Super Mario: Dimensional Tides

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, here it is. You may noticed that as of this writing, I have finished up my Super Mario RPG story, or so do you think since essentially this is the true Super Mario RPG. But alas, while that one has (or will by the time I actually have this up, which I do) had its life completed in a mere ten chapters, I plan to have this other RPG type story go on for... who knows. All I can and will at this point tell you is that this gigantic Mario fanfic staring Mr. Nintendo himself, and all of the characters, friends, allies, enemies, foes, and arch nemesis that fought the four-foot tall, red-capped Italian American plumber will have their moment to shine in this fanfic, because I am truly determined to make this my biggest fanfiction on the entire website of Fanfiction Net. Although I am proud that a certain gigantic racing crossover with Nintendo, Rare, and other companies within the Super Smash Brothers section that stars a certain green dinosaur who originates from and is still a major part of the Mario franchise is still my largest fanfiction to date (and why would not I be proud, only ten thousand more words and it would be half over a million words, despite the undistributed fact that sadly the large bulk is practically the same re-harsh over and over, but like the numerous remakes of the main Mario platforming games, sans Galaxy, New, and Sunshine), by far this fanfic will in the long run (and boy, will it be a very long run indeed by the time I finish this monster of a mere fanfic based on an awesome video game franchise) be my biggest fanfic ever, all of the content completely new with each and every different chapter, whether it's from Mario and Luigi to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, from Toad and Toadette to Petey Piranha and King Boo, from Princess Peach to Waluigi and Princess Daisy, from Toadsworth and Professor Elvin Gadd to Wario, Bowser, and Yoshi. Nearly everything Mario related from the core platformers to the puzzle games, to the role playing games, to the party games, to the sports games, to the spin-offs starring the other major characters to even Mario Kart, the largest non-platforming series in the Mario franchise, will be greatly represented in this fanfic, as well as other things in other related series (Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and a teeny bit of Super Smash Brothers). And who knows, maybe a few certain characters from other series that are in relation to the Mario franchise in the future chapters will show up, but who knows... I'll be constantly popping up from here and there, to give you a lowdown of sorts for the many chapters to come. So come to think of me as the Masahiro Sakurai of this fanfic, because I intend on making this my very best, especially after writing over five hundred and sixty eight pieces of literature, more than half which are not even on this site and still coming! And with that last word for this starting chapter, ladies and gentlemen, read this wonderful story and enjoy to your hearts' content! Now, to the Disclaimer!

Disclaimer: (checks the disclaiming list; groans) Oh geeze louise, I have to say ALL of this stuff... (sighs with relief) Thank goodness I don't have to reappear again to state all this nonsense... But let's just get this out of the way, I got too much work for me to be wasting time. (clears throat)

The Enormous, Ever Expanding Cast of Characters for Super Mario: Dimensional Tides:

"Super" Mario Mario: The most well-known, most liked, most famous, and practically the face of the Mushroom Kingdom, also known by his very special guests as "Mr. Nintendo". From being a simple red-capped, blue overall-wearing Italian-American to an international hero who has went through dimensions, many immense warps, dreams, and into the stars within the gigantic galaxy, all in all while having fun with kart races, parties, tennis matches, and all the other sorts, Mario has practically done it all. Of course, having done many things could easily tire him out, and he's quite fond of food. His favorite kind is easily Italian food.

Luigi Mario: Mario's younger, more cowardly brother. He actually has more closer, more obsessed fans than Mario himself, but whenever things get rough, Luigi's on the go. Although he is more afraid, Luigi truly shines during the toughest of moments, as such when he had to save Mario from an eternity as a painting...

Princess Peach Toadstool: The seemingly ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the daughter and only child for the supreme rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom, King Toadstool and Queen Toadstool, who are both strangely still absent after countless years, Peach has been able to have as many parties, competitions, and sleep overs with as many over guests and princesses from other lands as possible. She has a love interest in Mario, and is also shown to revealed a bit for Bowser as well, especially how she usually gets kidnapped every weekend since her first fateful meeting with the Koopa King as a small, cute baby.

Toad the Mushroom Boy: The head of the Mushroom Kingdom's renowned retainers, and the best friend of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Although he is a bit of a coward like Luigi (as all mushroom boys and girls have shown), when it gets down to it, he can be helpful. He is very friendly, though that won't stop him from making bad, sarcastic remarks or ridiculously corny jokes. His major embarrassment: he accidentally wets his bed whenever he has a nightmare.

Toadsworth: The Prime Chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom. Toadsworth, like Toad, is quite a coward himself, but also in the sense that he wants Princess Peach to be as save as possible. If anything were to happen to Peach, Toadsworth would go into a coma from shock, or less likely, he would strangle Mario, Luigi, and if involved, Toad to death for putting the Mushroom Kingdom princess into the wrong hands. He also has an interest in Zess T., who lives in the infamous seaside town of Rogueport.

Toadette the Mushroom Girl: Toad's girlfriend, who is very cheery and also shows feelings for the likes of Mario and Wario. Toadette is glad to give out any tips, and she lives dancing around and playing with others. She is a very good friend with princesses Peach and Daisy, although she, too, is surprisingly known at times for making nasty, sarcastic remarks.

Professor Elvin Gadd: The famed inventor of the Mushroom Kingdom's technology. He usually hangs around with Toadsworth and lives within Princess Peach's Castle, since his laboratory near Luigi's former mansion was burned down from the Massacre of Don Pianta.

The Toad Brigade: A group of mushroom boys who helped Mario during his plight in Super Mario Galaxy. Composed by the red Toad, the leader, the five-member team of mushroom boys misadventurely helped Mario save the universe, as it had collapsed on itself after Bowser was defeated within the final planet of the final galaxy.

Yoshi: The green Yoshisaurus who has saved his home land, Dinosaur Land, countless of times from different nemesis, most of the time being Bowser himself. Yoshi has made friends with nearly every single inhabitant of Dinosaur Land, and he is renowned on Yoshi Island for journeying all through the different lands. He is very friendly, fights for his friends, and loves food, willing to eat just about anything.

Koopa Troopa (green-shelled): One of Yoshi's best friends, Koopa has been around for quite a long time by the Shellder Shore, helping out Yoshi whenever he came by. Koopa is fond of doing peaceful objectives, though he won't allow any harm done if a truly disastrous event were to take tole on Dinosaur Land. He often prepares meals for any journey he embarks, and having retired from working several years ago, he is wealthy enough to pay for everything. He's also quite concerned, not being wary if what Yoshi does if a good idea or not.

Peppertino Alfredo "Peppy" Ankylosaurus: A sturdy, sometimes dumb-minded yellow-colored Ankylosaurus who hails from the adjacent Ankylosaurus Desert, and is one of Yoshi's best friends. Although he loves lettuce with a passion, he's not as food crazy as Yoshi, though he can sometimes be stupid enough to ask the same question if he did not catch the answer the first time around. Peppy is also a smart alec, making as many witty remarks while failing to make jokes. Though he has a good heart, and he's powerful enough to topple down anyone in his way.

Doctor Harryhausen Howard Hoshi: One of Yoshi's best friends, and not only the oldest resident within Dinosaur Land, but one of the most intelligent creatures to live on the entire planet. He uses his knowledge to teach the many inhabitants of Dinosaur Land how to survive and the conditions of the continent, as well as giving out useful tips for his friends. Dr. Hoshi surprisingly was far different as a child than he was now, being raised by the mysterious Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Birdo: A feminine, pink-colored dinosaur of the Birdosaurus species who is not only a good friend of Mario and company, but is also Yoshi's supposed girlfriend. She is very cautious and very concerned about Yoshi and her other friends, mothering the younger members. She is also a force not to be reckoned with, for she will spit out white-colored, missile-like eggs from her mouth like there is no tomorrow.

Donkey Kong: The big, burly ape well known in the Mushroom Kingdom, who is also the soon-to-be ruler of Donkey Kong Island, and is actually the adult Donkey Kong Junior, being the son of Cranky Kong, who is the aged original Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is bigger, faster, and stronger too, for he is the first member of the DK crew... hoo! Donkey Kong also loves bananas. (Note: Donkey Kong will be referred to as Donkey or just D. K.)

Diddy Kong: Donkey's younger, more agile friend. Diddy has befriended many different animals, from Banjo the honeybear and Kazooie the red-crested breegull to Conker the Squirrel, who surprisingly went from adorably cute and sweet to drunk and inappropriate. Diddy can use his peanut gun to stun his foes with peanuts, and he also has his rocket barrel pack, which he uses to fly around.

Dixie Kong: Diddy's girlfriend, who is fond of adventuring and racing. She's also plenty of good at baseball, and is a good friend to Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. She often chats and plays with Candy Kong and her younger, though taller sister, Tiny Kong.

Funky Kong: Donkey Kong's peace-loving, mechanical fixing, laid back relative. He has developed a fond of racing after racing around in the eight annual Mario Kart grand prix with Mario and friends, and he is also good and shooting things with no problem.

King K. Rool: The grand ruler of the crocodile-like Kremling race, and is Donkey Kong's arch nemesis. He wishes to destroy Donkey Kong Island after his own island was destroyed by Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. He is also a good cos-play, sometimes being mistaken as a brother of King K. Rool, ranging from a pirate to a mad scientist to a boxer, even!

Krunch: King K. Rool's most trusted underling, this green-colored Kritter has raced with and befriended Diddy Kong. Krunch once again works undercover, this time with his young cousin, Kip. (debuted in Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64)

Kip: Krunch's younger cousin, he often admires Bowser Jr., going to the point where Kip created his own Gadd Paintbrush, albeit made of wood. Under King K. Rool's demands, he accompanies Krunch to Donkey Kong Island, to spy on the Kongs. (debuted in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast)

Kass: Kip's apparent younger sister, she is more angered, as she gets more jealous. Don't let her look fool you - not only is she a good racer, but if you mess with her, you will find yourself badly damaged within a ditch. (debuted in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast)

Wario: Crude, evil, disgusting, fat, stubborn, carefree, and just plain mean. Wario is Mario's evil relative, although he actually inadventurely saved the world plenty of times. He is also the creator of the craziest set of mini games on the planet, and is also the head of his own company who makes the zany games, WarioWare Incorporated. He also loves garlic, treating it the same way as Mario treats pasta and mushrooms.

Waluigi: Wario's taller, skinnier, younger brother, who is just as sneaky and vile as Wario, but surprisingly more well-mannered, less disgusting, and even more cunning than his fat, older brother. Waluigi often competes with Luigi to see who gets to be the true love to Princess Daisy.

Princess Daisy: The ruler of Sarasaland, and Princess Peach's best friend, as well as being the lover of Luigi and Waluigi. Daisy is actually more competitive than most of the other participants in the racing, sports, and party games, and Daisy is truly mean at soccer, going so far to even use spikes to penetrate anyone, even her closet friends.

Mona: The head of Mona Pizza within Diamond City, and Wario's girlfriend (soon to be wife), who now is pregnant.

King Bowser Koopa (Senior): The all powerful ruler of the Koopa Kingdom, and the King of the Koopas. Bowser has since kidnapped Princess Peach at a very young age, and has been prevailed over by the likes of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and even Toad! Though in rare occasions, Bowser would get the uppercut, using all of the defeats to help him train more, and the training being enough to prevail against Mario, the strongest of foes to defeat Bowser. Bowser is also a good joker, as well as making witty remarks. He cares deeply for Peach, though he holds a grudging respect for Mario, but holds no mercy to his enemies who pose a threat to the world or take away any of his possessions. He can also come back from the dead as the more ferocious Dry Bowser, or upon being grown to huge proportions, can turn into the devastating Giga Bowser.

Bowser Junior: Bowser's more cunning, more competitive son. Bowser Jr. mistaken Peach as his mother, though he has since developed a friendly bond with her, sometimes calling her mama. Bowser Jr., like his proud father, will go to the measures to protect Peach, and he has since held a grudging respect towards Mario. (Special Note: To make thing much, much simpler and easier to understand, Bowser Junior will just be referred to at times as Junior.)

Kammy Koopa: Bowser's top advisor, and Kamek's more conscious wife. Kammy is wise and old, though that doesn't mean she can't fight. Being the most powerful of the Magikoopas, Kammy's magic is enough to deal enough damage to confuse, paralyze, or even burn the opponents. Mario firsthand learned of this, and he has been wary of facing Kammy.

Kamek Koopa: The head of the Koopa Army after Bowser, and Kammy's more concerned husband. Although not as powerful as his wife, Kamek is more versatile, being able to poison or put asleep his foes. Kamek can also teleport to specific close areas to either get information, or to make sure that the Koopa Pack is doing their job right. He holds a grudge towards Yoshi.

Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa: The only one of the original seven Koopalings who remains within Bowser's Castle, helping out Bowser Junior at times. After the six other Koopalings were banished for all eternity from the Koopa Kingdom upon helping Wart try and take over, Larry swore his true allegiance under his father, and he has since been an opposing force behind the Koopa Armada.

Tryclyde: A three headed, red-colored snake who is the leader of the snake-like Cobrat race, formerly working for Wart and has since joined Bowser, and has been one of the forces behind the Koopa Pack. He talks with his middle head, with his left and right heads serve as hands.

Mouser: A bomb-loving grayish mouse who formerly worked for Wart and has since joined Bowser, and has been one of the forces behind the Koopa Pack.

King Boo: The king of the ghostly Boos. King Boo holds a grudge against Luigi, determined to spook the stuffing out of the green-capped plumber. Although he has calmed down since, King Boo still secretly plots revenge against Luigi, as well as Mario...

Petey Piranha: The king of the carnivorous Piranha Plants. Petey is Bowser's good childhood friend, and he has fought against the likes of Mario and Yoshi many times. Petey also clashed against Princess peach, and he has since visit Donkey Kong Island to hang around with the Kongs, becoming a good friend of Donkey Kong himself.

The Baby Squad: A group of baby versions of the well-known Mario characters. The leader being Baby Mario, the other members are Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Toad, Baby Bowser, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, and Baby Waluigi. Despite not being a baby himself, the middle-aged Young Toadsworth is also a member, being able to protect the babies as he has enough strength to take any opponent down.

The Strange Purple Essence: This strange essence of purple first appears as goo, though later on throughout the action-packed, unraveling story, it is revealed that this strange essence is much more than goo, going as far to try and take over the entire planet of Earth, following the gradual takeover of the universe.

The Gigantic Prologue of Interest: Get to Know the Main Mario Cast

Our hero, the very namesake of this gigantic tale, Mario Mario, was snoozing on the green grass within his front yard, daydreaming without a care in the world. Luigi Mario, the red-capped plumber's timid, but good old younger, green-clad brother, was on the right side of the house, hanging some wet clothes on the hanger, bending down to place more clothes on it.

"Gee, Mario, it sure is a nice warm, sunny day, huh?" Luigi stated as he attached the clothespin to the edge of the green overalls, with Mario not replying as he turned to the right. Luigi, knowing that Mario was far asleep, continued, "It sure makes you wonder how Bowser took his son and went off for a vacation southwest from here. Plus, don't you think that it makes sense that Toadsworth is finally having Princess Peach's Castle install security cameras and other security after all these years?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever..." Mario mumbled as he turned around again, putting his right palm on his face.

Luigi continued whistling, stating as he placed the last clothing on the hanger, "I sure wonder what will happen from today on, with her highness, Princess Peach, and her faithful assistant, Toad, coming over for a nice afternoon brunch out in the open under the nice and warm sun." He smiled as he licked his lips. "Speaking of which, I ought to get out the barbecue." He then went back into the house, to get out the barbecue.

Mario remained in his spot, snoring loudly as a green-colored warp pipe to his left appeared, and out jumped the beautiful, blonde and pink-clad Princess Peach Toadstool, with her loyal assistant, the young, humanoid mushroom boy Toad by her side.

"Hello, my dear, sweet prince, Mario," Peach greeted as he bent down and kissed Mario on the nose, giggling as Mario rubbed his nose and woke up, to see Peach. The red-capped Italian plumber jumped up, and he hugged the pink-clad princess tightly.

"Oh, Peachy, it's a-so great to-a see you again!" Mario greeted as he continued hugging tightly.

Peach giggled with joy, hugging Mario back. "Well, Mario, it has been quite a while since Bowser last kidnapped me. At least this time he'll be gone and won't be coming back to the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap me." She stated, being able to get out of Mario's grip.

"Yeah. Remember that whole "all you can eat" incident that caused most of us to be stuck in our bathrooms?" Toad added, shuddering at the thought of remembering such a thing, "I sure know that I don't want to repeat that again. Ugh..."

Mario laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, you can rest assure, today and from here on out we'll have ourselves a normal, peaceful time!" He stated with a proud grin.

"Is there ever such a normal time for the Mushroom Kingdom?" Toad asked, bursting into laughter, as did Mario and Peach. Luigi soon came back out, greeting Peach and Toad as he was holding the barbecue.

"Oh, Princess Peach! Toad! What a pleasant surprise to see you two here so early!" Luigi exclaimed with glee, running over to the two to greet them.

"Well, Luigi, me and Peach got really bored at staying at the castle, and Toadsworth said it was best to get here as early as possible, so here we are!" Toad explained, rubbing the back of his head.

Luigi chuckled, shrugging. "Well, at least Toadsworth knows what he is thinking. Anyway, enough chitchat. It's time to set up this baby." Having said that, Luigi headed towards the front and placed down the barbecue, putting in the coal and then using one of his green-colored fireballs to light up the flare and sparkle up the barbecue. The green-capped plumber then ran back into the house to get some buns and the burgers, and he ran back out, placing the buns to the side and setting the burgers on the grill, turning the heat on as Luigi grabbed a spatular out of nowhere and started to cook up the burgers.

Peach and Toad decided to sit onto the porch, watching Luigi cook up the burgers while chatting with each other, while Mario went back to snoozing, placing his head down on Peach's lap. Peach giggled as she noticed this, and she patted Mario's head with her right hand while facing and talking to Toad.

Back in Toad Town, the grand mushroom-themed capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, within the interiors of Princess Peach's Castle, Toadsworth and the working Mushroom Retainers were installing security into the castle, so that there would not be any more incidents. As Toadsworth monitored the working Mushroom Retainers, he rubbed his forehead with a napkin, stating to himself, "Oh golly, what if I sent the princess to certain doom... I just can't sit here and think about it..." He shuddered, and then, a purple-spotted mushroom boy ran up to him, having something urgent to say. Toadsworth noticed this, and he faced the mushroom boy, asking, "What is it, young one? It best be urgent."

The mushroom boy nodded, his face filled with concern as he trembled in his spot. "Sir Toadsworth... we seem to be getting some reports from the citizens that there is something in the sky that's perplexing the entire kingdom..."

Toadsworth stopped, his moustache drooping. "Wha... what!?" He shouted back in disbelief, grabbing the mushroom boy by the jacket. "What are you saying, man!? What's happening!?"

The mushroom boy gulped, trembling in place. "Look up in the sky... it's turning to dark and purple! Oof!" He was pushed onto the floor as Toadsworth dashed outside, and looked up, much to his horror to see that what the mushroom boy stated was true.

The clear blue sky that was filled with white, puffy clouds has slowly and dramatically changed into a darker, creepier purple setting. The mushroom people all noticed this, and they screamed in horror as they ran into their homes and shut the door closed, as well as the closest buildings by them. Toadsworth grimaced with fear as he suddenly felt that trouble was coming.

"No... it can't be!" Toadsworth exclaimed in horror, his hands trembling nervously as he tried to control himself, "How could something other than Master Bowser come and ruin such a perfectly fine day... how..."

Before he could continue or finish, a loud explosion shook the entire area of Toad Town. It was then that strange, purple goo started to spread crazily through the grimy streets of the Mushroom Kingdom, and made way into the buildings, causing the mushroom people to panic as they ran around, screaming and knocking down anything in their path, as the purple goo slowly entered into their bodies. Toadsworth fell to his knees as he looked down, to see the purple goo rising slowly. Not willing to give the goo a chance, Toadsworth got back up and dashed back into the castle, shutting the doorway.

"Shut all the doors and windows!" Toadsworth shouted to the mushroom workers as they frantically ran and closed up the nearest windows and doors possible, "The Mushroom Kingdom is being attacked! And it's not the Koopa Kingdom this time!"

The mushroom workers and retainers paused for a moment, looked eat each other, and screamed in horror as they started running around in circles, either bumping into each other or tripping as they tried to hide, but was no avail as the purple goo seeped through the hard walls and approached the bodies, taking over the spirits within the mushroom workers and retainers with relative ease. Toadsworth stopped, and turned around, his face turning completely white a pale as he then tried to fight off the purple goo, which all surrounded him as he was the last humanoid mushroom remaining.

"Bring it on, you strange and vile goo!" Toadsworth shouted as he got into a fighting pose, "I'll do my best to protect the castle and my people for the sake of destroying you!"

Bowser and his proud son, Bowser Junior, were relaxing in a nice, warm hot tub within a tropical beach facing the western direction. Kammy Koopa, who was accompanying the King and Prince of the Koopas, was sunbathing within the warm, tannish sand, her purple-colored robes to the right side of her beach chair. It was then that a green-shelled Lakitu with a camera flew around, and flew towards Bowser, to have an interview.

"Your Majesty, I'm Terance Y. Lakitu, and I would like to have an interview with you..." The young Lakitu male stated, his black glasses shaking a bit as he was filled with anxiety to speak with Bowser. "Can you be so humble to give me some answers to this lowly subjected, fourteen-year-old Lakitu?"

Bowser glanced at Bowser Junior, who simply nodded with a smile on his face as he played around with his green-colored, waterproof Nintendo DS, with the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time in it. Bowser merely shrugged, and he turned around to face Terance, asking with an up manner voice, "Yes, Terance, feel free to ask me anything," He stated, grinning as Bowser Junior continued enjoying his Pokemon game.

Terance gulped, sweat coming down from his forehead, which made Bowser a bit shaky. Taking a quick breather, Terance then asked his first question to Bowser, "Your Majesty, how is it that you are on a vacation after kidnapping Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom all this time?"

Bowser chuckled, rubbing his nose as he answered frankly, "Well, it's not easy being an all-powerful king who competes with and gets defeated by a human plumber who loves food and is an Italian American who rarely does what his actual job is... plumbing." He and Terance then bursted into laughter, but Junior did not care.

After a minute or so, Terance managed to gain control of himself and asked Bowser, "All right, sire, I'll ask you another question. Who has been placed in charge of the entire Koopa Kingdom now that you're quite away from home?"

Bowser paused for a moment, giving Terance a good look to the eye before replying, "My dear Terance, that is simple. Why, my good advisor, Kamek Koopa, who is only two ranks under my top advisor, Kammy Koopa, who intriguingly happens to be Kamek's wife. Though he is the head of the Koopa Army after myself."

Terance nodded as he made sure that he was getting film footage, but he then wondered about who Kammy was and asked politely, "Wait, can you tell me who is Kammy, please?"

Bowser shook his head, grinning as he pointed at Kammy lying down on her beach chair. Terance took one good glance, and he turned around to face Bowser, blushing with embarrassment. Bowser noticed this, and he heartily laughed, rolling a tear off from his right eye.

"Oh, don't worry about a thing, Terance," Bowser assured as he gently patted Terance on the head, "With Kamek and my other high ranking Magikoopas around to help, the Koopa Kingdom is under good control without me!" He continued laughing heartily, and Terance, assured that the Koopa Kingdom was save, joined in, pleased by His Majesty.

The Koopa Kingdom, the neighboring, more powerful kingdom nearby the famed Mushroom Kingdom, was preparing its massive army, as usual. Since Bowser has left the kingdom in the hands of Kamek Koopa, the Magikoopas have used their will power to run the army under control, being hopeful to live up to their expectations.

"Sir Kamek, shouldn't we be keeping a close eye on the Mushroom Kingdom?" Asked one of the serving Hammer Brothers, who was scratching his green-colored helmet with confusion.

Kamek sighed, placing his hands behind his back as he turned around and paced. He then glanced at the Hammer Bro and stated, "I don't know, soldier. This is the first day since Lord Bowser has left me and the others with the task of watching over the Koopa Kingdom. Who knows what may happen during His Majesty's absence..."

It was then that an armored, grayish-colored Koopatrol ran in, shouting towards Kamek, "Sir Kamek! We have heard from the Goomba Squadron that the Mushroom Kingdom has been infested with strange purple goo, causing the entire place to appear deserted!"

Kamek stopped pacing, and he faced the Koopatrol. "And what may that be of interest, Klemin U. Rogers?" He asked, adjusting his thick glasses.

The Koopatrol, now established as Klemin U. Rogers, rubbed the back of his head and stated, "Well, sir... if this strange purple goo happens to come over to the Koopa Kingdom, who knows what kind of chaos will unfold..."

Kamek sighed, looking down at the hard, cold floor. "Very well, then." He then turned to Mouser, who had seventeen green-shelled Koopa Troopas, eight black-colored Bo-Bombs, and two black-colored Pidgits behind him. "Mouser, I'm sending you and the Koopa Pack to investigate what is going on with this strange, purple goo."

Mouser got onto his knees and bowed, as did the henchmen behind him. "It shall be done, Master Kamek." With that, Mouser got up and headed out of Bowser's Castle, heading towards the eastern direction, with the Koopa Pack following closely.

Kamek rubbed his chin, thinking deeply. "All right, we got that covered up. Now, let us do some training around here..." He then faced at the other Magikoopas and nodded, and he then turned around to face the gigantic army. "Listen up! We are going to have to be in perfect, physical strength and condition if anything were to happen!"

In the large bustling metropolis that is Diamond City, Wario is sitting on his pink-colored sofa, eating the many delicious, sweet, and cavity-inducing junk food, not giving a care in the world but himself. It is then that Waluigi bursts into the home, wearing a black-colored tuxedo, something that he usually would not wear.

"What the..." Wario stated in disbelief as his right eye twitched, sweat dropping as he asked his younger, taller, and skinner brother, "Waluigi, what in the name of garlic are you wearing? You look like you came from one of those sissy weddings!"

Waluigi laughed, grabbing Wario's nose and letting it go, stating, "Well, Wario, I would be surprised, since quite frankly, it happens to be that Mona is pregnant."

Wario muttered angrily as he rubbed his nose, shaking his head and then getting off of his sofa, asking Waluigi, "What are you talking about, Waluigi? Mona ain't pregnant."

Waluigi scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Please." He waggled his finger in front of Wario's face, "You wonder why Mona was not working at her pizza place for more than eighteen days? You wonder why last Tuesday she checked into the hospital despite looking healthy? You wonder why it appears that she gained some weight..."

Wario suddenly froze in place, his jaw dropping in disbelief as his right eye twitched. He then screamed loudly and started to flail on the ground, getting up and rushing into the bathroom, running back with cleaning utensils around him. Waluigi, impressed, watched as Wario saluted and started scrubbing the wooden floor furiously, determined to make the house clean for Mona.

Waluigi chuckled as he folded his arms while watching Wario clean. "Well, that certainly changed Wario. Now... to check my sweet love, Princess Daisy." With that said, he gallantly marched out of the household, leaving Wario to clean up his house all by his lonesome.

On the tropical, jungle-infested Donkey Kong Island, which is southeast from the Mushroom Kingdom, Donkey Kong and his Kong relatives were all hanging around the beach, eating coconuts while looking at the big waves, while Cranky Kong was mixing up some beats.

"Hey Diddy, you want to catch some waves with me and Dixie later?" Funky asked, with his toothy grin visible as he held his green surfboard.

Diddy looked up towards Funky, and he shrugged, rubbing the back of his head as he replied, "Ehh, sure, okay, I'll be glad to. Just let me finish up this coconut..." He then munched his way into the brown-colored coconut, slurping his face with delight as Funky and Dixie ran into the waves.

Donkey Kong munched gleefully on his bananas, not noticing that Diddy followed behind the two surfing Kongs with his red surfboard. Donkey only thought about bananas as he continued munching on, but a whack to the head from Cranky's cane was enough to convince the banana-loving gorilla.

"Donkey! Is thinking about and eating bananas all you can truly think of?" Cranky asked, astonished as he adjusted his incredibly thick glasses.

Donkey rubbed his sore head, and h replied frankly, "Well, Cranky, I just happen to love bananas, and I don't think they'll ever be a different kind of food that will make my head spin as much as bananas." With that said, he continued merrily munching on his banana.

Cranky sighed, simply shaking his head. "Old Donkey, you'll never have the intelligence of a dolphin at this rate." Saying that, he headed back to his DJ spot, while Donkey continued munching on his bananas.

On the mechanical-based Kremling Island, King K. Rool is eyeing the tropical Donkey Kong Island from the highest point. Petting his pet, green-colored Klap Trap, King K. Rool plots on how to take care of the troublesome Kongs as three different Kremlings come from the back, all of them heading towards the front of the Kremling King and saluting.

"Err, but King K. Rool, we can't do that kind of stuff," Said the first Kremling, a red-colored, barrel covered Kritter.

"Yeah," The second Kremling, a purple-colored Kopter agreed, scratching his stomach, "Plus, doesn't it seem that the Kongs aren't pestering us?"

"Not to mention," The third Kremling, a dull minded, pink-colored Krusha added, scratching his head, "Why would you want to get rid of them, anyway?"

King K. Rool slammed his fist onto the control panel, which sent the three Kremlings screaming down the pit. King K. Rool placed his right hand on his face, thinking as he closed his eyes.

"I can't believe I don't have any reliable henchmen..." The Kremling King muttered angrily to himself as he continued petting his pet Klap Trap, "Can't there be at least someone around here other than myself who can do something right?"

As if summoned by the words, two green-colored Kritters ran into the room, one tall with a black vest around and another shorter, cool-looking Kritter with a red cap. King K. Rool grinned, tapping his fingers together.

"Ahh, so I see that you brought along your younger cousin Kip this time around, Krunch," King K. Rool greeted, glancing at both Krunch and Kip.

Krunch nodded, patting Kip on the head. "Yeah. Young Kip here wanted to see what my job was like, so I decided to bring him along with me this time." He glanced at Kip with a sly smile. "Isn't that right, Kip?"

Kip jumped up and down in excitement, chuckling with glee, "Yeah! We'll go and see what those stupid Kongs are up to! And when we do, BAM!" He punched his right fist into his left hand, "We'll give them a pack of knuckle sandwiches they'll regret eating!"

King K. Rool laughed heartily, patting Kip on the head. "Oh, you are a spirited one, aren't you? I know you will be a GREAT leader someday." He stated with a smile, with Kip rubbing the back of his head nervously as he chuckled. Clearing his throat, King K. Rool faced Krunch and stated, "All right, you two, here's what I request. As usual, I need you, and your cousin Kip as well this time, to go and spy out on what the Kongs are doing. if they are not doing anything, then feel free to signal us, and we'll give them the surprise of their live! If they are planning to fight us, then we'll use defense tactics. Is that understood, you two?"

Krunch and Kip both bowed in unison to their Kremling king. "Yes, King K. Rool." They then both stood in position and saluted to King K. Rool. "We won't let out down, sire!" And with that, they ran out of the room and made their way downward to the outside of the mechanical Kremling Island.

King K. Rool grinned, satisfied to hear that both Krunch and Kip are willing to help. He tapped his fingers together and chuckled. "Soon, Donkey Kong... you and your family will pay for what you did to the Kremling race! Oh ho ho ho ho...!" He bursted into villainous laughter as his pet Klap Trap snapped its jaws in unison, with thunder booming and blue-colored lightning cracking in the background as it started to pour heavily.

Far within the southern seas of the Earth, a bit towards the western direction, within the tropical Yoshi Island, one of the many islands of the gigantic, prehistoric Dinosaur Land continent (circa Super Mario World, 1990), Yoshi and his long childhood friend, Peppy Ankylosaurus, were fishing around a small lake within the center of the island. The two friendly dinosaurs have been chatting amongst each other as they were laid back on the nice, smooth, and colorfully green grass.

"Gee, Yoshi, it sure is peaceful today." Peppy stated with a grin on his face.

Yoshi nodded in agreement, looking at the lake as he waited for something to bite the line. "Yeah. I don't think anything will have a chance of ruining it."

Peppy stared at the lake for a moment, and then he turned to Yoshi. "When we do get a fish eventually, what do you think we should do?" He asked curiously.

Yoshi shrugged. "I don't know. What do you mean, Peppy?" He rubbed the back of his head as he awaited an answer.

Peppy glanced to the left and right, then he faced Yoshi. "Well, we're just sitting here, and we haven't gotten a nibble in seventeen minutes and eighty five seconds. It's quite perplexing when you think about it." He stated, clearly making a validating point.

"And... how am I suppose to know about that?" Yoshi replied, scratching his head.

Peppy stared blankly at Yoshi, and then answered, "Do we even eat fish, Yoshi?"

Yoshi was silent for thirty seconds, then he shrugged and replied, "Not so sure about you, Peppy, but I happen to eat anything that comes within my sight." He chuckled with glee.

Peppy scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Oh really...?" He then grabbed a stick within the mud and offered it to Yoshi. "Then I dare you to eat this!"

Yoshi smiled. "Done and done!" He grabbed the stick and ate it whole, licking the mud off his lips as he swallowed it down.

Peppy's jaw dropped in disbelief, shocked by Yoshi's performance. "Whoa... you actually did it." He commented, shaking his head sideways in disbelief of what he just saw.

Yoshi laughed, patting Peppy on the back. "Yup! Just goes to show you, Peppy, old pal." He made a quick gesture with his right hand and winked, "Don't underestimate a Yoshisaurus by his looks. Or his appetite."

The green Yoshisaurus and the yellow Ankylosaurus both laughed heartily as they patted each other's backs, until Yoshi's fishing rod started to move about. Yoshi screamed in joy as he grabbed the rod and pulled back, reeling back the string from the water, which pulled back. Peppy dropped his rod and grabbed Yoshi from behind, helping him pull the creature grappling the hook as the hook went out of the water and high into the air, and the creature on it was revealed to be a seven inch yellow-and-orange stripped bass fish! Shocked, Yoshi pulled out his fishing net and swopped the bass in, smiling as he placed his rod down and closed the net tightly, watching the bass flapping.

Peppy patted Yoshi on the back, grinning with gratitude. "Well done, Yoshi! You surely captured that bass pretty swell."

Yoshi nodded, smiling. "Yeah! Just you wait, though - I'm going to send this fish to my friends in the Mushroom Kingdom!" With that said, he picked up his things and started running towards the southwestern direction, with his buddy following right behind as the bass continued flapping around in the waterless net.

To Be Continued in Act I...