Tokyo Mew Moon

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Chapter 1: Cousins

It was a Saturday Morning and Ichigo Momomiya was waking up. Well sort of waking up. Despite her alarm clock going off, Ichigo managed to wake up. Anyone that knew Ichigo would never suspect that Ichigo Momomiya was a hero. However she was. Deep inside she was a Tokyo Mew Mew. The red head girl walked over to her dresser and began brushing up on her hair. She glanced at a picture of her and her five other Tokyo Mew Mews along with the two male members of the Mew Project.

She smiled at herself "Well look on the bright side Ichigo. You are are a lucky girl being a super hero."

She turned to a newspaper article that she had collected the night before. On it showed a picture of another great super heroin, Sailor Moon.

"At least I'm not the only super hero to fight evil."

In minutes Ichigo got dressed and walked down to the kitchen of her house.

"Morning dad, good morning mom" Ichigo said.

Her parents looked at her "Morning Ichigo."

Her mother looked at her "So are you going to that work place of yours?"

Ichigo nodded and sighed "Yes"

"Well your cousins, aunt, and uncle are coming over."

This perked Ichigo's attention "Which one of my cousins?"

"My side of the family The Tsukinos" her mother said.

"Oh Usagi, and her brother" Ichigo said smiling she enjoyed walking with her cousin Usagi.

She looked down as she remembered her work place "When are they coming over?"

"Um at nine" her father said.

Ichigo hung her head "Too bad I'm closing tonight...And thats to ten"

Her mother looked at her "Ichigo try to come home early at eight please"

"I'll try to...I do not know if Ryou will let me...He's kind of mean like that"

Her father chuckled "Oh well, Usagi will be jealous of you"

"Why is that father?" Ichigo asked him.

"You work at a cafe. You know how much your cousin loves food especially cake"

Ichigo sweet dropped "Oh yeah."

Ichigo got up after she ate her breakfast and started walking to the cafe.

Meanwhile Tsukino Usagi, unlike her cousin Ichigo was not getting up. Even at the sound of her alarm clock. She was sleeping so soundly that she didn't here a black cat with a moon crescent symbol on here forehead come in. The black cat Luna sighed as she jumped onto Usagi and woke her up by sinking her claws into her back.

"LUNA!" Usagi shouted then she broke into tears "Why did you have to do that?"

Just then her mother knocked on the door "Usagi get your things packed! Were going to see my sister's family"

Forgetting her back pain Usagi kicked Luna off of her bed "Oh boy I've been wanting to visit Ichigo Momomiya for a long time. I wonder what she has been up to."

Luna sighed "I wish you would look before you kick me off Usagi"

"Oh sorry Luna"

Luna watched as Usagi began packing things up.

"So how gentle is this cousin Ichgio of yours and how old is she?"

"Oh she's thirteen years old. Just one year younger than I am"

"How gentle is she does she like cats?"

"Oh she adores them Luna!" Usagi said.

"Well what about your friends the other Sailor Scouts you have a meeting with them today" Luna said she glanced at the clock "Which as usual your late for it. That was why I clawed your back today."

Usagi glanced at her alarm clock after she had packed. She ran downstairs to her brother, father and mother "I'm all packed. I've got to visit my friend Rei be back at five"

With that she dashed out.

At the temple Rei watched as Usagi walked in.

"Your late again" the young priestess said.

"Sorry Rei" Usagi said.

Ami, Minako, and Makoto walked into the room as Luna walked in. A white cat with the same moon mark on his head walked over to them.

Usagi looked at her friends "I can't stay for long, I'm going to visit my cousin for a long, long time"

"You never told us you had a cousin" Rei asked smiling then she added on "Oh boy another Usagi."

"Rei!" Usagi said to her friend.

"Stating the truth" Rei said.

Ami broke up the argument "Calm down, so who is your cousin and is she really your cousin?"

"Yes, Ami. Oh her name is Momomiya Ichigo"

"Whoa, I've heard of her before and scene her" Makoto stated "She was on the gymnastics team when her school competed against my old school. Boy she was good I never seen a girl so good with a ribbon before. Rei, Ichigo is not like Usagi at all. Well from my stand point of seeing her. She's always energetic. She does not cry all the time. However she was stressed out that day plus there was that one strange fire that day."

"So you know Ichigo?" Minako asked her.

"Not exactly Minako but somewhat. She's great at gymnastics with the ribbon" Makoto said.

"So this Ichigo you will be visiting" Rei said then she smiled "Be sure to bring lots of pictures with your cousin and yourself. Oh and I'd like to meet her in person one of these days"

Usagi smiled "Well let's get going on with our day"

Meanwhile at Cafe Mew Mew Ichigo was walking around in a very grateful state placing orders at the correct tables. Watching her was a green haired girl, another girl with yellow hair watched her. Another girl with blue hair sat drinking her tea. This got another young girl to the area. She was their security guard. The girl had black hair and her name was Aoyama Erika.

"What's up with Ichigo?" Erika asked the green haired girl.

"Oh Erika-san Ichigo has been like this since she came here. Usually she acts like this when she thinking about your brother. Mew Erika looked at Ichigo. Erika was the sixth Tokyo Mew Mew. Unlike the other Mew Mew she had the DNA pattern of an arachnid a gold scorpion. The gold scorpion gave her senses way beyond any other Mew Mew. She could sense attacks before they could happen. Unlike her brother Erika seldom smiled cheerfully or at anything.

"That's not the case today" Erika said to Lettuce.

"Then what is it?" the yellow haired girl asked balancing on a huge circus ball.

Erika turned her attention to the youngest member and caught the girl before she fell onto her head.

"You'll see, and what have I told you about trying to balance in the shop Pudding?"

"About a hundred times please don't scold me again Erika" Pudding mumbled.

"Someone has too and I'm glad it's not me" the blue haired girl said as she sipped her tea.

Erika turned to Mint "Mint get off your lazy butt and help us out please. Ichigo's going to freak out that your not helping again."

Ichigo then did something weird that caught a blond man's eye. She literally floated in the air.

"Did I just see Ichigo floating?" the man asked Erika.

Erika sighed as she placed her hand over her eyes "Unfortinitly...yes Ryou"

Ichigo stopped and looked at her friends then walked over.

"What's up, Ichigo you've been acting too weird" Mint said.

Ichigo looked at Ryou with puppy eyes "Ryou I have a favor to ask you"

Ryou looked at Ichgio "Yes, what is it?"

"Can I go home at eight o clock?" Ichigo asked.

"What for?"

Ichigo pressed her fingers together " cousin Usagi Tsukino is coming over and my mom wants me at my house to greet her."

"So that's what you were thinking about" Lettuce said she turned to Erika "And you knew all along didn't you?"

"Yes, I did"

Ryou looked at Ichigo "Well if your mother requested it, then you may go but you have to stay an extra hour the next day you come in."

Ichigo smiled "Thanks" then her smile turned into a frown "You slave driver"

Erika shook her head and laughed at the slave driver comment.

It was eight o clock and Ichigo ran to her house. She was in time to see the Tsukinos arrive.

Usagi ran over to her cousin.

"Ichigo, it's been a while...Gees look how you grown"

Ichigo smiled "Yep you've grown yourself now haven't you"

Usagi nodded "Oh yeah you remember my brother Brat"

"Oh yeah him" Ichigo said.

"Hey!" Usagi's brother shouted at the two girls definitely.

The Momomiyas and Tsukinos greeted each other and went inside the house hold.

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