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Chapter 6


The sunlight shone through closed creamy colored curtains as a muffled groan came from under the thick lavender and green checkered blanket. "Damn sun… always does this to me…" the blanket was thrown off to reveal a slender pink haired girl. Sakura had her hair in a low wavy ponytail with a dark pink tank top on along with green and white striped panties with the words MOMO printed on the back in dark pink.

She had on long socks with black stripes on them to complete her pajamas outfit. Her jade eyes narrowed at the sight of burning sunlight lighting into her eyes. "Ugh… Mr. Sunny Side Up…" she murmured to no one in particular as she slid off the bed reluctantly. Her radio rang just in time to play the song 'Stay My Baby' by Miranda Cosgrove.

"Damn it… I can't believe I like this 15 year old's song…" she said to herself once more. Well I guess I could kind of relate to the song… at least I could 2 years ago… now I don't have any baby to stay with… oh well, the joys of being single… and this definitely isn't one of them. Love songs plus broken heart equals tears. Why did I learn English? Hm… strange. Oh yeah, some international fashion crap…

She stood up and stretched her arms up before walking over to the bathroom leisurely. Saturday… my wonderful day off… ah… Yesterday at Sasuke's had been rather awkward since the 'Deidara' guy showed up and she volunteered to leave before she was caught in the unwanted drama.

She turned the faucet on as she filled a cup with water before squirting some toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She placed the brush inside her mouth and brushed her teeth gently. She multitasked as one hand held the toothbrush while the other popped open the cap to the face cleansing bottle on the sink.

She finished up her morning routine before taking down her ponytail. She brushed her straight hair before tying it into a high ponytail once again. She clipped part of her side bangs back behind her ear with a blue bobby pin and letting the rest of her bangs drape the side of her face. She sighed and moved to take off her top so she could put on her baby blue bra before putting on the tank top again.

She was about to open the bathroom door when a maid's voice was heard outside.

"N-No! Sir you can't go in right! Sakura-sama is--!! Eep!"

Sakura looked on in alert when the sound of the door to her bedroom slammed open and closed once more. She gulped, leaning against the bathroom door, locking it in place, scared it was some rapist or someone. She looked around anxiously in the bathroom for some weapon and saw—"Aha! Air freshener, don't fail me now!"

She grabbed the bottle of 'Lavenders and Vanilla' scented air freshener, holding it in front of her, ready to attack whoever would come in. She was positive he wouldn't be able to break in. "Open the door, Sakura! I know you're there!" due to her sleepiness, she had no idea who was talking. So thus she decided to do what she had planned.

She opened the door hurriedly and—"TAKE THIS YOU RAPIST! SHANNARO!" she sprayed her attacker with the air freshener.


Sas…-- OH SHIT!

"OH MY KAMI, UCHIHA!" Sakura screamed she immediately threw the air freshener bottle back, letting it free fall onto the floor carelessly. It made a loud bang sound as it hit the floor and she flinched slightly from the slight vibration but brushed it off. She hastily turned on the sink and dragged Sasuke over to the sink.

She pulled away at the hands he held on his eyes, and washed his eyes with clean water carefully. "Oh my Kami-sama… gomenasai, Uchiha, I really didn't mean to do that! I just REALLY, REALLY thought you were some rapist or whatever! Gomen!! Gomen!!!" she cried out frantically when she made sure his eyes weren't as red anymore.

She met Sasuke's now clear onyx eyes who stared back at her in slight annoyance and stress. "Hn… whatever. Interesting choice of morning wear, by the way…" he sure knew how to make a chick hate him within 5 seconds.

Sakura twitched, recognizing what he meant. She was only dressed in socks, bra, tank top, and panties. "Well if you knocked first, maybe I would've changed into something appropriate!" Sakura glared at him as she stretched her limps and walked out of the bathroom to the walk-in closet next to it.

She searched around for a pair of shorts, knowing that Sasuke was following her with his eyes. She found a pair of red shorts and jumped into it quickly before turning around to face him once again. "So, if you're done undressing me with your eyes, what did you come here for?" she asked as she moved past him, walking out of the closet swiftly.

The lights in the closet turned off when no more presence of humanity was in there.

Sasuke smirked at her, leaning against the wall lazily. She took notice of his clothes, a black t-shirt with just splats of color on it in red, brown, and dark forest green. He had on dark distressed jeans and white Vans. She rolled her eyes at his typical look as she walked over to her desk to grab her water bottle.

"Well I felt guilty for having you leave so early last night, so I thought I'd repay you with some breakfast," he said politely and 'gentlemanly.' Sakura rolled her eyes, as if telling him 'I don't buy your fancy crap.' He chuckled before looking at her, "I also suggest you get dressed soon unless you want me to ravish you so your mother could see us."

Sakura flushed and walked briskly to the closet once again, murmuring to him on the way, "Che… as if I'd let you lay one finger on me…"

He smirked at her, "I've laid more than just one finger on you, Sakura dearest," he smirked wider at the way her cheeks seemed to flush a deeper red. Hn…embarrassed is she?

The door to the closet slammed close, not allowing him the pleasure of a retort.

She came back out, him waiting patiently, about 6 minutes later, fully dressed. She was in a simple white t-shirt with colorful graphics on it, black skinny jeans, a black sweater, and a brown, beige, and red plaid triangular scarf wrapped around her neck and trailed down her front with tassels, and black high top Vans. She grabbed a black handbag from her closet and held it in her arm as she looked at Sasuke arrogantly, "Well? I can't stand here all day!" he rolled his eyes at her and dragged her off, clutching her hand loosely.

Two minutes into his car and the sight of him haughtily showing off his sleek silver Mercedes convertible made her want to punch him the face already. Hard. Sakura looked at the outrageous man sitting in the driver's seat beside her. She watched him check the mirror and a vein popped on her forehead when she saw him fix his hair casually.

The car started and before he barely even drove out of the driveway of the Haruno Mansion, a complaint had escaped from her rosy lips already. "Uchiha, you make my blood boil in so many violent ways, I'm scared that I'll abuse your mind if I even told you two ways how," she mumbled in distress as she turned her head stubbornly to look at the mirror.

A snort escaped from his handsomely thin lips and she found herself turning to glare at him. He smirked at her charmingly before turning his gaze back to the road, where he was about to approach the Haruno Mansion gate. The gate opened before them and he continued driving out of her mansion before replying.

"You flatter me, Haruno. Honestly, I have mind-abusing ways to pleasure you as well. Such as, hot, wild, steamy—," he didn't continue as he was already satisfied with the bright tomato red hue that had settled upon her cheeks upon his second sentence already. She turned away from him, not even bothering to reply.

"…You suck." she muttered finally. A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest as he smirked. He looked at her from the corner of his eye and found himself to be even more amused by her expression. Her eyebrows were furrowed, her lips were pouted in indignation, and her eyes were glowing something fierce. Her cheeks were flushed red, though from embarrassment or anger, he didn't really know, but he assumed it was a bit of both. He inwardly chuckled to himself. This pink haired vixen coaxed the most interesting reactions from him.

"After that long period of time that you took thinking for a comeback, I was expecting something more…intelligent," he replied to her clear statement of pure hatred towards him. He assumed that pure hatred of hers was quickly rising to something above hatred. What was above hatred, really? Well, that just explained the feelings that she held for him. Too bad they weren't reciprocated, for the dark haired Uchiha was starting to develop a quick adoration for this woman, against his mother's wishes and all.

"Well I'm sorry that your poor mannered mouth always manages to turn me speechless. Not speechless in a good way, either!" she retorted finally before turning her head to the window, promptly announcing her plan of ignoring him for the rest of the car ride. Sasuke merely looked back at the road, that devious smirk still visible upon his beloved face.

"Of course, Chibi. That surely explains the way you react whenever we senselessly kiss each other," he replied, unaffected by her silent treatment. His mind did a flashback of the times they heatedly made out with each other, and his eyes unknowingly grew dark as he remembered the expressions and sounds she made whenever their lips touched each others fiercely.

Sakura's eyes widened before shock surged through her body. She was stuck in turmoil as she realized that he told of the truth. Her body and mind had betrayed her during those… encounters with him. "It's…it's instinct! And don't call me Chibi!" she managed to slip out before firmly closing her eyes and mentally blocking her ears from whatever was about to come from his mouth.

Sasuke smirked, knowing that she didn't catch her slip up. "Well then, your instincts must have told you that you quite enjoyed it as much as I did," he replied. He took the chance as he stopped at a red light to lean over and capture her lips with his skillfully. She widened her eyes and panicked, instantly reaching for the steering wheel. He chuckled before licking her lips wet and pulled back. She gave no answer this time as her whole face was now heated and she could practically feel her cheeks warm up to the brightest shade of red possible.

"I told you that you enjoy it."


Infuriating was this man, really.

Konan blinked as she looked at her partner in crime beside her. "…Feelings for each other?" she repeated in utter curiosity as her icy blue eyes looked at Ino's cerulean eyes. Ino giggled as she nodded, enjoying the tub of ice cream before her. Sakura had called in earlier, telling them that they had the day off and could do whatever they wanted in her mansion.

They were currently lounging in the seemingly empty loft reserved for guards, bodyguards, and the such. Ino had her legs propped onto a couch opposite Konan, a tub of chocolate ice cream in her lap and her hand holding a large spoon. Ino nodded at Konan, brushing her blunt bangs with her fingers as they slightly got in her eyes. "Yup! They've been spending so much time together, ever since the other day at the restaurant. It's either they actually like each other inwardly, or there's something deeper behind it. A hidden motive, maybe?" Ino chirped casually as she took another bite of the ice cream.

Konan looked at Ino, her eyes turning serious now. "A hidden motive? Then we must watch out for Uchiha Sasuke at all times, then? We must make sure he does not interfere with Sakura-sama's daily life, or even the company. I really don't think that Uchiha can develop any real feelings at all besides just toying with Sakura-sama, but that thought alone makes me want to skin him alive already." her eyes darkened.

Ino smiled at Konan, "Well, it's just a possibility. We don't have any reason to think negative thoughts of their casual relationship right now! But if we can, I think we should watch Sakura's back though. She does wear her heart on her sleeve…" Ino pondered on the pink haired woman's personality.

Konan nodded, curling her long legs onto the sofa leisurely as she looked on into space, thinking deeply about her mistress. Ino suddenly dropped her spoon into the tub of ice cream and set it onto the coffee table. She looked at Konan with serious cerulean eyes. "Konan…that man that you know… Deidara was it? Gaara's bodyguard… he doesn't look like a typical bodyguard. I have assumptions about him, but of course since you know him already…" Ino trailed off.

Konan looked at her before replying, "Deidara is…was…Uchiha Sasuke's older brother, Itachi's, bodyguard up until two years ago. Him, Itachi, and I knew each other from university. I separated from the two after we graduated, and got a job as Sakura-sama's bodyguard. News came in and I found out that Deidara became Itachi's bodyguard. I think that Sasuke and Deidara were fond of each other though, since Deidara often told me of him. But…three years into Deidara's position as Itachi's bodyguard, Itachi went missing suddenly one night and never returned home ever since.

"Sasuke puts the blame on Deidara, and Deidara has never returned to the Uchiha's household ever since then. I didn't know he had taken a turn and became the Sabaku kid's bodyguard, though. Then…Sasuke and he ran across each other, that night with Gato. They didn't spare each other a glance, but under the heat of the action, I know that guilt was burning inside Deidara…" Konan's eyes turned a dark shade, almost like she was having a flashback of some sort.

Ino nodded, remembering the night with Gato. "Well, I was fighting alongside him and I didn't really see much of an emotional bridge between Sasuke and him. It's almost as if… they don't know each other," she concluded as she looked at Konan thoughtfully.

Konan closed her eyes and let out a breath. "I'm thinking they wish that they don't." Ino widened her eyes at Konan.

Tenten sighed exasperatedly as she fell onto her office chair. "Baka Sakura! She gets to go enjoy her weekend while I have to stay in this Kami forbidden office and sort her files for her! Baka! Baka! Baka!" Tenten cried out as she slammed another stack of papers onto her desk. She pouted as she eyed the stack of paperwork tear eyed. "Why! Oh why, Paper-san!" she whined.

Tenten was not one to whine. But when she did, it was her moment to be known as "Queen of Whining." The stress she bottled up inside should be released one way or another. She heard footsteps though, and the sound of her office door opening. She blinked away her dramatic tears before looking at the intruder.

A blush settled onto her cheeks when she saw the handsome figure of a man. He had long dark brown hair tied in a loose ponytail, and his eyes were a silvery shade. He was dressed in a business like suit, and the bags under his eyes showed that he was a man of high stature who endured many nights of piled paperwork. Kinda like her. Minus the high stature thing.

"…Is Haruno-san here?" he asked her in a crushed velvety smooth voice. She snapped out of her daze and accidentally pouted before shaking her head no. Amusement flashed in the man's eyes, "May I know when she will be back?" he tried once again, trying to coax some sort of sound from Tenten.

Tenten sighed before looking at him with a dead tired face. "No, you may not know! Because she is out for the day, enjoying her precious day OFF doing who knows what with the Kami damned Uchiha! While I'm stuck in this dull office arranging paperwork for her! I have half a mind to run out of this place and go yank any random person's hair! So NO. YOU MAY NOT KNOW WHEN SHE'LL BE BACK!"

She watched him cautiously eye his hair at the mention of her yanking someone's hair. She suddenly screamed inwardly, just realizing she probably just yelled her lungs off at a very important person. She stood up from her seat and immediately bowed her head, trying to find her words. "A-Ano! G-Gomen! Ahaha… I mean, erm…I'm sorry but I don't know when Haruno-sama will be back. Err, if I could get your name, I will tell her that you came today?" she sweat dropped, rubbing the side of her head sheepishly.

The man just looked on at her in amusement before replying. "Tell her that Hyuuga Neji was looking for her. Have a nice day Miss…" he eyed the nameplate sitting on her desk, "Tenten." he finished before turning around to leave her office. Tenten blinked, not understanding why the sound of her name rolling off his tongue sounded so smooth.

"…Hyuuga…Neji? … HYUUGA?!"

Well, at least now she knew just how much important this man that she just threw a full tantrum on was.

Hinata hummed softly as she leaned back into the swing of the luxurious garden, engrossed in her book. Her long hair was in a long, loose braid, brought over to one shoulder, and her bangs were clipped atop her head in a poof. She had on a turtle neck sleeveless white cashmere dress that reached her knees and hugged her curves perfectly. She had around her shoulders a large black shawl and her feet were covered by a pair of black stilettos.

Her eyes skimmed through every word of the book, her level of interest increasing every minute, becoming more trapped in it then ever. Haruko-chan… I love you, but I can't leave this place. My heart was left with a decision to make… and I'm afraid that it's chosen my family. Hinata pulled off her glasses to wipe away her slowly wetting eyes before placing her red glasses back on. She sniffed, as she continued to read, trying not to cry.

I'm in love with you. I'm not scared to tell you that. Even if your heart chooses your family over me, please know that I will always love you. I-


She gasped, surprised as she dropped the book onto her lap soundlessly. She looked up, looking at the culprit. Her eyes softened, a blush finding its way upon her cheeks, as her eyes spotted the person. "Naruto-san…" she murmured as she closed the book on her lap and placed it on the spot beside her on the swing.

Naruto appeared, dressed in a brown polo paired with black jeans and (very) bright orange converse. On his head was a slightly tipped over black fedora hat, giving more taste to his poorly color coordinated outfit. He grinned at Hinata from the couple feet that separated them. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, Hinata-san. But Gaara called and told me to come over and see if you needed anything. My job's to take care of you till he comes back, hehe. So then, do you need anything in particular?" Naruto asked as he stood before her, in front of the swing.

Hinata blinked before smiling at him. "Well, I would love it if you could accompany me to breakfast. My father and cousin are at work, whilst my younger sister is at school. I hope you don't mind? Or, have you eaten breakfast already?" Hinata asked him quietly in her shy manner, the blush still present on her face.

Naruto didn't seem to notice though and merely grinned wider. "Haha no problem! Lucky I didn't eat breakfast yet, then! Let's go then, Hinata-san!" he extended a hand out to help her up from her swing. She looked at him and blinked before smiling warmly, picking up her book beside her and accepted the hand he offered her.

"Let's go then, Naruto-san," her eyes softened as he grinned at her, the two proceeded inside the mansion.

She was finding this man to be an increasing comfort to have.

"Che, you honestly don't expect me to eat with you at the park, in public, do you? Do you really want people to gossip about us?" Sakura narrowed her eyes as she looked at the man beside her expectantly. Sasuke smirked at her and rolled his eyes before grabbing her wrist and leading her away from the car.

Sakura hurried to keep up as to not trip from the hurried footsteps. She blinked in surprise when they stopped walking to eye the peculiar playground of the park. The whole entire park was empty, she noticed. Was it a school day? There was practically no one in the park, save for some elderly couples. Sakura looked at Sasuke curiously before he walked over to a set of swings. She stared at him before giggling quietly to herself. "You're not silently offering to push me on the swings are you?" she teased as she followed him.

Sasuke smirked once before sitting on a swing himself, ignoring her surprised look by answering her question with a haughty tone. "Of course not. That's what lowly servants do; do I look like a servant to you?" he sent her a meaningful look, silently telling her not to answer that rhetorical question. Sakura smiled secretly to herself as she sat down on the swing beside him. She began kicking her legs on instinct, swinging slowly, back and forth.

He sat still though, instead of swinging, and watched her swing instead.

"So anyway, Uchiha, besides making me feel anorexic by not treating me to a nice breakfast like you promised, why did you take me here?" Sakura asked as she stared at the red slide in front of them, slowly letting memories overcome her. Sasuke rolled his eyes at her bluntness before closing his eyes, sighing and leaned against the chains of the swing.

"I thought you'd want a bit of fresh air and some entertainment before we got straight to eating. Fresh air in the morning is always a good thing…" he said in that quiet, mysterious tone of his, leaving questions trailing after his statements. Sakura furrowed her eyebrows before looking at him, and looked back to the slide again. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her, "You look…like you're reminiscing something sad. Do playgrounds upset you?" he asked her softly, careful as to not enter uncharted waters.

Sakura flinched a bit before shaking her head slowly. "Nah. It's just…when I was little… playgrounds were my place of comfort. It was the only bit of fun I got to enjoy. Growing up with a busy mom, and an on and off father, I often didn't get to indulge in things like dolls and toy trains. Christmases were often dull, presents being sent by secretaries instead of parents. The same things happened as I entered middle school and high school. I missed out on prom…on homecoming…on every event that normal teenagers usually went to…" she breathed out as she closed her eyes again. "My place to relieve stress…are playgrounds. I like to look at what I missed out on. So that I know that things like these do exist, and that I'm not just dreaming of them. It makes me happy other kids aren't going through what I did."

She stopped talking, her legs stopped kicking, and the swing slowed to a halt, her limbs hitting the floor, stopping the swing completely. His eyes suddenly darkened. She looked up when he suddenly stood up. "…Uchiha…?" she muttered before his hand forcefully pulled her up from the swing. She blinked once before looking at him with question.

He glared at her. "Let's go."

She gave him a look. "Go where?"

He sighed before pulling her along to follow him again. "Go eat. You look… weird when you're sad. But I'm sure with some food in your mouth; you'll smile like your ridiculous self again."

She blinked before inwardly smiling gently, not missing the tiny blush on his cheeks. "Uchiha, you…"

You idiot…

She smiled at him warmly without him noticing as he continued to look forward.

At least, she now knew the guy she had to seduce wasn't a total butthole.

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