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Katara sat in silence at the large wooden table alone, drumming her perfectly manicured nails impatiently. After a few more moments she leaned across the table and blew out the candles.

"Even on our anniversary." She muttered under her breath.

"Would you like me to clear the table, My Lady?" A servant bowed low to her.

"Yes, thank you." She waved carelessly at the servant. She walked into their bedroom where she had had the finest red silk sheets placed on the bed and candles placed and lit around the room. She sighed and changed into a silky nightgown and slipped into bed. Sleep never took her though. After a few more hours Katara heard her husband coming into the room and changing into a pair of baggy silk short and slipping into bed next to her. He lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling. Katara rolled over to face him and frowned. "Did your meetings run late again?" She asked quietly. His head snapped to face her and he frowned slightly.

"I'm sorry if I woke you." He whispered. "And yes…they did." He turned his head back to face the ceiling.

"You didn't wake me." She replied quietly. He leaned over and kissed her forehead and rolled over onto his side, putting his back to her. Katara felt a tear roll down her cheek and she rolled over, putting her back to him. They had only been married a year and the spark was already gone. She remembered a time when they could hardly make it to the bed; they were so caught up in each other. Now he hardly speaks to her. She closed her eyes and whispered, "Happy anniversary Zuko." Beside her, the Fire Lord's eyes shot open and he sat up quickly and stared at his wife. He could hear her even breathing and realized that she was asleep.

"Oh dear Agni I'm so stupid." He said under his breath. He had completely forgotten his anniversary. He then realized that he hadn't been intimate with his own wife for at least a month. "Damn." Zuko breathed. He looked at his wife's peaceful face and felt a wave of guilt wash over him. "I am so sorry Katara." He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.


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