LbN: Alrighty! Last chapter, but don't worry- the sequel will come! It's a totally different plotline (I mean WAY different); so I didn't want to start it in this story. "Aurelius" is Selene's last name in this story.

The New Coven

It was a gothic nursery to rival all gothic nurseries. Three black iron cribs were lined up in a row on the far wall, with dark oak dressers opposite them. On the wall under the window were shelves with baby supplies; and a large chest of toys stood opposite the window. For a room done completely in blacks, blues, and purples it was surprisingly chipper…
"This looks wonderful," Erika smiled as Selene hung a mobile over the last crib.

"Glad you like it! I thought it was going to be too gloomy, but Tanis helped out."

"Never pictured him as the decorating type…"

"He's not; he helped by criticizing until I got it right."

Erika laughed and gave Selene a one-armed hug. It was all she could manage anymore. To say she had gotten huge in the past two and a half months would be a considerable understatement. She and Selene walked quietly back to their room.

"So," Selene began. "Tomorrow's the big day."

"Yeah…" Erika nodded. "I'm…kind of scared."

"Don't worry," Selene kissed her. "You're going to be fine. Come on, let's get some sleep."


Nine o'clock came and went. Then ten. The coven's saying about gossip, "the house is buzzing" didn't even begin to cover the atmosphere around the head Death Dealer's children being born. Finally, at eleven fifteen, the doors to the infirmary opened and Selene, smiling brighter than Las Vegas, strolled out to Marcus, William, and Tanis.

"Erika's awake now," she grinned. "We're ready for the blessing ceremony."

She led them into the room where three cradles were lined up next to Erika's bed. Selene was, officially, convinced that there was no way for her wife to be unattractive. The blonde had just given birth three times and still looked amazing…The two elders kissed each child on the forehead and stood by Erika as Tanis did the naming and blessing.

"Heath Xerxes Aurelius. Bleighton Danika Aurelius. Macbeth Rylan Aurelius," he read. Then, taking out another scroll, he began the blessing ceremony.

Puede al niño crece para Adorar.

Puede él es Obediente, Honesto, y Fuerte.

Puede él anda en las maneras de sus Ancianos.

Puede él vive entre el Bueno.

Puede él es Sabio y Cuidar.

Protéjalo de Peligro lo Protege de Daño.

"Servatis a periculum. Servatis a malificum," the adults finished. Tanis rolled the scroll, handed it to Selene, and kissed each of the children. Bowing to Erika, the Scribe and Elders left the room. Selene walked over and kissed Erika soundly, before picking Heath up out of his cradle. He looked exactly like Erika, while the other two looked more like Selene.

"They're beautiful," she said.

LbN: Hope you liked it! Send reviews, mmmkay? Yes, I wrote the blessing. I had to do it in Spanish, cuz I don't know Latin :). The adults say "save us from danger, save us from harm" at the end. Here's the poem's translation:

May the child grow to Love.

May he be Obedient, Honest, and Strong.

May he walk in the ways of his Elders.

May he live among the Good.

May he be Wise and Caring.

Protect him from Danger

Protect him from Harm.