Title: Ticking Away
Author: people-alwayz-leave
Rating: T (to be safe)
Pairings: Max/Ben, Max/Alec (not what you think)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Dark Angel, which would explain why it ended in the second season and Alec and Max weren't ever officially together LOL.



The clock was ticking, siginaling the moments passing away. All she could do was sit there, her mind screaming at her to run, to get away. Acid tears stung her soft features, leaving a red trail down her face as she wept over this mistake. She bent down to look into those hazel eyes one last time before she pulled his eyelids shut, her small frame being wracked with sobs. She pleaded for forgiveness, knowing it wouldn't come from his lips ever again. She stood, laying him down gently and she did the only thing she knew how- she ran.

She blurred through the woods surrounding Manticore as they had when they were children. She shok her head, trying to clear those thoughts and focus on getting out of here alive. Instanly, her mind drifted back to Ben and she knew it was something she would always have to live with. But she kept going. And she couldn't help but think she would be running for the rest of her life. Not just from Manticore, not just from her past. From herself.

She didn't notice the tears that continued their path down her cheek until they slid into her leather jacket, burning their way down her neck. They landed on the chain he had given her just before he whispered those traitorous words that were still echoing through her head: "I love you, Maxie. Thank you..." With that he had trailed off, his eyes going blank, devoid of all the joy and laughter she had loved. He was gone. More tears streaked their way down her face as she realized her train of thought might never jump the track that it's on right now.

She got on her bike and cranked it up, and she was out of there. As she sped throughout the Seattle streets, she again let her mind wander back to those damn woods. She would never forget. Her photographic memory would see to that. That she would remember every detail. But there was one thing that was forever burned into her sould. His eyes.

She wound up in front of Logan's apartment building, but she felt something wasn't right. She started to go upstairs the "normal" way, but thought better of it. She'd just take the roof. She got in in record time, and blamed her current emotional state. You'd think hysteria would slow her down, but no. Apparently, it sped her up. She laughed bitterly and humorlessly to herself. Ever the soldier.

The few.

The proud.

The transgenics.

More like the few, the ashamed, the freaks.

She took a deep breath and moved into Logan's apartment when she heard a crash. Then suddenly, everything was quiet except for the clock ticking on the wall next to her.