Story: Bloody Lust

Chapter: Ten

Anime: Sailor Moon

Pairing: Serenity/Endymion

Rated: Teen

Author's Notes: Hey! So, I wrote this a few days ago, went to upload it, and the thing was down. And I forgot to try again later. I'm sorry. Don't hate me. xD Enjoy the chapter!

The wind howled as if something sharp was splitting it in half, and the rain continued to pour down on the miserable land below. As the storm brewed on, the sky ripped open, letting eight streams of different colors zip down to the city of New York City. The colors curved and bended as they twisted around the buildings until the reached that one special place, that one dark, crumbled place.

As if things could get any worse for these lights. They're binding call was gone, that one, clear silver light that held them all together was lost in a river of darkness, and to find her, they had to go to a creature of the shadows to enter the forbidden world.

The lights raced over the city's graveyard as if they meant to pass it, but instead, they flipped in the air, twirling with grace, and entered an unknown passage way in the ground. There was a cave under this graveyard, and once inside, the lights combined as if they were hugging, and then, suddenly, dispersed until the formed into bodies. Eight women stood where the display of colors once was.

And five men stared at them in shock.

A man with short blonde hair was the first to find his voice. "How in the hell?"

Another man with slightly wavy brown hair slapped the former across the back of his head. "Shut up, idiot.

A woman with long, sun-blonde hair stepped forward, her arms outstretched in front of her. "We mean you no harm, gentlemen. We come seeking your help."

Sitting between two other men, one with blonde hair tied and another with hair white as the snow, a man with midnight blue eyes and hair the color of a raven's darkest wing spoke. "Gentlemen?" He chuckled, the sound deep and rich. "How amusing. What is it that requires our help, fair maiden?"

She smiled, her teeth a soft, but pure white. "Ah, only one who has lived through many centuries can acquire such formality in their words, but then make it so simple. I do miss those days."

He raised his eyebrows, perfect and black. "Is that so? Then, I must assume you've known them personally."

"Yes, and many more."

His eyes darkened slightly if that was even possible to see in the dim light of the moon that had escaped through any cracks from the ground above. "Intriguing. Sadly, though, I must ask how you knew of this place as well as why you are here seeking our help?"

The maiden's eyes, pools with the color like the clear blue sky, turned grave. "Then, I should introduce myself, Endymion." The man's eyes turned wide at his name. "I am Mina, Goddess of Venus and of the Star of Love, and these ladies are my fellow goddesses and close friends. We know of your time with our sister, Serenity, Goddess of the Silver Moon, and we know of her recent kidnapping. We come seeking your help for we know only you can find her."

The sound of the rain above was the only noise that filled the air while the man in question sat frozen on the spot. Finally, his eyes blinked to clear the confusion, and he rose to his feet, towering over the blonde. "Get out." In response, a boom of thunder exploded the atmosphere as a crack of lightning eliminated the room in platinum. "I don't need a bunch of women with fancy tongues coming into my lair just to speak such nonsense. Get out."

The goddess crossed her arms. "Would you have accepted us more welcoming if you were thirsty and saw us as a meal?" She smirked. "Don't be a fool, you arrogant vampire. You were the one who kept Serenity from returning to her home therefore it's your rightful responsibility to bring her back to the only place she can be safe and sound. I didn't come here asking for an argument and I'm not about to get into one with a creature that's below my standards. Serenity needs your help and you're going to give it to her whether you agree or not."

The cave went silent again, but then the sound of laughter erupted from Endymion. "You've got to be kidding me! Below your standards?" His eyes narrowed as he passed the stone table that was between them. "Don't think this is the first time I've heard about you. I knew all along what Serenity was, and what kind of guardians she had up in the sky." His switched his eyes to the tall, black-green haired woman standing silently in the back. "I know who you all are, and I know that one right there is the Goddess of Time. Below your standards? I would consider you on my level for not saving Serenity and changing the course of time before this all happened. Do even start to blame me for her disappearance, especially when she had the love from the almightly Goddesses of the Solar System!"

"You would think it was that simple, Endymion. You would think it's such an easy task to change what is to come to make it what you desire." She shook her head in shame and disappointment. "Unfortunately, that is not the case. I knew of your knowledge, but did not voice it to anyone. If I could change what was happening to Serenity now, I would have done it before she was even born. One so pure as her does not deserve this test fate is giving her, but she has no choice. I've seen many paths that concern her destiny, and they lead to many points. Some are good and some are bad." She paused, her eyes raising to Endymion as she stepped closer. "But fate usually only has a one set mind in one's soul, goddesses are no exception, and in each of Serenity's path, there is only one person that can motivate them. You, Endymion, are the soulmate and true protector of Serenity's heart, and only you can bring her out of the darkness."

One of Endymion's men coughed, stealing the attention away. It was Jadeite. "Damn, man, it doesn't sound like you have a choice at all. These women are serious!" There was another sharp slap to the head. Endymion closed his eyes.

"Endymion, I know you're trying to deny everything right now," Mina said, taking over the conversation, "but as the daughter of Aphrodite I can see every speck of love a person feels, and looking at you, I can see you love Serenity very, very much, and I know now is the time to realize just that before the denial consumes your soul. If that happens, it will be forever impossible to reach her, and her life will be in the hands of Diamond for eternity."

Midnight blue eyes snapped open. "Diamond?"

The man with the white hair stood. "He's alive?"

The man with the ponytail rose from his stool. "I thought you killed him, Endymion, when he..."

Endymion quickly ran his hand through his hair before turning towards another corridor of the caves. "I didn't kill him, Zoicite. I meant to, but I didn't."

Another woman, this one with long, sleek black hair, broke into the conversation. "Wait, hold on here. What's your story with this Diamond guy?"

Jadeite opened his mouth to speak. "Well, you see, beautiful, Diamond was Endymion's—"

Endymion whipped his head to the side to glare at his comrade. "Jadeite!"

Jadeite held up his hands. "Sorry."

Endymion sighed, shaking his head in frustration. "Diamond and I… have a history. He—"

The Amazon goddess' eyes widened in shock. "You're gay?!"

Mina turned her head towards her friend. "Lita!"

Endymion sputtered with his next word. "What? No, not that kind of history!" He ran his hands through his hair. If he were human, there would have been a blush on his cheeks.

Lita chuckled lightly, covering her mouth. "I'm sorry. I tend to jump to conclusions at times. They strike me… like lightning." A small girl with black hair with hints of purple stood behind the Amazon, giggling to herself.

Mina smiled, but then nodded at Endymion. "My apologies, Endymion. Please, continue."

The wind shifted slightly, letting a few sprinkles of rain enter the dark caves as Endymion started to speak once again. "Like I was trying to say, Diamond and I have a history, but not a good one at that. We grew up together as I did with these men behind me. Diamond's mother, Beryl, had her eyes set on me as soon as I took my first breath, and Diamond was always jealous of the attention she gave me over him. Even as a vampire child, Beryl would stalk me in a sense. She tried to push it off as being protective of the prince." He shook his head. "A sick woman she was, yes. I wasn't stupid and even at the young age I was I still knew what she was up to. Of course, she didn't get bad until I came of age.

"That's when things started to get worse. Beryl got more obsessive and Diamond got more aggressive and strange. Through Beryl's… condition and Diamond's anger, they rebelled against my father. The war between us lasted for over a century, ending with the murder of my father. Fortunately, at the time of his death, we were on the verge of winning, and our loyal followers and I pushed Beryl and her followers back into their land, and gained victory with the loss of a king." Endymion sighed. "The crown was to be passed to me, but I knew what my rule would cause: another war. I can't be king until Beryl and Diamond are defeated and dead."

A voice that sounded like bells spoke from the group of women. It was an elegant woman with wavy ocean blue hair. "I am Michelle, Goddess of the Seas, and the waters of Earth have spoken to me throughout the years of Diamond's existence. I'm afraid that during his time of neglect, he turned to the stars, seeking something of more value than his own mother. He succeeded in finding the story of the young moon goddess, and therefore his rage and pain twisted into an unhealthy form of obsession, something he must have inherited from his mother."

Another goddess spoke, one who was tall with short blonde hair. "What are you saying, Michelle?"

"I'm saying, Amara, that Diamond's reasoning behind the kidnapping of our beloved princess not only was the demand of his mother's want of Endymion, but also for his own benefits."

A petite woman with hair as blue as a sapphire's inner core and eyes the colors of the waves gasped. "He means to make her his own! He means to rape her before Endymion can even reach her!"

I know about it being another filler chapter, but it gave you some background on Endymion's life, right? That's good, yes? I thought so too. I'm thinking about wrapping this up in two or three more chapters. Maybe! Because I can't see dragging out the rescue any longer. I hope what I wrote makes sense and was satisfactory towards you in every way it usually is. Thanks for reading, and any feedback is welcome. I loooove long reviews. Hehe.