Chapter 35:Epilogue

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Three days had passed since the Mew Mew and Sailor Senshi had defeated the Evil Alliance! The Mew Mews except for Pudding, Erika and Ichigo were just glad for their powers to be finally gone. Unfortinuitly due to the low concentration inside them Erika and Ichigo kept their Mew Powers. Ichigo and Erika then looked at each other and joined hands. Both the first in command and second-in-command of the Mew Mew smiled at each other and knew that both would help out the other if they needed help.

"Theirs and emergency!" Keiichiro shouted running up to Ichigo and Erika.

"What's going on?" Ichigo questioned.

"The outer scouts are attacking Sailor Moon!" Keiichiro shouted.

"THEY ARE WHAT?" Erika and Ichigo shouted before the two rushed outside.

"Mew Mew Erika...Metamorphis!" Erika shouted.

"Mew Mew Strawberry...Metamorphis!" Ichigo shouted.

The two Mew Mew rushed to the scene. True enough they saw the fight. The two outer scouts were attacking Sailor Moon.

"Mew Erika let's help her!" Mew Ichigo said.

"I think this would be easier settled by leader by leader" Mew Erika said as she glanced at the remaining Inner Scouts whom were not attacking the Outer Scouts.

Mew Ichigo nodded "Right"

She jumped into the fry surprising Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. While Mew Erika made her way towards the Inner Scouts.

"Mew Erika..." Sailor Venus said.

"Don't tell me, this fight started because Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune won't be allies to you Inner Scouts without fighting Sailor Moon" Mew Erika said.

"Correct as usual" Sailor Venus said.

"Stop this nonsense!" Mew Ichigo ordered the two outer scouts.

"Mew Ichigo out of the way!" Sailor Uranus said.

"No" Mew Ichigo said "Look there is no real reason why you should be fighting Sailor Moon...But if you are fighting against her, then you must battle against me!"

"We could do that...You are not Mew Erika" Sailor Neptune said.

"But she's here... take a look" Mew Ichigo shouted.

The two outer scouts looked and saw Mew Erika.

"So you're not going to fight?" Sailor Neptune asked.

"I would but it looks like you want to fight for leader ship...I'm the second-in-command of the Tokyo Mew Mew! So if you want to fight Sailor Moon...You must fight against Mew Ichigo.

For a while the Outer Scouts did fight against Mew Ichigo and Sailor Moon, but once Sailor Moon unleashed the Moon Princess, the two Outer Scouts stopped. The two outer scouts smiled and asked Sailor Moon and Mew Ichigo for forgiveness, which the two leaders were only too gracious to accept. Then silently the two Outer Scouts left.

Before leaving, Sailor Neptune glanced towards Mew Erika "Protect your leader, Mew Erika, and in our place, protect Sailor Moon!"

Mew Erika nodded "You can count on that. Say where are you going?"

"It's time for us to go" Sailor Neptune said.

"Will we see them again?" Sailor Mars asked.

Mew Erika closed her eyes "We will. Say Sailor Moon what did you do with that baby girl?"

"Oh, she's in the care of the Outer Scouts" Sailor Moon said.

The Mew Mew went back to the cafe. Two days had passed and Ichigo along with her cousin Usagi were sitting down talking about their adventure together. Erika only too gladly joined in.

"So how did you like our alliance adventure?" Usagi asked Erika.

"It was interesting really. The Dark Mew Mew and Dark Senshi, they were a pain and it was fun taking them on" Erika said.

"You were not the one they copied from" Ichigo said to her friend.

"True, but I didn't like the Deep Blue encounter"

"We didn't ether, we almost lost you!" Usagi shouted.

"However you held on for us, even when fatally wounded you were tough" Ichigo said.

"So are we always allies?" Usagi asked.

"Of course! Erika and Ichigo shouted.

Suddenly there was a knock on the cafe's door. The girls looked outside to see Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro!

"What are you girls doing here?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah, why?" Erika asked.

Ryou and Keiichiro walked in "That's because we are planning a party"

"A party?" Ichigo asked.

"In honor of our alliance" Keiichiro added on.

Soon the Inner Scouts, Chibi-Usa walked followed by Masaya and Mamoru. The heroes and heroines smiled and celebrated their alliance. Usagi made sure that the sign outside of the shop said closed for private party. The girls were unaware of a blond haired rich girl stopped by.

"Oh so they are having a private party!" the girl whirled around and smiled "Oh well, I'll stop by again when they are opened!"

The blond haired girl then walked away smiling as she continued her walk down the path.

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