Story: Bloody Lust

Chapter: One

Anime: Sailor Moon

Pairing: Serenity/Endymion

Rated: Teen

Summary: Endymion was a vampire. Serenity was a goddess. Every night, Endymion seduces countless women, and then killes them before morning. Now, he finds the goddess, and doesn't want to let her go. Can a vampire really love a goddess or is this just bloody lust?

Author's Notes: I REALLY LIKE THIS PLOT!! Seriously. This chatper was so easy to write. I hope you enjoy.

Endymion wiped his mouth after his latest meal. He didn't even glance at the blood stains it left on his white sleeve. He went through three women tonight. That would be enough for now. The man surely didn't want to spoil himself too soon.

The dark-haired figure walked out of the shadows of the alley that he had just made love to three women, all friends with each other. They were all ditzy and easy. Of course, they would be seduced in a short amount of time. He barely had to do anything to make their knees weak. They were blondes, of course.

The figures blue eyes glanced over the quiet streets of the city. It seemed to him that the street were too quiet for a city, especially New York City. He guessed that was simply his own luck. It was late in the early morning whenever people from the clubs would be heading home. That's how he caught those three. They were drunk, which made it even easier. He looked up at the sky and noticed it starting to lighten up. It would be dawn soon. The figure needed to return to his darkness. The only thing other than women and blood that seemed to interest the man was the silver sphere that hung in the starry sky, the moon. It was fascinating to him for some unknown reason. Whatever reined there, their blood must taste better.

Endymion heard early birds beginning to rise for the day, and headed back to his disintegrating building that was abandoned. After his meal, he felt more refreshed than ever. Maybe tomorrow night, he could take a break, and explore this… 'place' he currently resided.


On the Moon, the silver goddess, Serenity, just walked back into her palace. She was back from her nightly watch on Earth. That place was getting worse and worse with its humans each passing day. Especially with women dropping dead almost every night! Whatever… it's their problem.

"Serenity!" The goddess' cousin, Mina, called. She was the goddess of love and beauty just like her mother, Aphrodite.

"Hey, Mina," The tired goddess greeted.

"How was your watch?" The blonde asked.

Serenity sighed, "Three young women dropped dead in New York City last night."

Mina's eyes widened as she said: "What? That's the second time this week!"

"I know," Serenity mumbled, "I've been watching NYC ever since these deaths started. I don't understand what's causing them."

"Drugs? Drunk driving? Homicide? Suicide?" Mina tried to list possible causes.

"No, they're all too common," Serenity said as she sat down at the table, "I think it's something more… complex."

"Complex? Whatever are you talking about, Serenity?" A female voice questioned as seven other girls walked in. The two cousins looked over at the women.

"The killings in NYC, Amara," Serenity told her, "There were three last night."

"Three!?" The women gasped, "That's the second time this week!"

"Yes, I know!" Serenity groaned, "Amy, do you have any thoughts on this?"

Amy looked at the beautiful goddess, "I've been thinking about it a lot lately, but I can only come up with the frequent possibilities. The only thing about those is that there'd usually be reports and such. The police would have figured it out by now."

"Yes, that's right. Besides, these deaths have been happening not only in NYC, but they seemed to have traveled to that city," Raye continued.

"What do you mean?" Lita asked the goddess of war.

"I mean… that they were happening all over the United States, but are currently occurying in New York City," Raye explained.

Trista nodded, "Yes, that's right! They've been happening at all the major cities mostly. It all started at the west coast and slowly traveled to the east."

"Why didn't I know about this?" Serenity said with slight irritation. Her friends knew; why didn't she?

"Because these deaths have been happening for years, and no one has been able to figure out why," Trista said.

"I was still ignorant about the fact until recently," Serenity said.

"That's because they've been happening before you were put on watch. Your mother has been keeping an eye on them since they started. Even she hasn't figured it out," Trista finished. Serenity nodded.

"I see. Well, whatever," Serenity said quietly, "We need to do something about it."

"What?" The girls pried.

"We need to send one of us down there to investigate," Serenity continued, "You know what, I'll go!"

"What?!" The girls gasped.

"I don't think so!"

"No you will not!"

"I forbid it!"

"One of us will go!"

Serenity shook her head at the outburst. She knew only she would be able to do it right. She loved Earth so much, and was tired of seeing the people living there dying. It was almost heartbreaking.

"This is something I will not discuss. I've made my decision. I'm going to Earth today," The moon goddess said with authority. There was a moment of silence, but it was Mina who spoke up.

"I'll support you, cousin," Mina said with a smile, and gave her a hug. The others nodded.

"Us too!" They agreed. Serenity breathed a sigh of relief at the support of her friends. She had only been to Earth once, and that was when she was a little girl. She's eighteen now. It's been a long time.


A few hours passed by while Serenity was getting ready to go to Earth. Of course, she didn't really need to take anything with her, but the preparations of her departure needed to be taken care of.

"Who is going to be taking care of the watch?" Serenity asked as she was about to head off to Earth.

"Your mother is for the fifth time! Don't worry!" Raye cried in a rush.

"I'm just checking," Serenity defended. She turned around on the moon-dusted ground of the moon, and looked up at the blue and green orb resting in the stars. She shivered.

"You ready?" Mina asked as she went to give her a hug, "Be safe."

"I will," Serenity said as she began to glow a soft silver, "I love you guys."

"We love you, too," Everyone called off in the distance as the moon goddess disappeared in a flash of silver light.

It was nearing night.


Midnight blue eyes slowly opened to stare at the broken ceiling. Endymion stretched lazily in his dark sheeted bed. Oh, how he loved this building. It was just like him: dark, broken, lonely, cold and abandoned – just how he liked it. A soft, gentle breeze brushed his cheek like a light feather. What an odd breeze.

'What…?' His mind thought as he looked around. Nothing. Must have only been a different kind of wind.

The dark-haired man began to rise from his sheets, and walked over to the window that overlooked the gloomy city. You would never expect this from New York City, but nevertheless, Endymion smiled in satisfaction. He could smell the reason in the air.


Yes, the people hear were scared. Earlier in the week he had tasted two other women for his dinner, and then last night was the three. That's five people that dropped dead mysteriously in one week. Oh, yes, these people were fearful that it would be their turn next. Marvelous.


Silver light glowed softly as Serenity landed on the terrain. Her sapphire eyes scanned the dark, lonely streets on NYC.

"That's odd," She whispered to the wind, "Since when is NYC quiet?"

"It is a little unusual," A voice breathed from behind her. Serenity twisted around gracefully and started into a dark alley.

"Who is there?" Serenity said in a strong voice, "Show yourself!"

There was silence in the alley now. The owner of the voice didn't move. Serenity waited for a possible response or movement. Finally, she saw a shadow begin to stir, and move out into the street. Serenity looked closely to make the face. It was a man, obviously from his voice. He had silky, black hair that was long enough to make your fingers ache to get tangled in. The bangs fell over his dark, midnight blue eyes in a seductive manner. He had the perfect broad shoulders, strong face, and Serenity could tell his skin was a smooth as a baby. He was really tall; definitely over six feet. His lips… were like those of a god's. He was flawless.

"Good evening, Mi'lady. What is a beautiful young woman such as yourself doing out on such a night as this?" The man asked with a smooth tone. Serenity caught the flattery easily.

"I don't want your flattery, sir. My business is none of yours," She said with no fear of him. He didn't know, but she was a goddess. Why would a plain human scare her?

"I beg your pardon, miss. I'm sorry if I offended you. I was only being polite," The dark figure said in defense.

"Oh, please. I'm not dense," Serenity said with slight anger at his obvious display of interest. She watched these kinds of things all the time on her watch from the Moon. This kind of 'politeness' usually led to someone getting raped or killed.

"Hey, now, calm down. Don't judge my actions from only a few sentences," He told her. He strolled up to her closer so he could get a better look.

"I've never seen natural silver hair on a young woman before," He whispered, "It's… beautiful."

Serenity's eyes widen. He was being sincere! She coughed quietly at the compliment to regain her composure.

"Thank you," She said softly. He only heard her thanks for it was carried by the wind.

"The truth," He confirmed. She nodded.


Endymion was beginning to panic. This wasn't what he expected out of tonight. He figured that everyone would be locked up in their homes afraid to wonder the streets. This young woman seemed different from the women he's been feeding off of. Her aurora was innocent, but wise, gentle, but strong. It didn't make sense. His fangs began to ache in need. He wanted her blood to make a hot trail down his throat, but he was already full from last night's meal. Maybe a small snack would hurt; just a simple taste is all he needed. Her face was beginning to fill his mind. He knew he wouldn't stay sane with out a simple, short taste.

Just one.

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