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Jen scratched her chin in thought. "Gotta be some place you can work here, there's over nine hundred stores."

"What about that place?" asked Ranma.

Ranma had pointed to a store that was dressed up like an Indian palace of some sort.

"Tahjmahome Videos? Well they do have great benefits but it probably wouldn't sit well with the guys, they hate this place." said Jen.

"That's okay, I'm used to having guys being angry at me, valid reason or not."

Ranma walked inside to see a couple of black shirted guys wearing turbins on their heads.

"Hey, do you think I can have a job here?"

Ranma knew that what he had just said probably didn't sound very professional, but any other way just simply didn't feel like himself.

"Sure thing, not only can we hire you on the spot, let you decide when you're breaks are, but we can also let you set your own times!"

"Wow, really? That sounds awesome!!!" said Ranma.

"You just have to memorize all of the Tahjmahome Video songs."

Ranma blinked. "Excuse me, songs?"

One of the employees clapped his hands and several women dressed as belly dancers dashed to their sides.

"At Tahjmahome we like to please…"

"WHOA!!! STOP!!! That's a deal breaker right there!!" said Ranma.

Ranma walked back to Jen with a small headache.

"I think I can see what your friends were talking about, this store is stupid." said Ranma.

"One thing we all agree on. There's got to be something in this mall for you, maybe we should ask Nikki." said Jen.

"Why not?"

As the started to walk towards Nikki's place of employment, the Khaki Barn, Ranma began to take in just how big this mall really was. Most malls were one, two stories, sometimes three…but this mall had to be something like five stories.

But Ranma was snapped out of his thoughts as he saw a clothing shop with three blondes folding shirts.

As they were entering the store a blonde girl seemed to be eyeing him like a piece of meat.

"Oh, hey there's Nikki." said Jen.

Ranma tried to follow Jen to the back of the store where the moody Chinese girl was but something had grabbed his arm.

The blonde greeter girl was hugging his arm. "Hello and welcome to Khaki Barn, what are you looking for today?"

"Um noth…ACK!!!"

His other arm had been glomped by a different, but oddly similar, second blonde girl.

"Welcome to the Khaki Barn…"

"Hey! This one's mine!"

As Ranma looked between the two arguing girls one thought came across his mind. "Are you two related?"


"Why would you ask?"

Before Ranma could answer a third girl appeared, she was very identical to the other two. "Welcome to the Khaki Barn…Hey I don't haven anything to hug!"

Before Ranma could get another word in the third blonde jumped onto Ranma's back holding him by the neck.

"Ooooh you know what he should try on? Some Khaki Barn bike shorts!!"

The three blondes gave a high pitched scream of glee which seemed to hurt Ranma's ears.

"JEN, HELP!!!" shouted Ranma.

Jen broke off her conversation with her friend to see what was bothering Ranma but gasped at what she saw. When Nikki started to give her a weird stare Jen turned her around and pointed at Ranma.

"Oh no, it's attack of the clones!!" said Nikki.

"We got to do something!" said Jen.

"I got an idea but you should be ready to get Ranma and make a run for it."

With three girls latched onto him, Ranma couldn't help but feel that he was starting to lose his balance.

"Oh girls... " called Nikki.

Nikki was holding a pink shirt over a pair of scissors. The blondes gasped and loosened their grips on Ranma.

"OMG she's got the "I'm a 'Khaki Princess' shirt!"

"And I think I might just make some alterations…like a cut sleeve or a…"


The Khaki girls jumped off of Ranma and ran after Nikki. Jen quickly grabbed Ranma by the hand and ran out of the store.

When they were far enough away they stopped to catch their breath, well Jen anyways, Ranma didn't look like he broke so much as a sweat.

"What was that about?! Those girls were crazy enough to hang on to me like they were Christmas ordainments or something!!"

"That's the clones for you." panted Jen.

"Clones huh, that's a good name for them." chuckled Ranma.

"Yeah, Nikki thought it up."

"Nice. But I think I'm starting to lose faith in any hopes gaining employment."

"Ranma, there's over nine hundred stores in this mall. There's gotta be one that's right for you."

At this moment the mascot Pokey the Panda walked past them. "Hmm…Hey Ranma…"

"NO!!! I know what your thinking and the answer is NO!! I refuse to become my father!!"

"Alright! Alright! Jeez, just a suggestion!"

"Let's face it, I'm doomed to unemployment. Jen…Jen? Why aren't you answering?"

She merely stood slack jawed and pointed at some nearby store, when Ranma looked to the specific store his eyes held childlike wonder. In front of them stood a store that read "Dojo Surplus".

"I'm home."

Ranma stretched out his back as he stood in front of his new house.

"What the…RANMA?!"

Ranma looked to his left and saw Jen standing in front of the house next door.


"What're you doing here?!" stated both teenagers as they pointed at each other.

There are 936 stores in that mall, remember that before you start to nag at me about the unlikely hood of their being a martial arts store being there. Plus this is supposed to be a humor story, and not just a humor story but a Ranma one where weird stuff happens ALL the time, so try not to take it too seriously. Sorry to sound snippy but with some readers it's necessary. Oh and btw I had this little music note thing ready for when Nikki was getting the clones attention but it would show up in the uploaded document. Go figure.