Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Fuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin! (Sealing arts: Dead Demon Reaper Seal!)"

The Kyuubi no Kitsune, with all of its power, wailed in and howled in pain, its primal instinct is telling it of its downfall, the hand of the Death God reached for its soul, grabbing it in a very harsh manner and began tugging the ethereal life force of the beast. It stared in hate at the one who had made a deal with the Death God, it looked at the man's spiky wild blonde hair, his battered tanned face and his spiky blue eyes and that awfully determined look, the beast's fiery red eyes then gazed at the young innocent that the man carried as its soul was pulled into it, but before it could do anything, it lashed out one of its tails at the child, causing three wounds that appeared on the blonde's cheeks, the monster inwardly smirked as the last of its soul was finally sucked from its body...

Hatake Kakashi sprinted towards the area where the Yondaime stood, faced and had done the impossible, he, a non-Uchiha, a non-Senju, had defeated the Kyuubi no Kitsune but it came with a terrible price...

As he jumped on the head of the Toad Boss, he kept his emotions under control even though it was difficult as the last person in his circle of friends was now succumbing to the inescapable hands of death,

'No... There should be none of that in the battlefield.' Thought Kakashi finally, on the top of the Toad Boss'head.

The scare crow Jounin knelt down, as the man that stood on the top of the Boss of Toads, was now sitting down and slowly laid down holding his own son protectively, wearing a melancholic smile on his face

"Sensei..." Said Kakashi and the man turned his gaze at his silver haired student

"Kakashi, just look at little Naruto... Isn't he so strong to have lived the attack of the Kyuubi? He even has the scars to prove it." Asked the blonde leader as he never felt prouder of his own son, who was silently sleeping

But then, with that pride, he began to shed his tears, the strongest of the village was weeping for his child as he held it close to his face, he was about to leave the world, he was about to leave his son, his wife, his village

"I'm sorry, son, I'm so sorry, if the Kyuubi didn't attack, none of it would have happened, you'd still have your dear old dad..." Said the man

"Minato-sensei..." Was all Kakashi could say

"Don't hate me for this Naruto, I wanted to do what was best, and I wanted you to survive even without me." Said Minato as the baby began to cry as well

"Shh... Naruto, don't cry, I'll always be there, don't worry, Otou-san will watch over you." Said Minato as he began to fade

"Kakashi... You are my witness, and by my last decree as Hokage, I want the village to treat my son, a hero, he is the jailor of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the sole survivor of its attack on this day, he will inherit everything I have when he is in the right age, his name shall be Uzumaki Naruto until he is of same age as well. I want him, to grow up... In thewarmth of the village's love, I want him to exeprience love Kakashi, if not the love of his father, then at least the love of his mother and the village. That he put under the protection of the ANBU as he will likely be targeted by my enemies both in and out of the village."Said Minato smiling at the child and the baby, on instinct, gave out a toothless smile and a moved his little hands with mittens, Minato began to shed another tear.

Kakashi only nodded, he didn't want to break the news to the dying Hokage also, his wife had just died of childbirth and there was no one to look at the little child anymore, Sarutobi had forbidden him to do so, it would have broken the man's resolve.

"Hai, sensei, I'll do it, I'll tell the Sandaime that your last decree shall be fulfilled."Kakashi winced as another pang of guilt had struck him when he lied to his dying teacher, Kakashi was a realist, he had heard news of how Jinchuuriki were treated in their own villages, how can Konoha be different? Minato-sensei was a bit of an optimist, he wanted to see the good in people and he wanted the villagers to see the good in his son, without his name, Namikaze.

But sadly, as the genius he is, Kakashi had already foreseen the blonde's fate, he was to become the village pariah...

Minato began to pant heavily as he lied down on the frog's head, still holding his son, he could feel his heart, beating abnormally, but he wasn't afraid anymore, he had accepted his fate, and he slowly closed his eyes as the baby in his arms began crying again Minato began to speak although he began to speak weakly

"There, there... Naruto... Otou-san will be with you... Forever... Don't cry... Big boys... Don't have to cry..." Minato smiled

"Kakashi... Tell sensei when he arrives here... That the scroll at my side is for him... it is intended for Naruto to inherit... Once he is ready... And both of you... Be his mentor... Okay?" Minato smiled and closed his eyes in front of Kakashi as the Jounin squeezed his knuckles and bowed silently...

The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, has honorably passed away and he left behind, his greatest and most proud legacy, his own son.


The Sandaime upon hearing the actions of the Fourth Hokage, bowed and solelmly took his place once again as the village Hokage, when he saw the active Hokage mounted the giant frog, he couldn't help but feel that it was his responsibility not Minato's as Minato had already a baby and his wife was resting, against his own occupation, it was Sarutobi who was supposed to die rather than Minato, he had a sarting family while the Sandaime had already children of his own and they were already working and able. He was a lso a former Hokage who knew the technique of sealing away the fox when Minato taught it to him, he had already knew the gist of the technique. He could feel his guilt slowly crawling up to him, the fact that he willingly allowed himself to not do anything and send his successor to his death, when he had the chance to redeem his past mistakes, Sarutobi would forever engrave this memory as another regret on his deathbed one day.

He looked outside the village seeing the gigantic toad appear from the walls of the village, with the townspeople celebrating when they all felt the malevolent presence of the Kyuubi no Kitsune vanish suddenly, Sarutobi did not feel like celebrating as the student of the former Hokage went down from Gamabunta's head to the office of the Hokage carrying a baby in his arms and then got back on the toad boss' head to get the body of the fourth.

As he saw the fourth's unmoving face, he was stricken with grief and guilt; never had he felt such grievance when he viewed Minato and then Naruto.

"Hokage-sama, Minato-sensei left a last decree as Hokage, please listen to what I have to say." Said Kakashi and me motioned the boy down to the older man's table as they discussed Naruto's inheritance and Minato's Legacy

During their talks, both Sarutobi and Kakashi were wary, Minato may have been loved by MOST of the villagers, but it didn't mean that he was revered and respected by all. On the contrary, many of the council had opposed his decisions, ranging from tax finances to territorial expansion, Minato had done what the council would have totally frown upon, primarily, the Sandaime's rival of his seat, Danzou, the man was bitter and downright mean. He was a war hawk, one who wants to gain power through force, an idea that the Sandaime and Minato had opposed every time. How Sarutobi loathed that man, Danzou was an advocate of the principle of utility, to use a tool to the best as it can possibly can and then disposing it once it had served its purpose or got broken.

In his musings, he had almost failed to hear his secretary and attendant call out to him

"Hokage-sama, the council wants a meeting with you right away"

The Sandaime only nodded as a strange wave of nostalgia had hit him

"I hate this job..." Said the Sandaime

When both men left the room, the Hokage had ordered several ANBU to guard the office, the ninja obliged and stepped at the side of the door guarding the room.

Inside the room, one man had appeared in a small gust of wind, he was thin, wearing a green obi, a green sleeveless Kimono, a green belt, green pants, and to top it all off, a green bandana, the man was holding a rather tall staff that were of the same appearance as that of Buddhist monks complete with the golden chime that sounded whenever the bottom had hit the ground. The man's appearance was thin; he had a pair of beady eyes, and wild brown hair, seemingly being controlled by the bandana. The man looked curiously at the blonde baby with a glint of mischief in his eyes

"I can see why that mortal choose you as the Kyuubi's container." Said the man, circling around the table as if examining the quiet and sleeping child on the office table

"But I just can't see why Amaterasu would choose you as the harbinger of change." Said the man placing a finger at his temple who began thinking

"Inari screwed up royally when he gave the Uchiha the power to control his most loyal servant. I don't even know WHY he chose to." Said the man

"With that, Amaterasu sent me to give you a bit of my power since you will be her instrument to save this world, she sent me to guide you, though honestly you are a bit too young and my last avatar received my power when he was already eleven."Said the man his hands glowed a luminous blue as he placed both of them on the blonde's chest

Instantly, the boy could feel the change in his body, as if something had disrupted it from its slumber, it began to cry as Kanji letters had appeared on his body, a kanji for north on his forehead, a kanji on his right shoulder for east, to his left shoulder was the kanji of West, and his lower chest at the middle had the Kanji for south.

When the chakra surge was felt, immediately, all of the ANBU members present near the office were placed on alert as they barged in to the office.

"Bastard, who the hell are you to try something to a child?" Asked one of the ANBU, the man turned around and laughed a little

"Nothing, I'm just giving little Naruto here, a power that he'll need once he starts being a ninja." Said the man as one of the ANBU blindly charged at him with sword drawn about to strike him down, the man simply blocked and parried the blow of the sword when he pushed the person away with just a flick of his staff

"How do you know his name?" Asked one of the members and the man just grinned, as his left foot stepped on to the edge of the window

"Because... I just do." He said with a grin on his face, he grabbed his bandana and a gust of wind blew him flying upwards

"Tell him one day, that Fuujin has taken a liking to Uzumaki Naruto, and that he will be Fuujin's avatar when the time comes!" Said the man, naming himself Fuujin and with another gust of wind, he vanished without a trace.

After the meeting with the Council:

Sarutobi had to contain his anger, the nerve of those people! He had entered the room of court where clan heads and council members were discussing the events that had occurred that night, they were murmurs going on about Naruto, where some ordered the child's execution, the others, choosing it to be honed as a weapon, he had heard this particular suggestion from Danzou whom the wise Hokage frowned upon. There were a minority of the members who wished to leave Naruto alone, he had suffered enough was what some of the members said, particularly the clan heads except the Uchiha since they were not part of the village council. But what was the most highlighted moment of the night in the meeting was the fact that the council members were playing the pointing finger game when they were discussing who on earth had unleashed the wrath of the Kyuubi no Kitsune


"It is not entirely natural that the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. The last time that the Kyuubi appeared was when it was used in the battle of Shodaime and Uchiha Madara, resulting in the Uchiha's defeat, after that, the creature simply vanished! The Kyuubi was supposed to appear randomly anytime! Why did it have to appear in the lands of Hi no Kuni twice? The answer is simple, since the disappearance of the Mokuton Hijutsu and the Hokage Shiki, the Senju became vulnerable to the attack of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The only thing that could control the beast now was that if there was a member of the Uchiha clan who has obtained a high level of degree of the Sharingan, how is this not truly possible?" Asked Homura standing up and raising from his seat

"Keep in mind you bastard that the Uchiha participated in the stalling of the fox, many of them died there!" Said Inuzuka Tsume frowning when she got to her seat

"Yes, but who says that most of them weren't aware of that fact? Remember out of all the clans here, the Uchiha had the least number of casualties, bordering to only twenty! That would make them terribly suspicious!" Said the woman, standing up and making her presence known, it was Koharu

"It still isn't enough to accuse them of such! Remember, it had been sixty four years since the fight in the Valley of the End and that the times of the Uchiha-Senju conflict are in the past!" Said Nara Shikaku

"True but the reason why we never wanted to let the Uchiha to get involved with the politics is so that they are placed in their own pedestal, away from the rights of governing the village, to let them know that the Senju rule all and that we are superior!" Said Danzou

"Your former beliefs about the superiority of the Senju are fading, already, most of the citizens of Konoha already have high regard of the Uchiha, you should know that times change! What the Shodaime and Nidaime did was only to prevent instability, they wanted the people to gain the trust of the villagers so that they can slowly assimilate with our lives, the Uchiha are not to be blamed in this conflict!" Said by 

one, surprisingly, it was Hyuuga Hiashi. The Sandaime nodded as he grabbed another piece of paper was picked up from his seat

"About the matter with one Uzumaki Naruto..." Said Sarutobi and another set of shouts had began

Flashback ends

Sarutobi was informed that Naruto was to be put to an orphanage, not in the guidance of his student Jiraiya and not in theguidance of the Yondaime's student, Hatake Kakashi, they had deemed the boy too dangerous and that he would be isolated from the ninja world as hopefully as they can, completely blowing off Minato's last wish for the blonde.

When he entered his office, the ANBU had reported what had happened and Sarutobi barged into the room, seeing the boy sleeping but what Sarutobi saw on the blonde's forehead was the character of North.

'Fuujin... Huh?' Thought Sarutobi seeing the mark on the boy's forehead faded into the calm and foreboding night...

Four years later:

One Uzumaki Naruto was running from the villagers, today was October Tenth, the day when the Kyuubi no Kitsune was defeated in the hands of the Yondaime Hokage, but to him, ever since he could remember, this was the day he had cursed most of all, the fact that the villagers would go in a night of folly and late into the night, the caretaker of the orphanage would kick him out of the establishment and the crowd would immediately initiate the beat-the-crap out-of-Naruto-till-he's-near-death-so-that-we-could-do-it-again-next-year part of the festival as a way to vent their anger, frustrations and grief to the blonde.

Naruto winced holding his shoulder who he felt it was limp, he couldn't exactly explain why he could feel the red energy whenever he felt pain, but when he let it go it felt perfectly fine again, as he flexed his arm, he could feel the tips of his fingers again opening and closing it again. He wondered in curiosity just how could anyone do it other than him? As he round up into a corner, he was met with a dead end with no way out, he glanced around, feeling dread and fear slowly overcoming his young and innocent mind, he began to let tears fall as he saw one of the mobs dragged him by his feet and unceremoniously dragged his body on the ground and then tossing him in the middle of the crowd

He then felt it, the mind shattering punch to the face followed by a sickening kick to the gut, another tossing member of the mob this time, tossed a torch at him effectively burning his left arm. The child howled in pain as the torture commenced. He felt all of it as he fell to the ground, but then, he couldn't cry, he couldn't move, he couldn't shout. As he was about to be hit with a rake on his head, an arm had caught the farming tool by its handle, it was an ANBU member who had a dog mask on.

"What...Is the meaning of this?" Asked the ANBU member as he flipped the man that sent him stumbling on the ground, chest first

"Tradition..." Said the man without a sense of tact and slur in his words

"Drunk to the point of a blackout, huh?" Said the masked nin as he chopped the man's nape effectively knocking him out

"Anybody else who would like to take a shot?"Asked the man and the mob began to take a step back and eventually run.

"Thought so..." Said the ANBU member as he then crouched down at the unconscious boy and held him in his arms. He disappeared into the night and went towards the hospital

Konoha hospital:

Everyone suddenly began the rush hours of the night in the emergency room, they were receiving patient after patient that had either a drinking incident or some that had undergone a complete blackout.

But what rally made them on their toes that night was the arrival of the infamous blonde child that they had every year, along with several attendants of the Hokage, along of course, the Hokage himself, who was absolutely irrate as the same thing as last year, yelling off orders to the attendants that he wanted the ones responsible to be reported to the Konoha interogation department.

"Every.Single.One." Replied the Hokage as he clenched his teeth as the doctors and the nurses continued to place several tubes into the blonde, and a few ointments to relieve the blonde of his burns. What surprised Kakashi though, was the fact that Naruto was sent to the operating room to have a chest thoracostomy.

"That Damage Naruto suffered with his ribs, caused him to have emphysema." Said the wise Hokage

"Kakashi, where did I go wrong with my decisions?" Asked Sarutobi and Kakashi only replied

"It wasn't your fault Hokage-sama. If at all, it was the villagers' fault, almost every decree that Minato-sensei gave in his dying hour, was not respected by anyone other than the shinobi population."

"I can only pray that Karma would not strike this village once Naruto breaks down from this." Said the wise old Hokage

"Me too... Hokage-sama, me too..."

A few days later:

Naruto was still unconscious, as the blood and fragments emptied from Naruto's chest and into a bottle at the botom, the tube connected to his chest was still sucking it all out.

As he continued his slumber, inside Naruto's mind, there was something going on...

Naruto's mindscape:

The blonde child stood up from the murky waters of the tunnel as he sat up, he wondered in curiosity and walked against the flow of the current, his childish mind, aroused in wonder, he turned to the corner that he saw as the source of the current, and stood before the huge gate that had a paper with the word, 'Seal' written on it, the blonde chid tilted his head approaching the gate closer, within an arm's reach, he was about to touch the gate until a massive wave of pure red energy had forced its way out of the cage, sending little Naruto flying back and hitting the wall opposite of the cage, the blonde stood up as he saw that the red enerfy began to form, a huge claw and inside the cage, red monstrous slit eyes gazed at him, malice and destruction seeped in the air

'So my jailor has finally come to see me... I'm moved.' Said the voice chuckling letting of an evil chuckle, Naruto felt his knees began to shake at the sheer malice that the creature was releasing.

The monster laughed lightly the child's demonstration of fear, it made his soul contented whenever he saw the fear in a creature's eyes, it felt so... ALIVE!

'That is right youngling, fear me... Tremble before me! I am destruction, I savor your warryness, I am your nightmare, I am the powerful, Kyuubi no Kitsune!' Said the fox as it laughed at the trembling blonde

'K-kyuubi no... Kitsune?' The blonde questioned

'Yes child, I am that creature, the creature that sends people to endless nightmares, the plauge that killed thousands, the Natural disaster!' Boasted the demon

'B-But why are you...'

'Present here? Indeed, I would question that myself, had it not been for that blonde headed simian!' Exclaimed the Kyuubi

'Who are you talking about?' Asked Naruto

'Your sneaky bearer, the Yondaime!' Said the Kyuubi and Naruto frowned

'Yondaime... He sealed you into me?'

'Yes, he sealed you into me! That man used something that has even more power than mine! He used the Shinigami and sacrificed himself so that he could seal me into his pathetic offspring!'

'Who are you calling a pathetic offspring! You oversized plush doll!'

'How dare you insult me! If it not for this damnable seal. I would've eaten you whole!'

'Hah! You're ugly and your breath stinks!'Insinuated Naruto as he gave the best insult a four year old could ever hope to accomplish

'That's it brat! You are going down!'Said the fox as he let his red chakra hand reach out and grab hold of Naruto, that is until the seal reacted forcing a spark that made the demon take the claw back and writhed in pain

'Stupid Fucking seal!' Said the Nine tailed demon Kitsune with Naruto rolling on the wet floor, laughing

'You said Fuck!'Naruto said immarurely and the Kyuubi didn't react instead remained silent

In a way, the kitsune felt disgusted by the kid's immaturity but at the same time, felt something akin to guilt. Here he was being sealed in a child and its not the Kyuubi that is sealed inside the child that fear the people around him, it was the fear that they had for the child because they thought Naruto WAS the Kyuubi.The Kyuubi felt guilty alright, he was guilty because he let a child, of all creatures, be reverred as him! It was bad enough that he got sealed into a child, but to take his name inadvertedly by the said child, it was the biggest shame in his life,the nine tailed kitsune figured that if they feared the child so much, then he would make Naruto someone that they SHOULD fear he would hone the child's skill, become the most terrifying shinobi in existence, and he would start now, the child's mind was ripe for the taking.

'Tell me child, what is your desire?' Asked the fox giving the child a toothy grin that made the child shudder

'My... Desire?' Naruto had to admit, that was a... pretty deep word, he didn't know what he wanted yet! Just as he began shaking his head, he remembered the old man that was always sitting at the huge circular building in the middle of the village, he always had a kind attitude but he also saw how he commanded people that were standing around him, that and the fact that he was wearing that wicked cool hat. That had him wanting that position, now what was it, Ho... Ho... Hoka...

'That's it!' Said the blonde giving of a grin and scratching the back of his head

'I want to be Hokage!' Exclaimed the blonde that earned a grin from the fox himself

'Excellent...' Said the Kyuubi chuckling darkly, the child wanted to be the best of the best does he? He squinted his eyes a little by the statement.

The Kyuubi seemed, somewhat piqued with interest to the blonde's ambition. Very well,he wants power does he? Then he shall gladly give it

'You say that you want to be the village leader, then I shall gladly give it to you, I will make you strong, before you ask why, I shall tell you the purpose now. I am a malevolent being, even though I serve Inari, I do whatever I desire. It is my prerogative, I am doing this because I am powerful, and being at the top in this realm is my desire, I will not allow even my jailor to be weak, anything that affiliates with me should be none the lesser,I have high expectations and I expect nothing but the absolute best!' Said the Kyuubi he then laughed wildly in his cage

'Tomorrow, once you wake up, leave the hospital and leave no traces we will train in the wilderness, where your life would be in constant peril, but fear not, it will be there where you will learn how to fight and survive you will learn all there is to know about chakra but before that...'

Naruto had listened intently at the demon, as it laid out its plans, if that was what it took to get that cool hat, then, hell, why not?

Hokage's office:

Sarutbi squeezed the stressball firmly in his right hand as he smoked his pipe. Last night, like the year before, his pent up anger and frustrations had been released and the old man exploded in front of his ANBU, all members fell to their knees as the old man unleashed a killing intent that would've made them shiver and eventually fall. But they stood fast and obeyed the his orders when he ordered every single one of the participants of last night's mob be held accounted for and be taken to Morino Ibiki. The ANBU winced when they heard the man's name, it looked like it would be another fun week for the sadistic ninja as he delt with all that had befallen harm on Naruto.

It was obvious that the Hokage was not being merciful yesterday, and today, he would rather spend his time at home than in the office. He got up from his seat and then left his stress ball to his desk, he glanced around if there was anything missing and after finally being reassured, heads out the door and closes the office.

When Sarutobi had left the office, tere was an inkling feeling of dread that washed over him, there was something that felt wrong today, he didn't mind it in the end as he dismissed it as nothing more than stress.

But what Sarutobi didn't know was the fact that a small blonde haired, whisker marked boy was heading to his office right now and was about to walk away with something precious the Sandaime considers, his crystal ball...

Naruto had been informed by the Kyuubi that if he wishes to gain strength, then he would have to break the ties that hold him back, his own village, if he were to train, he would train in a selcuded area only coming back to the village from time to time to avoid suspicion. The blonde, only did as he was told because he knew that Kyuubi was the one that would give him strength and chooses to believe the kitsune since it had been the only thing that he could talk to.

Sneaking up the stairs, the blonde noted that there was no one in the premises, he slowly reached for the door of the Hokage's office finding it locked. Frustrated, the blonde looked for another entrance until he had found one, the air vents. He crawled inside and navigated through the tightly compressed hallways towards the Hokage's office. Seeing the familiar looking office of the Hokage that he was often led to, he gave a huge grin and smiled. That crystal ball will vanish!

Sarutobi felt a sudden gush of fear enter his fine, he could feel that the foreboding feeling he had back at the office coming back to him. Giving off a muffled curse he stood up and made a beeline towards his office.

Training area Forty Four:

Naruto tried to read the sign on the board that said

"Fo-Forest o-of Health" Said Naruo squinting his eyes and reading out loud

'Forest of death fool' Said the Kitsune in his head, he supposed he was going to teach Naruto their type of writing style...

The kitsune sighed, ot would be a long way to teach his container to how to fight, but at least the boy showed promise...


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