Here we go! The new story! Lets see just how many stories I can juggle at a time! This story will skip around a bit because it does start off in the future. Ish. I hope you all like!

Summary: The Dark Lord had conquered the better portion of Great Britain with the Order leading the sole resistance out of Hogwarts. His plans for world domination are coming quickly to fruition. Voldemort has conquered the Ministry already, as well as the one presumed dead Beacon of the Light. What the Order doesn't know is that Harry Potter is very much alive, although he is in more danger than any of those on Voldemort's most wanted list. Non-Con, Mpreg, Slash.

Disclaimer: No.

Chapter One

Harry stumbled into the room, despair and shock clouding his every step. How could this have happened…? He didn't know how that was possible! Would Voldemort kill it? Or he be glad? Every light in their rooms was of and a thunderstorm. The rain pounded on the balcony relentlessly. How fitting that even the sky cried for him. Without even thinking about it, as if his body had intended this to be his destination all along, Harry opened the glass French doors and stepped out into the rain. The lightning in the distance flashed with an eerie light before being followed closely by it's brother thunder. He looked up at the raging sky and nearly didn't even feel his shaking knees hit the ground as he fell to the wet stone. Harry shut his eyes in vain against the onslaught of tears that filled his emerald eyes. He hugged himself, unable to shield against the sadness. It bubbled up inside his chest until the angst filled teen could hold it in no longer. He let out a cry of such helplessness and despair that not even the thunder could drown it out. He dissolved into sobs, wishing he could tear out his heart, his soul, and, even very briefly, the tiny thing that grew inside him. He berated himself for such a hideous thought. A baby…he would have someone to love. But, Harry thought sadly, this was not a life he wished for his child. A terrifying Dark Lord as a father who kidnapped him and forced him to be his Consort? How would he explain that? At least he wouldn't be so alone anymore. That one thought gave Harry the strength to get up off of the balcony floor. He leaned over the edge, looking out over the grounds. Maybe he should pitch himself over the side? A carriage had just pulled up to the front. Out of it stepped his master and much hated lover. The Other in him stirred and Voldemort turned, sensing his presence. Red eyes leveled with green for an instant before Harry turned, going back inside. Down on the ground, Voldemort raised an eyebrow before signaling to the driver to leave.

Harry was reclining in the empty bathtub when he felt the source of his despair enter their chambers. He'd locked the bathroom door, knowing that it was pointless but still wanting to get his point across. He wanted to let Voldemort know that he didn't want to see him. His soaked clothes were chilling him to the bone. He could feel his teeth chattering. A knock sounded on the door. How considerate of him. Knocking. What an idea.

" Pet. I want to see your pretty face. Come out."

Why was it so cold all of the sudden? Was it because of his cold clothes or because of the thing of his living nightmares was standing just outside of the door?

"I don't want to." He managed shakily.

If he came out, then they would do that again and then the Other would come out. He would probably tell Voldemort about the baby. Harry heard a wand tap against the door when ,suddenly, a freezing jet of water came out of the shower head. He made a very undignified, indignant squeal. Cold! Despite his protests, he stayed in the tub. Voldemort would have to come get him himself. The shivering got worse.

"Come out, Harry."


He heard the door unlock and open before a sharp pain split through his scar. Voldemort was annoyed. His red eyes looked down at him shivering and sputtering under the freezing spray. The water stopped, making the teen look up at last. His master leaned down and picked him up, freezing and sopping wet from the tub he'd taken to sitting in occasionally. Fear took hold of Harry's soul. He was going to be punished. He'd disobeyed a direct order. His master seemed more interested than angry. Something frighteningly unfamiliar was lurking in his red eyes.

"You seem to have gotten a small spark back, my pet. What brought on this change?"

His master had overlooked his disobedience for the moment but the sharp tone of his voice left no room for argument or refusal.

"I just…"Harry began but his voice wavered off.

The Other sensed his mate near and wanted to greet him. To welcome him home. His excitement thrilled through Harry's body and he shivered, not with cold but with pleasure.

"Tell me." Voldemort hissed, his own excitement seeming to peak.

The answer came out, despite his desperation for it not to be known.

"I'm pregnant."

He expected a look of anger or disgust. What he didn't expect was the malignant glee that spread through his Master's countenance. Harry was perturbed as he was laid on their bed still shivering and wet.

"Finally!" The Dark lord laughed out loud.

Harry felt his clothes apparated, leaving him cold and exposed. His master wrapped him carefully in a dark green blanket as if he were made of glass. He was so…confused.

"You- I mean…I thought you'd be angry?" He stammered, taken aback when he stretched himself over his shivering frame., that Cheshire cat grin just inches from his mouth.

"Angry? I've been slipping fertility potion sin your food for the past two weeks."

Shock hit the teen like a ton of bricks. Disbelief.

"You…gave me…fertility potions?! You meant for this to happen?!"

The red eyes before him narrowed at his tone. The Other lashed out at him from the inside for his treatment of their mate.

"I don't believe I like that tone, pet. Aren't you pleased to have something to keep? To have something to hold on to?"

Harry closed his eyes in frustration and despair and tears welled up outside of his control. His master nibbled on his neck thoughtfully.

"I think you're lonely. You need company." He said, rubbing the teen's belly gently.

"I…I am…lonely." Harry sobbed, unable to fight against the relentless onslaught of tears.

The Dark Lord smirked against the shell of Harry's ear where his attentions had turned.

"Then I'll just have to take you with me when I leave from now on. You'll have to be on your best behavior though." Voldemort purred, his smirk growing, "You have to earn it."

Harry's eyes widened. Go outside…? Outside the Manor's towering walls. What was it like outside? He couldn't remember. In his pondering, the Other took hold. His soft green eyes turned sly and hard, red flecks scattering throughout the emerald. He watched his master draw back to watch him with a smirk. Harry, however, had other ideas. He pulled the Dark Lord down, locking lips hard. He needed to taste his mate after days without him. Voldemort pinned his hands to the bed, making himself the dominant. The kiss became bruising and it was obvious that they were both enjoying themselves. He parted at last with a pleased grin.

"We're having a baby!"

His master nodded, shrugging off his outer robes. Harry ran his hands over that pale, lightly muscled chest with a groan of arousal. He wanted his mate more than ever. Those trips were going to be the death of him.

"I missed you."

"I'm not leaving for another week yet and you both are going with me. How did you behave in my absence, my Darkness? How did Harry react?" Voldemort asked while he gripped his Consorts hips.

Shade's legs found their way around his waist eagerly.

"He freaked, of course. You know Harry. He's so…innocent. He was so confused and then he was happy and sad all at once. That boy would fall apart if I wasn't there to hold him together."

Voldemort seemed to pause in thought.

"And what is your judgment on his state of mind?"

"If I were you," Shade whispered in his ear, "I would keep him with you or at least under a guard at all times. His thoughts are suicidal and depressed most of the time. He is holding off on them just because of the baby now but…I'm just not so sure he's up to being alone. He is so lonely that he even wishes for your company. Then he feels disgusted with himself for his feelings. His mind is like a storm of emotions." The Other said with a deep frown.

This was disconcerting news for the Dark Lord. The depression was to be expected in their current situation. He had stolen Harry away from his life at Hogwarts when he was fifteen, just after his resurrection. As soon as he heard all of the prophesy, he had seen the piece of himself inside the young Potter. About the time of his resurrection, the soul piece in the teen had begun to interact with it's host, going so far as to take control of his body. This had driven the Order to diagnose the terrified teenager with a split personality. His colleagues had begun to distrust him and shun the boy. It made it all too easy when Voldemort came to collect him. The suicidal tendencies were worrying though. If Harry hurt himself, not even mentioning actually killing himself, he could harm or even accidentally kill the baby. He didn't think that his Consort could really kill himself. Shade would take over and stop him before he could pull it off but if he or the baby were seriously injured…He would have to deliberate on this matter further. He smirked down at the boy beneath him and decided that deliberation could wait a few hours.