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Author's note:This is my seventh CSI fic. Please be gentle.

Anger-A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.

Nick was enjoying his conversation with Stephane. She was beautiful and her smile melted his heart. He walked away with a promise of a date and a taste of her home cooking.

He was about to order a cup of coffee to go when he heard a gunshot from outside and he opened the door to see if he could see what had caused the sound,he was followed by his fellow officers.

A second shot echoed through the alleyway and Nick pulled his weapon as did the other officers who were starting to fan out into the street and alleyways.

The sound of a horn blowing loudly captured Nick's attention and he tore down the dark alley across from the restaurant,then he spotted it, Warrick's car with Warrick lying face forward on his steering wheel.

His mouth was open,his eyes staring forward, fixed and dilated. Warrick was dead and Nick felt something rise inside him that had never been there before, a sense of anger that he had never experienced;not even with children and crimes against a child were the worst but this hit him in a place he had never felt pain before,in his heart.

He walked over and placed two fingers on Warrick's carotid, a calmness overtook him, it wasn't time to panic, it was time to call for assistance. Warrick was dead,he could not bring him back. His best friend was gone.

He pulled out his cell and dialed for assistance, he was quickly surrounded by his fellow officers, calls were being made to Grissom and Brass.

The activity around them continued, Warrick's eyes still stared forward,looking towards him as if to beg for help but he was too late. The mole had done his job. Was it Pritchard or someone else? Nick could feel his anger fester inside him, an anger that had never culminated inside him before, a hate for the man who had killed his friend.

Sirens and voices continued around him, officers placing up barriers and crime tape did not phase the anger building up inside of his mind.

Brass arrived and was asking questions, Nick just waved him off, wanting to be alone to allow the sight of his friend to be forever ingrained into his mind and into his soul. He had to remember this moment,memorize every facet of the crime scene,it would be useful later.

When Grissom arrived and made his way through the barriers he spotted his 'rock', the man whom he had always referred to as the rock of the team lying face forward in his car, blood streaming down his neck and into a puddle on the pavement. His own hand raised to his mouth, possibly a unconscious attempt to keep himself from screaming at what he was taking in, the sight of his friend lying in his own pool of clotting blood.

Disgust and anger entered his thoughts and then he saw Nick,standing off to the side,not moving, not making a sound. Grissom's analytical mind diagnosed him as being in a state of shock. He always knew their relationship, their friendship was close. They were the best of friends, or at least they had been the best of friends.

Brass gave him a brief and emotional update on what was going on at the crime scene but even Brass was finding it difficult to keep it together,their last words had been in a moment of anger. His real last words were ironic now,'Consider yourself a lucky man.' Lucky men don't die in alleyways, he thought to himself. He walked off leaving Grissom to deal with a broken Nick.

Grissom walked up to Nick, keeping his own emotions intact,knowing that his team had just suffered a tremendous loss."Nick." He voice was that of a father's, soft and low,almost comforting.

"We failed him Grissom." he paused and shook his head and turned towards Grissom," We failed him." Nick's only words and he turned and walked away. The anger continuing to build up in his wounded heart,a feeling for a need of revenge towards the man who had killed his friend starting to form.

Grissom shook his head,he needed to call Catherine and Greg and let them know what had happened to their friend. He slowly pulled out his cellphone and decided to call Greg first since he was planning the trip and his flight would be leaving soon.

His fingers hit the speed dial number and as he waited for Greg to answer he watched as Nick slowly made his way back to the diner, his shoulders slumped in defeat. He watched as Nick slowly slid himself into his Denali,he hesitated for a few seconds before he started the engine and then he drove away slowly.

"Greg." a tired voice answered.

"This is Grissom, I have some bad news." Grissom was trying to keep it to the facts but at that moment David and Dr Robbins drove up in the coroner's van and then it hit him, their lab would be doing Warrick's case. His body would lie in their morgue.

"Grissom, is something wrong?" a panicked voice asked on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, Warrick was shot and killed outside the diner." He became quiet for a moment taking in the scene before him,the same scene he had witnessed a thousand times before but this was different, he knew this man. He had talked to this man, worked with this man, hugged this man and now this man whom he had the utmost respect for was now dead and his office was processing him like any other victim.

"Grissom?" a now panicked and upset Gregg was trying to get Grissom to say more,what had happened and what the hell was going on that Grissom was having such difficulty talking.

"I'll meet you at the station." Grissom hung up and took in the scene that he was glad that Nick had missed,tears streaming down his face and down David's and Doc Robbins, a sense of respect already forming for their fallen friend,the kind you see at a funeral.

"Gil, I'll take him home." Dr Robbins words were soft spoken, the reverence of one who would be handling the body of their friend.

Grissom nodded and followed the body to the van, his head was covered,the blood still seeping out of the wounds making a stain on the body bag."I'll be there in a little bit."

Doc Robbins nodded as David and a fellow police officer reverently placed the body in the back of the death wagon.

Grissom turned and pulled out his cellphone again but this time he dialed Catherine's number,dreading telling her that her best friend was dead.

"Catherine. Gil this had better be good." The frustrated voice answered.

"Catherine, Warrick is dead." He didn't mean to be so blunt again, it was just the way it came out,as if he just needed to get it out and done with, to keep his own pain at bay.

"What are you talking about Gil? We just left him less than thirty minutes ago and you're saying that he's dead?" Her voice panicked and upset.

"He was gunned down outside the diner, Nick found him in his car in an alleyway." Grissom tried to give her all the facts but was having a difficult time getting out all the information.

"He's dead? Warrick's dead?" Catherine's voice was now full of pain and sadness and she just had to let it out, words would not be forthcoming, so she gently hung up the phone to start her grieving process. She could not help but to feel that she had let him down, abandoned him, allowing the shooter ample opportunity to kill her friend. Why hadn't they walked him out to his car? Where the hell was Nick?

Grissom watched as the dayshift arrived and started to process the scene, a gun in the passenger seat, the passenger window down, shattered glass on the driver's side, a bullet fragment found near the gated trash can,and two shots fired, one to the neck and one to the chest. All the details of his friend's crime scene.

Grissom walked back to his vehicle and pulled himself into the seat,shutting his door and pulling out his cellphone one more time,hitting the number of his best friend.

"Sara." a sleepy voice answered.


Welcome to the dark wagon...a warning..this is not going to be a sweet Nick fic...this is going to be a real angst if you are a little faint of heart...get off now! The ride has just begun! I am basing this fic on the:The K├╝bler-Ross model which describes, in five discrete stages, the process by which people deal with grief and tragedy. The five stages of grief are: Denial, anger, bargaining,depression and acceptance.