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Chapter One - The Proposition

'Are you serious?'

'No, that would be you.'

'Cut it out, Prongs. You can't just ask us something like that and expect us not to ask if you've lost your mind.'

'Just let him talk, Padfoot. James… are you serious?'

'This is turning into a joke. You could just say no and I'll be on my way…'

'Well, excuse me for being a little bit bloody shocked. It's just not every day my best friend, my best straight friend, asks if I can fuck him.'

'Well, actually, I was asking if Moony could fuck me, you just assumed the invitation extended to you as well. Hell of a fucking ego you've got there….'

Sirius glared at the obviously aggravated, bespectacled man in front of him and moved closer to his boyfriend, putting a possessive hand on his knee. Remus patted it distractedly and leaned closer to James Potter who was sitting opposite.

'James, I'm sure that it's just a momentary lapse of sanity that has made you forget this but…you're straight,' Remus said gently. 'Remember your girlfriend? Lily? The one you shagged as loudly as possible in the bed next to us every weekend for the last year of our schooling?'

'Yeah, I know I'm straight and I still want to shag Lily. I love Lily but…' He shrugged, turning pink. 'I'm curious. I want to know…I mean, he goes on and on about how the sex is so fantastic…'

'You tell people about our sex life?' Remus asked in annoyance, turning to Sirius at whom James had pointed accusingly.

'Only James,' he said, irritably. 'But I didn't think he'd decide he'd want to do you himself.'

James sighed and rubbed his hand across his forehead. He knew Sirius would take his request that he 'borrowed' Moony for a night badly. Hell, he would have taken it badly if one of them had asked to sleep with Lily 'just to see what it was like' but he didn't know what else to do. He felt like he was going insane and they were his best friends, who happened to be in a position to help him stop the insanity.

'Look, just forget I said anything…' James said, bright red now as he stood up. 'You're right. Momentary lapse in sanity and all that…'

Remus got to his feet, grabbing James' wrist as the eighteen year old turned to leave. 'Don't go,' he said, drawing the young man back to the couch. 'It was a bit of a shock, that's all. We should talk about this.'

James made a face (bloody sensible bloody Moony)but sat down, looking at his feet, at his hands, at the walls, anywhere but at his two best friends as he recalled the events that led up to this incredibly awkward conversation.

Remus and Sirius had come out as a couple during the last few months of their final year at school. More accurately, they were dragged out after James caught them shagging vigorously and noisily in the bathroom one day while he and Peter were supposed to be at Hogsmeade. He'd known Sirius was bisexual but had been shocked by the clandestine relationship as he'd had no idea Remus liked guys. He had quickly pulled himself together to brush aside their flustered explanations and voice his support for their relationship, telling them he was happy for them while trying to ignore the fact that they were both still very naked and very aroused.

What he hadn't told them was that seeing Sirius pounding his cock into a moaning Remus, water cascading down over their wet, slippery bodies, had been the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. The sight had made him hard like he'd never been before and he had quickly made his excuses and gone to the toilet, not to change his soiled underwear as Sirius cheekily suggested as he ran off, but to yank his pants down and stroke himself as he relived the few moments that he had watched them before a gasp (not of surprise but desire) escaped his lips and made them stop.

Now as he stared down at the coffee stain on the carpet below him, he could feel his face burning as the couple looked at him.

'So are you…um, bi or something?' Sirius asked finally, after he lost a silent but fierce argument with Remus consisting entirely of hand gestures and face contortions.

James shrugged, still refusing to look at them. 'Don't know,' he muttered. 'Never done it with a bloke so I don't know if I like it. That's why I asked…'

'And you want Remus to be the one who helps you figure it out?' Sirius broke in. 'My Remus?'

'Why do you sound so shocked by that, Sirius?' his boyfriend queried, his voice a little dangerous sounding.

'Babe, I'm surprised that you aren't constantly fighting men off, I'm just a bit shocked about where the first hit came from.' He turned to frown at James again. 'So, you want my permission to shag my boyfriend?'

Yes,' James said, shaking his head. 'No. I just… I don't know. Look, the answer's no, isn't it? So I'll just go…'

'James, if this happens, Sirius will have to be there,' Remus said suddenly, making both black heads turn sharply towards him.

'You'll do it…?'

'What the hell, Remus?'

They spoke at once and Remus held his hand up for silence. 'James, you just want to know what it's like to be with another man? I mean, there's no…feelings or anything, right? It's just about sex.'

James quickly nodded, averting his gaze uncomfortably as Remus spoke so matter of factly about something that was fairly momumental for him.

'And if we say no, will you do it anyway? With someone else?'

James closed his eyes then, after a slight hesitation, nodded again. 'I love Lily, but I have these fantasies and…I need to know who I am. I don't want to hurt her but….' He shrugged, unable to explain what he didn't understand himself.

Remus looked at Sirius, whose face had softened a little with his best friends' words. 'Would you rather he had his first time with us or some stranger?'

Sirius frowned at Remus for a moment as they silently communicated, then sighed and took his hand. 'You are far too understanding,' he muttered then looked at James. 'I love you, Prongs but I know how easy it is to fall for my Moony. If you want to be with a guy, it's gonna be the both of us, not just him, so I can keep an eye on you. Think you can handle that?'

James felt his cock harden at the thought and an old memory came to life like a movie inside his head.

He lay awake late one night, staring into the canopy of his bed, when he heard the creak of floorboards then the soft murmur of voices. Things went quiet for a few minutes then James heard a soft moan. He carefully pulled his curtains aside a little, looking over at Sirius' bed to see that, in his hurry, Remus hadn't closed the curtain completely.

He almost groaned out loud when he saw Remus pressed against Sirius, the two boys kissing deeply. Remus' hands were buried in black hair and James could see Sirius' knuckles were white as they gripped Remus' hips tight. Their chests were bare and James couldn't stop his eyes wandering. Remus was thinner than Sirius, scars littering his torso. He was paler as well and, as he watched, James saw the werewolf shiver as a darker hand ran up his spine to weave itself in light brown locks.

'Don't look. Close the curtain. Go to sleep.'

But his body refused to cooperate with his brain's commands, his cock hardening as he watched Remus' mouth kiss down Sirius' chest, pausing to lick at the other boy's nipples. The sight of that pink tongue flicking the hard, dark brown nubs made James want to feel it himself. His hands slid under his shirt and he teased his own nipples, flicking them in a poor imitation of what Remus' tongue was doing. The werewolf shifted, mouth moving lower - over ribs, over the flat stomach, tongue dipping into Sirius' belly button and making the dark haired boy growl.

The curtain was getting in the way and James shifted so he could see where that mouth went next. He wasn't disappointed, shoving his fist in his mouth to stop a groan escaping when he saw Remus' mouth close around his friends' cock. His other hand slid down to grasp his own stiff dick, tugging furiously as he watched Remus suck Sirius, trying to imagine what it would be like to have that sweet looking mouth around his own prick. Sirius let out a long moan and arched up within minutes, Remus (James assumed) swallowing the thick offering then giving the softening cock one last lick before he threw himself down next to Sirius who was lying still as he caught his breath.

James saw Remus' hand move to his own erection and pump furiously while looking at Sirius' face. The love and hunger in his eyes made James ache. He loved Lily and he enjoyed their sex life but there was such fire, such passion between the two boys that he found himself longing to be part of it. In the other bed, Sirius had finally realised Remus was still unsatisfied and rolled over onto him, pushing the werewolf's hand away, taking over the motion with his own.

'You have such a gorgeous cock,' he heard him whisper before he bent over and took said cock into his mouth.

Deep into his mouth.

Remus wasn't small in any sense of the word but his entire dick disappeared every time he thrust up, fucking Sirius' face. It took a lot less time for Remus to get off, tearing the sheets off the mattress and biting his lip hard as he came, James hoping the boys were both too distracted to hear his little moan as he exploded along with the brown haired boy.

'James?' Remus asked, frowning a little at the other man's far away expression.

'Yeah?' he asked, blinking behind the lenses of his glasses.

'Are you alright with being with the two of us?' Sirius asked, glancing over at Remus who smiled.

'Yeah,' he nodded, nervous anticipation making his heart pound. 'Yeah, I am.'

'And you'll be giving and receiving,' Sirius added, seeing Remus frown and open his mouth to speak. 'No, Rem. He wants to know what it's like to be with a man and he's going to find out.'

He turned back to James. 'Are you going to be comfortable with me going down on you?' he asked bluntly, seeing James shocked expression. 'Are you going to be able to suck my dick if I ask you to? Are you going to be alright with fucking me or Remus and with one of us fucking you? That's what's going to happen, Prongs. If you come to bed with us, you'll be an active participant. You need to know that we aren't going to let you sit back and jerk off as you watch us like you did at school...'

'Sirius!' Remus said sharply, making the black haired man aware that he'd gone too far.

James' face paled as he realised that they knew he'd watched them together. 'You…knew?' he asked breathlessly. 'God, you knew I watched…?'

They didn't have to answer - the expression on their faces said it all. Embarrassment and humiliation drove him to his feet.

'I'm sorry, I…'

Words failing him, he just shook his head, ignoring Remus' call after him as he ran out the door.

Remus turned to glare at Sirius, who held up his hands defensively.


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