Chapter 40 - Epilogue

"Now, when the Master of Rites asks for the rings, you are to hand the cushion up so he can take them," Remus instructed once again as he knelt in front of the boy who stared back at him with dark brown eyes so like Severus' it was uncanny.

"Uncle Remus, we know, honest," a giggling voice to his left assured him and Angel kissed his cheek softly, mischievously tucking a rose petal into the collar of his formal robes.

"Do stop fussing, Remus, they will make us proud," Severus said grimly, staring down at the two children in front of them.

Totally unalike, the twins grinned back, ignoring his grim expression, used to his moods and fancies by now. Angel still looked very like her five year old self although she had grown a little over the last year and a half. Her honey blonde hair was elaborately styled in ringlets under a crown of rosebuds and baby breath. The gown she wore was reminiscent of a nymph's in floating green and bronze chiffon drapes caught with a belt of golden rings at the waist. She looked angelic as she carried the basket of flower petals to be strewn down the aisle at this very important wedding.

Linus had on formal robes in a darker green than his sister's dress, his long dark hair tied back in a ribbon like his uncle's. He was taller and darker than Angel, and thinner, bearing an uncanny resemblance to his Uncle Severus, everyone said. Not that he minded at all. His uncle looked like his Mum and that was all good. He hadn't wanted to be in Sandy's wedding but she had coaxed and pleaded and finally Uncle Severus had said it was probably required of him as Heir to attend these formal functions with something approaching aplomb and therefore it would be good practice. So here he was, practicing at being a ring bearer. At least Uncle Severus had prevailed in the matter of robes. Brian's mother wanted him to wear something like knee length satin shorts and a short satin jacket that made him look like a real prat! Uncle Severus had simply said formal robes or nothing! No one argued with Uncle Severus, even if the robes had to be green.

Sandy was marrying Brian who was alright really but that had caused some big arguments when everyone thought he and Angel were busy or asleep or just stupid. Brian's mother insisted on spelling words out that they weren't supposed to hear but they were being taught to read at school and they were both good at spelling.

One of the Bridgewell cousins had said something about Uncle Remus being an animal when Angel could hear and Angel had got into real trouble for smashing her in the face with a bony fist. But they didn't care. Nobody was hateful to Uncle Remus when they were around and that was for sure! Uncle Remus might be a werewolf once a month but he was the the kindest, gentlest man in the world the rest of the time and no-one called him names they were anywhere near and that was that! He'd also had to ask Uncle Severus what a D E A T H E A T I N G V A M P I R E was which made quite a few people blush and splutter as he had made sure the person who had spelled it out was within hearing. Uncle Severus knew exactly what he was doing and had raised an eyebrow before saying 'me' with a perfectly straight face. That made Uncle Remus growl and Uncle Draco laugh nastily but no one had made any rude remarks about either uncle again, or at least not where they could hear them.

So, here they were, all dressed up and waiting for the Master of Rites to perform the wedding ceremony that was even worse than the contract ceremony. Someone was making a remember-crystal for Sandy's parents who had flown out from Australia to be here for the big day. Both were Squibs and aware of the magic in the world but had never been shown so much as they had since they arrived. Uncle Severus had opened his manor to them and sent them on day trips to places all tourists had to see both, Mugle and Magical. He had made it a holiday they would always remember and Sandy had been really happy with all the efforts both uncles had made. Still, they were comfortable with it now and Sandy's father looked very proud as he led Sandy down the aisle behind them. That was one of the hard things they had to do, him and Angel had to go through the crowd first, leading the procession. Angel didn't mind but he did so he pretended he was Uncle Severus and put on a grim face which made a few of the women blink and a few of the men straighten up a bit as they passed. Uncle Severus was right; a good glare was a real asset!

Finally it was over and everyone was kissing and hugging everyone else. Freed from duty, the two of them hurried over to their uncles, Angel to hug Uncle Remus' leg, Linus to lean on Uncle Severus and be covered by his robe. That was just the way it always worked out, Remus was Angel's and Severus was his and they didn't have to fight about it at all. Safe and happy, Linus stayed close to Severus as Angel dragged Remus out to look at the cake and talk to people in the middle of the crowd.

"Glad it's over?" Severus asked the boy at his side quietly.

"Yeah, scary stuff," Linus replied laconically.

"Hmm, bloody weddings."

Linus agreed totally.

The End

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