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Chapter Five - Climax

Remus returned with the bottle of scotch. 'I think we're past worrying about cooties,' he said when Sirius asked where the glasses were.

The dark haired man laughed, taking the bottle and swigging before passing it to James, who took a long drink. 'James wants to continue,' Sirius told Remus who turned deep blue eyes to the other man, studying him closely.

'Well, we might need half an hour to recover,' he said finally, smiling at him.

'Speak for yourself. Watching you two was hot - no wonder you spied on us at school, Prongs,' Sirius said, smirking at his blushing friend.

Remus chuckled. 'Love, even you have physical limits,' he retorted, gazing at his boyfriend affectionately.

Sirius grinned and leaned over to kiss Remus' shoulder, his hand running up the hair sprinkled thigh. 'Why, my dear werewolf, do you constantly underestimate me?'

He pressed his lips to Remus' neck, biting gently, then moved his mouth to his chin. James watched him plant light kisses along the curve of Remus' jaw, the brown haired man closing his eyes as a little sigh escaped his lips. Sirius shifted, pushing at Remus' chest until he fell back onto the mattress. He caught his lips and they kissed slowly, deeply, hands stroking gently over each other. James' breath caught in his chest.

That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

For the first time tonight, he felt like an intruder; the way they touched, the way they kissed; it was obvious how very much they loved each other. It was an erotic experience - watching such passion and adoration, and he felt his cock twitch. Sirius' mouth was moving in a slow path down Remus' throat and the, for now, submissive man was arching up, moaning when he nipped the thin skin. Sirius looked up and smiled at James.

'Feel free to join in,' he murmured then bent his head to take a brown nipple into his mouth.

James barely hesitated a moment before he moved - every trace of reluctance or self consciousness now shed as he lowered his head and closed his lips around Remus' other nipple. Together, he and Sirius turned the usually reserved man beneath them into a groaning, cursing, writhing creature of passion. James' hand closed around Remus' cock, smiling when he let out a long, loud moan.

Sirius leaned over the side of the bed and fumbled around until his hand closed over a wand. Turning back, he saw James kissing Remus hotly, his hand fisting the other man's cock. He chuckled at his friend's complete loss of inhibitions then pushed him aside. He pointed the wand at Remus' ass and cast a spell for lubrication before he dropped the wooden stick on the bed and ran a hand up his thigh. Remus spread his legs apart, eager for the touch he knew was coming.

Sirius bent his head, nuzzling Remus' balls then taking one into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he slid a finger inside the man's tight passage. Remus gasped against James' mouth and the dark haired man looked down, groaning when he saw what Sirius was doing. He sat up against the pillows, watching as his friend prepared his lover.

'Fuck, Siri,' Remus whispered when he pushed a second finger inside him and he cried out when the long fingers hit his prostate over and over.

'Keep doing that and it'll be finished,' Remus moaned and Sirius grinned and shifted.

'How are you going to fuck Prongs if you get off now?' he said, positioning himself at the entrance to the werewolf's body. 'You are not allowed to come, Moony. Not if you want that virgin ass.' As Remus opened his mouth to answer, Sirius thrust hard into his ass, and all that came out was a strangled garble.

James couldn't breath as he watched Sirius pump lazily into Remus. He looked like he was in heaven and all he could think was how very much he wanted to feel that passage around him, that cock in him. His hand had moved of its own accord, stroking his dick in time with Sirius' thrusts. Sirius saw him, slowing down as he watched him then he stopped completely.

'Get that wand,' he ordered hoarsely, pulling out of Remus, who let out a loud 'Hey!'

'Sorry, babe,' Sirius said, kissing him quickly. 'But if we want to do this properly, we need to stop. Your ass is just too divine for me to hang on and I want to be fucked tonight as well.'

James looked surprised as he handed Sirius the wand. 'I thought Remus…' he began then flushed.

Sirius grinned. 'Oh, don't worry,' he said, pointing the wand at James' ass, seeing the man grimace as the spell worked. 'Rem is going to pop your cheery, Prongs, but I have no intention of being left out. You, my friend, are going to fuck me until I can't walk.'

A shiver ran through James at the thought of shoving his dick into Sirius and the other man smiled at the look of undisguised lust on his face. 'I see you've come around to the idea of fucking me,' he teased. 'I knew you couldn't hold out forever.'

James growled, leaning forward and kissing him hard, knocking them both back onto the bed.

Sirius didn't feel the wand being taken out of his hand but realised Remus had removed it when his backside was suddenly slick with lube. He opened his eyes to see his boyfriend kneeling behind them, smirking and spinning the thin wooden stick between his fingers.

'Hurry up, Pads,' he demanded, a slightly feral look on his face. 'Or I'm starting without you.'

Sirius chuckled then pulled James' head back to his. 'Use your fingers first,' he mumbled against James' lips as the other man pressed his dick against his ass straight away.

James hesitated a second then shoved his hand between Sirius' legs, finding the entrance and sliding his finger inside him.

'Fuck, you're tight,' he muttered and Sirius grunted, lifting his hips as James thrust his finger.

'Hook it,' he ordered and James did, feeling his finger brush spongy tissue.

'Christ!' Sirius yelped and James pulled the digit out in alarm.

'No,' Sirius said breathlessly, grabbing his wrist. 'That is exactly where you want to be. Now try and aim for that with your dick.'

He let James' hand go and grabbed his cock, guiding it to his opening. 'Don't worry about hurting me,' he whispered as James gave a tentative push. 'I want you to fuck me, James.'

The other man got lost in the wave of desperate need that swept through him at those words and he thrust hard, piercing Sirius' body roughly.

'Oh, shit, yes!' Sirius moaned, lifting his hips.

James withdrew and plunged again, breathless from the feel of the other man's body. He was tight - so fucking tight it was almost too much to take - and hot. Burning hot and so fucking good that he just wanted to let go. He slammed into the body under him, groaning in pure unadulterated pleasure as, for the first time ever, he let go of all reservation and sense of control and just blindly 'fucked', knowing that, just this once, it was alright to be selfish and rough and uninhibited.

Sirius swore as James' aim was true, his cock hitting his prostate punishingly with each thrust, and clutched at his ass, pulling the cheeks apart to expose the inexperienced man's entrance for Remus.

A hand traced down the crack of his buttocks and James started when a finger circled his pucker, sliding inside him easily thanks to the lubricating spell. He groaned as Remus added another, finger fucking his ass in the same rhythm that his cock was pounding into Sirius. A fingertip hit something...something that...holy shit...made him see stars and grind his ass back against the probing, stretching digits. Pleasure soared through him and he knew that all these new sensations were sending him into overload, that he wouldn't last much longer and he wanted Remus inside him when he came.

'Moony,' he moaned, his voice harsh and almost unrecognisable. 'Quit screwing around and fuck me now.'

Remus made a growling noise in his throat and withdrew his fingers. 'Don't forget you asked for it,' he muttered, gripping the mans' hips bruisingly as he forced the head of his cock past the tight ring of muscle.

'Shit!' James cried out as pain seared through him. Sirius was right: it had hurt like a son of a bitch.

'Just relax,' Remus mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut tight as he tried his very best to hang on to some semblance of self control. The other man's body tightened and throbbed around him and he moaned desperately. 'Jesus, James, you are so fucking tight already--you have to relax or this is going to really hurt.'

James bit his lip, staring unseeingly down at Sirius. 'Fuck me,' Sirius whispered, grasping his friend's face and seeing his eyes focus. 'Move. It'll distract you and you can control how much of his dick you take.'

James nodded shakily and leaned down to kiss Sirius, thrusting into him again and feeling Remus' cock sliding inside him. As he withdrew, Remus moved deeper into him and this time, it didn't hurt like before, just a slight burn which, strangely, added to his arousal rather than distracting him. He moved again, pushing back harder, repeating the motion until he was fucking a groaning Sirius as well as impaling himself on Remus, who was tense and breathing heavily as he tried to allow James to lead.

It wasn't enough.

'R…Remus,' he begged and the werewolf knew exactly what he needed, flexing his hips as James slammed into Sirius, filling the man entirely and making him cry out, 'Yes!' as the long, thick dick hit that same bundle of nerves his fingers had been teasing.

'God damn!' James yelped as they moved in tandem, Remus fucking Sirius through James.

Five or six thrusts and it was all too much - tight heat all around his dick, his ass full of hot cock and Remus hitting whatever the hell that was that was making his eyes roll back in his head. He exploded, flashes of white bursting behind his tightly closed eyes as he came inside his best friends' ass with a strangled scream.

His orgasm sent a spasm through his body that caused his muscles to clamp down around Remus and the brown haired man cursed loudly and repeatedly as he couldn't stop his own climax, pounding into the no longer innocent ass a few more times as he rode out the powerful release.

Sirius watched his friend and partner as they finished, his own hand stroking his shaft furiously, until he cried out, arching up as he came in several long bursts.


Remus fell heavily onto James who, in turn, collapsed on Sirius, who swore violently when the combined weight of the men landed on him.

'Sorry, love,' Remus groaned, rolling off him and falling onto the mattress. 'Jesus.'

James felt himself slide out of Sirius' body and moved to the other side of the man, lying face down on the bed as he trembled uncontrollably. There were long moments where the only sound was the men's ragged breathing then...

'Prongs?' he heard Remus ask softly and he turned his head to see his friends looking at him in concern.

He grinned at them and said hoarsely, 'That was fucking AWESOME!'

Two weeks later

'Oops, sorry. Did I interrupt you shagging?'

'Wouldn't be the first time. You may as well come in now -- Remus has this thing about not screwing while we have a guest…'

'It's called common courtesy, Padfoot. You don't shag while you have a visitor unless you invite said visitor to join in. Hi, Prongs.'

'Hmm, do you want to join in, James?'

James smiled at the semi naked, dishevelled couple. 'Thanks for the offer, but once was enough. My ass will never be the same.'

'You were the one screaming 'fuck me',' Remus muttered, hitting the man lightly on the arm as they walked through to the living area. 'So why are you interrupting what was promising to be a fine blow job?'

James waited until both men were seated then announced, 'I asked Lily to marry me.'

He beamed at them, then frowned - surprised when they didn't immediately congratulate him, before grinning again.

'And she said yes.'

There it was. They grinned and jumped up, hugging him and offering their best wishes. Sirius went to find some kind of celebratory drink while James and Remus sat down.

'So, I'm guessing that you've sorted out any…confusion you might have been feeling,' Remus said, still smiling.

James chuckled and nodded as Sirius came back with a bottle of white wine. 'Yeah,' he murmured. 'I'm straight. Well, as straight as a guy who slept with his male best friends can be…'

Sirius snorted in amusement, trying to uncork the bottle. Remus took it off him and as he opened it, he asked, 'So it was just curiosity?'

'I guess,' James said with a shrug. 'I know that I feel more settled and confident than I have in a long time. No more urges to sleep with men.'

He watched Remus pour the wine into glasses and continued. 'It was only ever you two in my fantasy,' he told them. 'I think I was a little jealous of what you have together and wanted to be part of it for a while. I really enjoyed what we did…'

Again, Sirius let out a barking laugh and James chuckled before he added, 'But I have no desire to repeat it. Curiosity sated.'

'So, a good result,' Remus asked, handing James and Sirius a glass of sparkling liquid. 'You fulfilled your fantasy and now you get to spend the rest of your life with the woman you love.'

James grinned. 'Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.'

'Alright, speech!' Sirius cried, standing up and holding his glass high. 'To Prongs and Lily -- I always wondered what she saw in you and now I know. You're a fucking good shag! Cheers!'

James laughed and Remus shook his head in despair at his partner's bluntness. 'Congratulations, James,' Remus added and all three lifted their glass to their mouths.

James sat back, watching as Sirius threw himself down on Remus' lap, nuzzling his neck and making the werewolf laugh. He didn't feel any of the envy or loneliness that he used to feel when he watched them together and he smiled. The four of them - he, Sirius, Remus and Pete - had always been so close but the relationship between his friends had thrown him. He just wanted to share in what they had...to know he was welcome and still a part of them. Now he knew he would always share that night with them and he was content. Once again, he knew who he was and was sure of what he wanted to be.

Lily Evan's husband.

'Hey, I don't think I ever thanked you guys for what you did for me,' he said suddenly, making them both look over at him.

Sirius grinned and shrugged. 'That's what friends are for, isn't it?'


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