#4 Sam Learns to Drive

"Dad!" Sam hollered as he closed the refrigerator door. "We're out of milk."

"So?" John doesn't even take his eyes from the television, as he remains lounged on the bed. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"Can I drive to corner store?" the youngest Winchester appears at the foot of the bed, blocking John's view.

"Do I look like I want to get up, Sam?" The puppy eyes become even wider. "God damn it, Sammy, put away the eyes and lets go."

Sam's smile grows in an instant as he quickly searches the room for his shoes. He sits on the edge of the other bed so that he can pull on his shoes, while John gruffly removes himself from his comfortable position.

As he pulls on his own shoes, John can't help but steal a glance at his youngest son who is not even trying to hide the dimples the boy's has grown to dislike. Sam bounces up from the bed in a flash and in a few short strides of his long legs, he's at the motel door.

Just as he's about to open it, the door swings open from the outside, almost hitting Sam in the face had it not been for his quick reflexes. John stifles a laugh as Dean walks in, quickly glancing at the annoyed look on his brother's face before taking a seat on the chair across from John.

"Where you two going?" Dean asks.

"Dad's letting me drive to get milk," Sam's smile returns as he looks from Dean, back to John as if to confirm his story.

"He got you with the puppy eyes, didn't he?" The grumble from his father was all Dean needed to answer his question. "You've got to toughen up a bit, old man."

"Dean," John warns, standing up from the bed and heading for the door. "Get in the car and shut up."

The three Winchesters pile into the Impala, which officially became Dean's car last year. John had decided his truck would not be the ideal vehicle for a rookie driver, therefore forcing Sam to practice in the Impala.

Not that Dean really complained much about it, at least no more than his usual smartass comments just to push some buttons. He had threatened Sam before letting the boy behind the steering wheel though, even if Dean didn't have much room to talk in driving lessons.

"You remember what we talked about right, Sam?" John reaches for his seat belt, waiting for both boys to do the same.

"The brake is my friend, watch my speed, and watch out for trees," Sam laughs, feeling the smack on the back of his head before he could even finish.

"Exactly," Even John has to laugh at that, neither of them will ever let Dean live down his first driving lesson. Dean's come a long way though.

"Keep laughing," Dean relaxes back into the seat, crossing his arms. "See if I let you drive my car anymore."

Sam ignores his brother, pressing his foot firmly on the brake pedal and slowly pulling the gearshift into reverse. He slowly backs out of the parking spot and turns the car so it's heading toward the road. Putting his foot back on the brake he brings the gearshift back up into drive and slowly turns onto the road.

On the right Dean notices a speed limit sign, indicating that the max speed is thirty-five on this stretch of road. Typically that means people are doing about forty, but not his little brother.

No, Sam is going about twenty miles an hour, if that. People are passing him like crazy and it's a two-lane road, with a shoulder on each side. Sure, Dean might speed but at least he's closer to the speed limit that his brother.

"Hey Grandma," Dean leans forward, resting his arms on the back of the seat. "You drive any slower and we won't make it to bingo on time."

"I'm going the…" Sam's cut off by the loud shrill of siren's coming from behind him. "Dad?"

Sam turns to John, eye's wide in fear as he automatically pulls over to the right and onto the shoulder. Cars continue to zoom by on his left as Sam watches the cop get of his cruiser and slowly make his way to the driver's side window.

"You're fine, Sammy," John places a hand on his son's shoulder to sooth the boy's nerves. "You know how to handle cops, just be polite."

"Yeah, not like you're going to speed away or anything," Dean laughs at his own joke before noticing his father's eyes on him. "Sorry."

Sam rolls the window down, peering up at the cop with his most polite smile he can fake under the circumstances. The police officer is a younger man who obviously realizes the situation as soon as he looks at Sam.

The man bends over so that his for arms are resting on the door and he peers in at John who sits nonchalantly in the passenger side. John smiles at the officer who returns the gesture before turning back to Sam.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" Sam shakes his head, obviously lost for words.

"I wasn't speeding, though," He defends as Dean chuckles in the back. "At least I don't think I was."

"Oh no you weren't speeding," The officer pulls off his sunglasses so that his eyes are now visible.

"Told ya, Sammy." Again Dean laughs. "Even Grandma drives faster than you and she's, Dead."

"Dean!" John turns toward Dean with an angry glare. "Zip it or you might be joining her."

The officer clears his throat, bringing everyone's attention back to him. Sam still sits stiff in the driver's seat, hands gripping the steering wheel with a death grip.

"Relax, kid," The man offers another smile Sam's way. "I'm going to let you off with a warning but you were going pretty slow out here. Under is just as bad as over, remember that."

Sam just nods as his father gives the officer the thank you he deserves. Realizing the boy's fear, the man says nothing more as he gives on last smile and then heads back to his car and pulls back out on to the road.

"Well," John says, trying to bring Sam's attention back and calm his nerves. "I guess I have to give you a little different advice than I gave Dean."

"Yeah," Dean laughs. "The gas pedal is your friend."


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