Petey Piranha and King Boo both tried to make it through the garbage disposal as hard as they could, but they ended up being caught big time by the guard robots, who were watching from the security cameras placed around. Dragging the two bosses behind them, the robots headed straight upwards into a depot, where they opened up the vessel and chucked Petey and King Boo out, watching the two spiraling from space. As Petey and King Boo screamed, their bodies defying the laws of physics and gravity, King Boo grabbed the Piranha Plant boss and turned invisible, making all weight seemingly disappear as they were lighter than a feather. Heading straight for Earth, Petey and King Boo both went straight through the stratospheric clouds and into the disgusting purple-colored waters of a dislocated jungle, heading straight into the sandy bottom of underwater. Making their way upward, Petey and King Boo both became visible as they crawled onto land, looking up to see the Star Cruiser head off towards into deep space.

"Do you think... they'll be more..." Petey asked, gasping in between breathes as he shook his head.

King Boo took a long glance at the cloud-filled sky, which slowly had its white puffy clouds replaced by the dark influenced purple structures that arisen from the cruiser, all coming down as aura. The ghostly king then noticed something strange towards the west, and he dashed. Finally getting himself together, Petey was not far behind.