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Five Things John Winchester Taught His Boys and One Thing He Didn't.

#1 home run

John can hear the loud and undeniable voice of his youngest before the door to the room even opens. He watches as the door swings open and Dean grabs his brother's collar, stopping Sam from running into the room. Dean does a quick once over of the room, letting go of Sam when he sees John sitting at the small table.

In a flash Sam is through the doorway and running toward his father with a huge smile on his face. He drops his book bag next to the table and climbs up onto the chair next to john as Dean tosses his backpack on the bed and heads for the bathroom.

"Whatcha looking at, Daddy?" Sam asks, trying to peer over the papers that John is shuffling back into a folder.

"Just some work I was finishing," He reaches out and ruffles Sam's hair before standing. "How was school, Sammy?"

"It was cool!" The little boy yells in excitement. "I got an A on my spelling test!"

Sam bends over and digs through his book bag, grabbing a binder with his name written across it. He opens it up and pulls out a sheet of paper, which he holds out toward John, his smile still wide.

"That's awesome, dude," John smiles. "How about we hang it on the fridge?"

"Really?" Sam pulls himself up so he's standing on the chair, jumping up and down. "Can we, Daddy?"

"Sure," He laughs, picking the boy up and placing him safely on the ground. "As long as you don't go jumping on anymore chairs, kiddo."

Grabbing one of the motel magnets off the fridge, John places the test on the surface before putting the magnet back on top of the paper. He turns back around and places his hand on the back of Sam's head as the boy stares at his achievement.

"Why don't you go watch some cartoons while I go check on your brother?" John nudges Sam towards the other side of the room before walking over to the bathroom door.

He knocks softly, leaning in close to listen for any commotion on the other side. A few seconds later the door opens and Dean tries to push past his Father but John blocks him, keeping him from escaping.

"You going to tell me what's up with you?" John asks, looking down at his son.

"I just had a bad day, Dad." Dean tries to get around John again but fails.

"You want to go play some catch?" The smile that suddenly appears on Dean's lips is the only answer John needs and he smiles back down at the boy. "I think it's time we teach Sammy, Don't you?"

"Can we get a bat too?" Dean's volume rises; sounding a lot like Sammy had a few minutes before.

"Already on it, Dude," John laughs. "Now come on, you're wasting daylight."

As soon as John turns his back, giving Dean room to move, the boy speeds past his father, grabs the car keys and heads out the door. John watches his eldest son leave the room and then turns back to the littlest member of the family.

"Come on, Sammy," The look of utter confusion on the little boys face just causes John to laugh even harder. "We're going to go to the park for a bit."

Sam's eyes widen as he hopes up from the chair he was sitting in and rushes over to his dad. He wraps his tiny arms around John's waist before turning to follow his brother out the door and to the car.


"Don't stand so straight," John grabs the bat from his son and demonstrates the correct posture. "You have to bend your knees a little."

"You always yell at me when I slouch," Dean argues. "Make up your mind, Dad."

"Yeah, Dad," Both Dean and John turn to the bleacher where the youngest Winchester sits, looking extremely bored.

"Well this is baseball, guys," He hands the bat back to Dean and watches as his eldest positions himself on home plate again. "If you want to hit like a pro you have to stand like one as well."

He nudges Dean's heels, signaling for him to spread his legs a little, before John heads out to the pitcher's mound. Dean bounces back and forth on his legs, swinging the bat a few times to get the feel for it before he nods to John.

"Hey, Dad?" Again all eyes turn toward the smaller boy. "Can we spit like a pro too?"

"Sam," John laughs, motioning for the boy to come out to him. "Why don't you be the ball boy and worry about spitting later?"

"Yes, Sir!" Sam screams, but then calms instantly. "It's okay to use my outside voice now right?"

"Throw the ball already!" Dean hollers, still standing in perfect position, just like his Dad showed him.

Nudging Sam to the side a bit, John tosses the ball up and down twice before bringing his arm back and pitching it toward Dean. The bat swings from the boys shoulder, hitting it just enough to send it rolling out toward his father and brother.

Sam runs towards the ball, picking it up in his small hands and throwing it to his Dad the best he could. The ball lands just short of John but he picks it up with a smile, pride shinning in his eyes the whole time.

"Did I do it right, Dad?" Sam asks as he runs back to his father's side.

"You did perfect, Sammy," John smiles, ruffling the boys mop of curls. "Now lets teach your brother how to hit one out of the park."

"Why?" the boy asks. "Then we'll lose the ball."

"It's an expression, idiot," Dean calls, hearing the conversation. "It means a homerun."

"Dean," John reprimands, still smiling. "Don't listen to him, Sammy. You're going to be smarter than he is some day."

"Can I be taller too?" He stands on his tiptoes, leaning his head back so he can seem taller.

"Not going to happen!" Again Dean interrupts the conversation. "Now come on! I want a pitcher not a belly itcher!"

"Wow," John laughs. "What are you in 5th grade?"

"Yes, actually I am" Dean laughs, positioning himself once again. "Can you please throw it before I graduate?"

John pitches the ball to Dean again, who sends it rolling in almost the same exact spot as he did before. After a few more pitches John can see the frustration building within the boy. He dishes out a few more tips and a couple of encouraging words before he pitches another set of balls.

Each time Dean hits the ball he gets better, keeping his hits in the air much longer and sending them much further. The smile on his face is enough to make John want to just pause his life and relive this moment over and over again but unfortunately he can't.

"Alright last one," John informs, feeling the tightness in his arm.

"But I haven't hit a homerun," Dean's smile drops instantly. "Can we stay until I hit one?"

"I'm getting old, dude," John confesses, as much as he hates to admit it. "My arm can't take much more."

"I'll get it, Dad, I promise!" With the smile back on his face, Dean gets himself situated again, waiting for the next pitch.

John ends up throwing another fifteen or twenty pitches. His arm is starting to feel completely like jelly and its hard enough to just keep it up let alone have to throw a ball fast enough to make it to home plate.

One look at Dean's face and his discomfort is forgotten. He raises his arm once more, pulls it back, and uses all the energy he has left to pitch the ball at just the right speed.

Dean raises the bat off his shoulder just a little and starts to take the swing, timing it just right. The contact of the ball against the wooden bat makes a loud crack as the ball goes flying into the air. All of their eyes follow the ball's path as it sores over John's head and way past the boundaries of the baseball diamond.

"Well what do you know," John whispers as he stares in amazement.

"Dean hit it out of the park, Dad!" Sam's loud scream brings the other two Winchesters back to reality. "He did it, Dad!"

In excitement, John picks Sam up from under the arms and sits him on top of his shoulders, legs on either side of John's neck. Holding onto the boys arms John runs toward Dean, his smile growing bigger with each second.

Dean's eyes grow large when he finally realizes what just happened. He run's towards his family in a semi skip, meeting them half way as the three share in the excitement of the moment.

Placing Sam back down on the ground, John places a hand on Dean's shoulder, bringing him into a tight embrace. Dean wraps his arms around his father's waist, tilting his head back to stare up at the man.

"Thanks, Dad" He smiles at John, squeezing him at the same time. "This was awesome!"

"You were awesome, dude!" John places his hand on the back of his son's head, his other arm wrapped around the boy's shoulders. "That was a great hit."

"Do I have to go get that ball?" Sam huffs, standing next to his father and brother.

"Come on, Sammy," John laughs, letting go of Dean. "It's not that Far!"

"Yeah, Sammy," Dean looks down at his little brother with a smile before he nudges the boys shoulder. "I'll race you!"

Dean takes off, leaving Sammy behind for a second before the smaller boy catches on and chases after his older brother. Watching the two boys race off into the distance, John can't help but smile.

This may be the closest to normal the Winchesters have been in the longest time but this was something John had to do. It's his job after all, to teach his sons' the important things in life.

So baseball isn't all that important. It's just one of those things every boy should know and John wouldn't have missed this moment for the world.

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