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Jordan was confused. Just a little bit.

She had felt so lonely and stubborn when Nick had begun to pull away from her. So she had gotten herself engaged to a nice man. A good man. But he wasn't Nick.

Watching Gatsby and Daisy had taught her something. She was terrified of marrying the wrong person. So she had made her choice, the choice that she had thought was the right one. But now, she thought that she might have learned the wrong lesson from her friend's experiences.

Maybe, just maybe, she had been wrong. She had been afraid of having her heart broken. But there was that saying about it being good to love because some people couldn't . . .something like that.

But she had felt betrayed by Nick's disregard for her. She still missed him though.

Sometimes while she was playing, she would imagine Nick's face, and whack the golf ball will all her might. Sometimes, when she was with her fiancé, she would pretend she was okay. As if she could possibly be happy.

At the suggestion of Daisy, Nick was there. He was invited to her wedding. She was going to have to see him.

"Do you think that I might have been wrong?"

Daisy looked at her from her position. Jordan was sitting in front of a mirror, Daisy was behind her. "Sometimes we don't make the right decision; we make the decision that we need."

Jordan laughed. Slightly hysterically, of course. "How deep of you, how do you know what I was talking about?"

Daisy gave her a look, "My dear, you couldn't have been talking about anything else."

"I miss him."

"I know."

"Do you?"

"I don't know."

Jordan had noticed a change in Daisy; she had thought it was because of Gatsby's death, but maybe there was something else going on. . . .

"I can't."

Daisy shrugged, for such an elegant creature it was quite odd. She stayed quiet.

"Okay. I can."

Jordan sighed, continued. "What if he doesn't want me?"

Daisy replied, her eyes dark with grief, "You survive, there isn't anything else to do." She smiled, "Or, you force him."


But of course, he did. It was a nice ending, but it was a beautiful beginning.