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The story starts off after the encounter of the Menos Grande in episode 132 and it goes off from there. Well, enjoy!


Hitsugaya Toushiro, captain of the 10th squad of the Gotei 13, was laying on the living room couch in Orihime's apartment replaying the events that took place at the soccer field during the game to the point where he found out that his new found friend is Ichigo's little sister.

"Now that I think about it, They do look alike. Plus I could kinda see where she got her spiritual energy from."

Then he remembered Karin asking him where her brother was. Looking back in their past meetings, that was the only time when she looked really worried. After all, he didn't know the amount of times Karin had to reassure her sister, even herself, that Ichigo was sure to come back home.

"I don't even know if I am ready to leave when the time comes."

While Toushiro was so consumed with his thoughts, his lieutenant, Matsumoto Rangiku, has been spying on him for the past five minutes. Watching him think for so long had her guessing that he was thinking of Karin. The eerie silence was killing her so Matsumoto broke the silence.

"Yohoo! Taicho!"

The cheery voice of his fukutaicho brought his attention back to earth. He looked towards the doorway to find the interruption of his thought waving at him. He just growled angrily with a glare telling her to leave him alone and looked up at the ceiling going back to his thought.

To his dismay, he was interrupted again.

"Oh, Taicho! You're not even going to say 'hi' to me?" Silence was her answer. "Well, that's okay. I won't tell anyone, especially Ichigo, that you're going out with Kurosaki-kun's little sister."

Matsumoto looked at Toushiro slyly to find him sitting up and giving her one of his deathly glares.

"She is not my girlfriend!" yelled Toushiro, stressing out the words 'not' and 'girlfriend'.

Ever since his first meet with Karin, a couple of minutes after Karin leaves, Matsumoto would appear right at his side asking who the girl was. His response was always the same with him telling her that he doesn't know who she is and to stay out of his business. To Toushiro, it's a meaning of "end of conversation and don't bring it up again," but to Matsumoto, it's a sign telling her to ask more questions and to bring it up again later on. And here she was, bringing up the topic again.

"Oh ho ho! I didn't know that you guys ARE going out." She giggled at the thought. "I didn't know you had it in you, Taicho. You really got her where you want her. Hm... although, I don't think Hinamori would be glad about this. Don't you think?"

It was at this time that she finally looked at him to find her captain standing up, hands clenching and unclenching, teeth gritting, and face going red. Plus, with the additional room temperature dropping...


To Matsumoto's rescue, Orihime entered her home with a usual, cheery greeting.

"Rangiku-san, Hitsugaya-san! I'm back! Rangiku-san, I've got the stuff for the bean paste casserole you like."

When she started feeling the tension in the room, Orihime also noticed the temperature dropping. "Ano... why is it cold in here?" she asked, looking at Toushiro and then Matsumoto.

Without even an answer to her question, she was being pulled out the door instead. "Whoa! Rangiku-san, where are we going?"

"Shopping spree, silly. We need some girl time." she responded, taking the shopping bags from Orihime and placing them on a table while pulling a confused princess out the door.

Even with the door shut completely, you could hear the 10th division captain yelling at the top of his lungs.


Orihime looked back at her apartment and raised an eyebrow. Even from a fair distance from her home, she saw the whole place shake and a couple of birds that were nesting close by flew up in the air frightened.

When Matsumoto came to a stop, Orihime asked, "What did you say this time?" knowing what and who it was about since Matsumoto let her in the gossip.

She laughed. "You know. The usual. I just added in Hinamori just to add some spice."

Orihime giggled. "Well I hope he'll be alright. From what you told me about Hitsugaya-san and Hinamori-san, it really seemed like he really did like her."

"Of course, he'll be alright. He's a taicho after all. Besides, Hitsugaya-taicho moved on a long time ago when he found out that she liked Kira-kun."

Orihime tried to imagine Toushiro looking heartbroken, but to no avail.

"It's hard to imagine him heartbroken."

Matsumoto smiled at her. "Well, he's the master of hiding emotions he doesn't want to show."

After a couple minutes of silence, Orihime said, "Well, aren't we going shopping?"

"That's what I'm talking about! Let's go!" And both girls raced to the shopping district.

Back in the apartment, Toushiro was ranting on and on about how he was gonna give his lieutenant tons of paperwork when they get back to Soul Society.

At the same time when Matsumoto was rambling on and on about Toushiro and Karin, a lonesome figure was standing in the middle of a deserted soccer field, thinking about the day's events. The thing that they wouldn't forget was when Toushiro saved them from that Menos.

The raven-haired girl looked off to the side to see where the explosion was suppose to be. She remembered watching Toushiro place a barrier around it, so it won't cause suspicion and draw attention to the crater.

"I'm still a bit dazed that Toushiro is a shinigami. Hm... well it make sense about his disappearance the very first time I met him, but still."

Kurosaki Karin, younger sister of he shinigami representative, Kurosaki Ichigo, still remembered the feeling when the Menos Grande was about to attack her. Then the feeling of relief when Toushiro turned into a shinigami and saved her.

"Who would have thought that that shorty was a shinigami like Ichi-nii and a captain at that."

Karin laughed at the thought. She smiled to herself, but it soon turned in to a frown.

"I can't dwell in the past. I have to forget about this 'cause sooner or later he would have to go back to where ever he came from."

Karin sighed to herself and decided to head on home.

Little did she know that the center of her thoughts would be leaving sooner than she thought he would. She never even noticed two people, who were racing each other, hide behind some bushes and eavesdropped on what she said. The two people looked from Karin, who was picking up her forgotten soccer ball, to each other, smiling sadly as they noticed a romance slowly blossoming.

"Yuzu! I'm home!"

As Karin stepped in her home, she could smell the food that's being cooked and heard some 'clinking' and 'clanking' of plates and silverware being set on the table.

"Hey, Karin." Yuzu smiled. "Did you have fun playing soccer with your friends?"

Karin thought back to that afternoon when her friends and her were in the middle of a game when a hollow came and attacked them. Of course she won't going to tell her sister that, so she told her the latter.

"Yup. I sure did, and once again I kicked their butts." Karin said, pumping her fist in the air to show how energetic she is about it. Even if it wasn't the whole truth.

Yuzu smiled at her twin's antics.

"Well, while you're standing there, could you please bring the food to the table?"


Right when she set the food on the table, there was a loud crash behind them.


Karin stood there irritated and kicked her dad square in the face.


Yuzu rushed to his side to find him mumbling.

"I love you too my sweet, sweet daughter."


Then Karin knocked him upside the head, knocking him out cold.

Yuzu sighed with exasperation and shook her head. "Well, let's go ahead and eat dinner. I'll just put Otou-san's food in the fridge."

As Yuzu left to do that, Karin took in the scene that was before her. The house was clean, her dad was sprawled on the floor, the food was ready to be eaten, and there was an empty plate placed on Ichigo's place. Ever since Ichigo disappeared, Karin noticed that when Yuzu sets the table, she still places a plate on his spot with extra food left in the pot, as if waiting for him to come home any minute from where ever he's been.

Karin took her seat at the table and shook her head sadly. She then remembered what Toushiro told her. He had reassured her that her brother is training to get stronger to protect those he love.

Karin was pulled form her thoughts when her sister entered the room.

"Okay! Itadakimasu!" Yuzu said cheerfully.


As they dug into their food, Karin went back to her thoughts.

"I hope you come back home soon, Ichi-nii."

In Hueco Mundo...

"You tell him."

"No! You!"



One of the two arrancars pushed the other through the doors of the throne room. With every step they took, every step bringing them to their doom, they nervously brought their eyes up to see Aizen waiting for the report. They gulped and took a deep breath, which they knew was their last.

"The Menos Grande you sent was killed off by..." they gulped again. "...Hitsugaya Toushiro, captain of the 10th division. The Menos was..." but they were never able to finish the report since Aizen had stood up from his seat and used Way of Destruction 4: White Thunder.


From the shadows, the Espada came out and responded, "Yes, Aizen-sama."

"I think we should use that plan of yours that you suggested. Just make sure you choose the right people for the job."

Ulquiorra nodded. "Yes, Aizen-sama."

With that, the 4th Espada walked out of the room with a smirk.

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Japanese terms

Otou-san- father

Urusai- shut up

Itadakimasu- usually said before you have your meal like saying praise.