Yet another fluffy romantic story from your's truly. this is actually a kind of strange story and the characters are pretty OOC. idk. it's more like a short story that i was just too lazy to figure out characters for so i borrowed the characters of naruto and stuck them in here. anyway, the story takes place over their whole lives and is super cheesy and romantic with a few angsty monents and other things. i'm writing this story and thinking really hard over another angsty story like 'love' but i haven't gotten any ideas lately. so here's your consollation prize.

ps. i'm totally stuck at one part of this story so yet again, it's one of those 'in progress' stories because i would feel bad if i went months without writing anything.

WARNING: boy love. that's about it so far. lemons later, but they're infants right now and that's just COMPLETELY wrong, disgusting, and highly impossible.
DISCLAIMER: i do not own naruto in any way shape or form.

It started when they were young. The young lord's two year old son was walking through the halls when he heard an annoying squealing noise. The toddler huffed and looked around for where the sound could be coming from and why no one was doing anything to stop it. He walked down a corridor and turned down another then turned another then went up a set of stairs and then walked down a few more halls then went up a small set of stairs to find himself at an opened door of one of the guest rooms. No one was around but the annoying sound was coming from this room. The young child walked into a room and up to a small crib where the crying baby laid.

"You should be quiet. You're really annoying making all that noise." The boy said coolly to the infant. The infant immediately stopped crying and looked up at him. The infant smiled and reached out to him. The boy smiled back. "You can play with me." The boy said reaching into the crib and pulling out the baby. He awkwardly carried the wiggly baby to his room and laid him on the ground. "I have lots of toys we can play with. Here, you can have my bear." The boy said setting the bear next to the infant. The baby kind of looked at the bear but didn't do much else. "Oh, what about these?" the boy asked pulling out a rattle type thing. He rattled the toy in front of the baby and the baby laughed and smiled while reaching for the toy that was just out of his reach. The boy smiled as he watched the baby.

"Naruto! Oh thank god!" an exasperated Kushina said as she appeared in the doorway followed closely by Mikoto.

"Sasuke, what did you think you were doing taking Naruto out of his room like that? We were all scared half to death." Mikoto scolded the boy. Kushina had run into the room and picked up the smiling infant.

"Oh, Sunshine, I was so worried." Kushina said holding the boy against her chest and rocking slowly from side to side.

"I'm sorry, mommy." Sasuke said looking down at the floor. "He was crying and so I brought him to play with me."

"Sasuke, I'm sure you were trying to be nice, but you shouldn't take things that aren't yours." Mikoto sighed.

"Then can I have him?" Sasuke asked looking up at Kushina with expectant eyes.

"Sasuke! Of course you can not have him. Naruto belongs to Kushina and Minato. What on earth made you think something like that?" Mikoto scolded again.

"But I like him and I want him." Sasuke insisted. Kushina laughed and smiled down at Sasuke.

"You can't have him, Sasuke, but I will let you play with him while we're staying here. Is that okay?" Kushina asked. Sasuke nodded.

"Did you find him?" Minato asked as he and Fugaku entered.

"Yes, Sasuke was taking care of him." Kushina smiled at Sasuke. Sasuke looked at the floor. Minato smiled and went to Sasuke.

"You took care of him, huh?" Minato said squatting down so that he was closer to Sasuke's height. Sasuke nodded but didn't look up from the floor. "I guess I should be thanking you then, for taking care of my Sunshine." Minato smiled. Sasuke looked up at the smiling blonde man somewhat surprised. Sasuke nodded slowly but didn't dare to say anything. So far the few times he had spoken had gotten him into trouble.

"I said that Sasuke could look after Naruto while we're staying here." Kushina said. Minato looked up at his wife and baby and then back at Sasuke.

"You promise you'll take good care of him?" Minato asked. Sasuke nodded meekly. Minato smiled. "Good." Minato said putting his gigantic hand on Sasuke's head. Or at lest it felt pretty large at the time since Sasuke was so small.

"Well, we do have more things to do, so if you don't mind watching Naruto, we'll leave him with you." Kushina said kneeling down and gently handing Naruto back to Sasuke. As soon as Sasuke looked down at the baby he smiled brightly.

"I'll take good care of him, I promise." Sasuke said not looking up from the smiling infant. All the adults were shocked since none of them had ever seen Sasuke smile like that. They all left and Sasuke sat down with Naruto in his lap. He stared at the baby for a few minutes. Naruto was a little over a month old. His skin was darker than Sasuke's but not really dark. He had big, bright blue eyes and a nice crop of sunshine golden hair. Sasuke figured that's why Kushina and Minato called him 'Sunshine.' Naruto was so small even to Sasuke. Sasuke could almost fit his hand around Naruto's arm. Sasuke remembered seeing Minato holding Naruto and his hand was bigger than Naruto's head. "Hi, Sunshine." Sasuke smiled at the baby. The baby smiled back at him and made a noise that Sasuke decided meant 'hello.'

Every day Sasuke would take care of Naruto. The adults were surprised by it. It was almost like something was pulling the two children together. What was even more curious was the way Sasuke smiled around Naruto but never any other time. One day Minato and Kushina had left Naruto in Sasuke's care while they went to the next town for an errand and Sasuke promised that he would take care of Naruto until they came back. Unfortunately, they never returned. They had been mugged and murdered leaving Naruto behind. When Fugaku and Mikoto were deciding what to do with Naruto Sasuke spoke up.

"I promised that I would take care of him." Sasuke said. His voice was shaking a little while his hold on the sleeping blonde baby tightened just a little. "You can't send him away from me. I promised." Sasuke said as tears filled his eyes.

"We know, Sasuke dear." Mikoto said rubbing Sasuke's head. "What we're really talking about it what Minato and Kushina had said they wanted to happen to Naruto."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"He will be staying with us and that's all you need to know." Fugaku said. Sasuke looked down at Naruto and smiled brightly. His smile dropped when he looked up at his parents.

"Thank you." He said. The corner of his lips twitched upward in a small, barely noticeable smile. Sasuke left and the two adults sighed as they looked at the Will sitting on Fugaku's desk.

Being that Minato was one of Lord Uchiha's closest friends they knew that there might be assassination attempts on them and so as soon as Naruto was born they had written their requests on what to do with Naruto if they both were to die. Kushina and Minato had said that they wanted Naruto to stay with the Uchiha family, but they wanted him to earn his stay because they wanted Naruto to know how to work hard rather than have everything handed to him like Sasuke and the older Uchiha son, Itachi. They had made a bank account for Naruto when he was born that would earn interest and asked that 1/8th of their fortune be added into Naruto's account. The rest of the money would go for Naruto's living expenses at the Uchiha manor for however long it would last. They requested that when the money ran out that they find another way for Naruto to earn his stay even if it meant being a servant. The asked that if it came to that, that Naruto would not be treated any differently than any other servant of the Uchiha household. They wanted Naruto to be strong and be able to deal with hardships. When Naruto's 21st birthday came he would be able to access his bank account and would have enough money to leave the Uchiha house and live comfortably for a while. They were very specific about their desires for Naruto and both Fugaku and Mikoto knew that they couldn't go against their friend's words even if they wanted to because Minato and Kushina did not want Naruto to feel like he was a burden to them.

so yes, more mean uchihaness comming up in this story. really the last part of roommates II was just to desensitize you to it for this story. hahaha. ps. if you haven't read roommates II, you need to first read roommates I and then read roommates II to understand what i just meant.