm going to get it back? I don't know who you are anymore, Kate."

"It's not like you ever carried that thing around with you, anyways."

"That's because the sheen of the belt detracted from the sparkle of my outfits that was clearly missing because of your incompetence."

"Would it make you feel any better if I made you some nice, shiny pants for tomorrow night?" Kate offered, giving Chris a sweet smile.

Chris paused, the corners of his mouth twitching.