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I have no idea what is possessing me to write a crossover between two shows that have nothing in common, but its been bothering me since the mid-season finale. We wont get one new episode of Battlestar Galactica till 2000 frakking nine, I want to do something to pass the time. This is based on, of course, them finding earth with the help of the rebel cylons, at the end of season 4.

The story takes place in an alternate universe of Battlestar Galactica, where instead of encountering the Earth they found, they find the avatar Earth.

Three years had passed since the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. The war was over in less then a day, the Cylons had murdered twenty three billion people who called the Twelve Colonies of Kobol home, and barely fifty thousand people survived. It was after that war Galactica and humanities remnants decided that Earth, a planet spoken of only in myth, would become there new home. Since then innumerable events have taken place. From the miracle of finding another surviving battlestar, settling for a year on a new planet, to finding a very unlikely ally a group of rebel Cylons, humanity has finally reached the promise land. And Earth, will become home.

William Adama the admiral of the Colonial Fleet, the one who had saved them countless times from Cylon attack, Laura Roslin, the president who worked tirelessly to keep the fleet alive and give the people hope, And D'anna Biers, the number three a Cylon model, sat in the raptor that was taking them to the blue planet below. Starbuck, an ace viper pilot, was flying the Raptor.

The small craft was one of many landing all over the planet, Human and Cylon alike. For the past three years, Galactica had been on desperate search looking for the lost thirteenth tribe. At last, they had been reunited with there brothers and sisters.

Nobody said anything to eachother. Nobody could really believe what was happening. They had been on the run for so long, finally reaching a place they could call home seemed impossible. But here it is, Earth, the planet that's existence was unlikely at best, impossible at worse, that will become humanities new hope.

Roslin looked at Adama, Thinking of what had happened over there journey. From there decision to run with what was left of humanity, the destruction of the resurrection ship, finding Pegasus, settling New Caprica, the alliance with the rebel Cylons, and all the friends she had made and lost.

"So what do we do now?" She asked him. She had been waiting for this moment for years, since the tragedy that was the destruction of the 12 colonies of man. She was just… overwhelmed with happiness. Earth wasn't just a myth, it wasn't just some story written by some lunatic. It was real, and it was there new home.

Adama, who was looking down at the floor, no doubt lost in his own day dreams, looked up at her. "What do you mean?" He had been having flashbacks of the day there fight for the survival of there species began.

"Well, how do settle? New Caprica wasn't exactly pleasant, and we had more supplies back then" Roslin was

"There's also the matter of dividing land and territory rights." D'anna joined the conversation. "How are we to interact with you?" D'anna wasn't human, she was Cylon. She was one of 12 models created to look, act, feel, think, and mimic humans in every possible way.

"I'm sure we'll think of something" Adama responded. He started looking at the floor of the raptor again. It's real…. He thought to himself. He looked back at Roslin, still smiling, and thought of the moments they had been through. Roslin was just a school teacher three years ago, and Adama, alongside Galactica, was meant to retire.

Sevreal minutes passed before the raptor started to slow down and touch down on the planets surface.

"We made it!" Starbuck said. "We Fraking made it!" She had never been this happy since she was at her home on Caprica. She spoke through her headset. "This is raptor 443 to Galactica, we have successfully landed" Starbuck was the callsign of the ace viper pilot Kara Thrace, who had saved the lives of the people of the fleet on more then one occasion. If it weren't for her, they would never have made it to Earth.

Adama looked up at Roslin again. "Lets go." It was impossible not to tell the two were excited, Starbuck had to stay behind and

It took less then a minute for the raptor to be emtied, and everybody on the surface. They had landed in a valley, with few trees, and grass all around them. Starbuck bent down and touched the grass. "Feels just like home" She said.

Roslin, Adama, and D'anna walked up a nearby hill while Starbuck listened to the descriptions the other landing parties gave.

The three continued walking up the hill. They were almost to the top, when Adama stopped Roslin for a moment. D'anna keeped walking.

"Looks just like Caprica, doesn't it?" He said to her.

"Yes" She said. She took a deep breath, taking in the fresh air. "The grass, the sun, everything." He let the breath out. "It's beautiful, isn't It?

"Lets hope it stays this way. I don't want any chrome toasters ruining it"

Roslin smiled, and let out a small laugh "So say we all"

The two continued talking while D'anna reached the top of the hill. She went cold when she did. "Roslin, Adama." She said, not looking away, "I think you should see this"

The two stopped talking and ran up to where D'anna was. Below them, coming quickly, was a group of ten people, all wearing red and black armor, with strange symbols resembling fire on them.

"We better leave, now." Adama said.

The three were just about to turn around and start running when one of the ten soldiers sent a bolt of fire at them that just missed Roslin's hair. The three froze, not believing what had just happen.

"Halt!" He yelled at them. The three did as they were told, and in seconds the ten soldiers surrounded them. "We saw your… Whatever it was try to attack us. Being anywhere near the Fire nation Captiol without proper authorization is a capitol offense. We already have men that have secured your airship, and your coming with us for questioning."

People? Here? Did they just... shoot fire at us? . Adama thought. And he knew they would have more then likely captured or killed Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace. Knowing her, though, she had killed at least half a dozen of them by now. Past experience had proven Kara to be very uncooperative with death.

The three were escorted to a giant city, colored much like the armor of the soldiers. All over it, smoke could be seen from various machines. When they walked through the streets of the city, many citizens gave them weird looks or even laughed at there uniforms.

"What's going to happen?" Laura whispered to Adama.

"I don't know, just stay calm, if Galactica doesn't hear from us, they'll do something." He tried to sound reassuring, which seemed to work.

After ten minutes of walking, they arrived at what he assumed was there destination. They were taken to the tallest building in the city, the Fire Nation palace.


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