he Kitsune and his Doggy Lover



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Naruto walked home thinking about the Goddess that filled his thoughts. It was late in the Morning and the whole time he couldn't focus on anything but her smiling face. The fourteen year-old could remember like it was yesterday. His team was given a mission to Hidden Fang to destroy a bandit camp and she was assigned to track it. He memorized every single detail of her. Her long dark chocolate hair done in a ponytail, not to mention the two long banes that fell down the bottom of her cheeks. Her Calm and caring eyes also with the same sheen of her hair. The red fang like tattoos that hung down her cheek. Long legs that seemed to go on forever with wide hips, a slim stomach, and nice set of breasts, or what he could tell from her clothing.

The second time he met her was when he was attacked by the rabid Akamaru and she had to sew up his pants. While lacking some skill in domestic things like sewing she was a phenomenal cook. The only down side was that this goddess was related to Kiba, his secondary rival/friend. Currently the head strong Inuzuka and he didn't get along as he accidentally walked in on her taking a bath when Tsunade sent him to deliver a message to the Chunin because he was conveniently in her office that day. He caught sight of a vet office and suddenly remembered that Hana worked there so he decided to pay a visit.

He walked inside the place and made his way further in to see Hana.
''Ohayo (Good morning) Hana-san,'' He greeted his crush.

''Ohayo Naruto what are you doing here?''

''I decided to pay a visit and I again would like to apologize again for what happened,'' He said as a small smile graced Hana's lips.

''I told you already it's ok Naruto.''

''Oh…well if you say so,'' he replied as he went down and sat next to her. She had a chart in her hands and the name of several dogs, breeds, schedules for when they needed shots and other stuff.

''You know the pup still wants to kill you…I understand I'm his sister and all but I can take care of myself you know.''

''Indeed…hey Hana.''

''Yes Naruto,'' She said checking off something and placing down the clip board.

''Would you like to see something? Something that I've never shown anyone else?'' He asked as a blush crept upon his face.

''Well ok, as long as it isn't perverted.'' She told him kindly and a bit curious.
Naruto gathered chakra and placed his hands together and muttered 'Kai' as the Genjutsu that he placed had fallen. The blonde was a bit taller now and had two Crimson Kitsune ears and a single swaying tail.

''Kawaii,'' Hana mumbled entranced by the site in front of her. ''Naruto…"why do you trust me enough to let me see this?'' She asked as she started playing with his ears, the result was his tail swaying happily.

''Because…I like you Hana-chan,'' He admitted, blushing even more from embarrassment.
Hana was surprised by the admission. ''Naruto I don…'' Naruto cut her off by saying. ''No never mind…it's ok I understand,'' He said getting up and leaving the office.

Hana was saddened by the fact that he thought she didn't like him. He was everything that an Inuzuka female would want in a mate. Brave, Strong, Loyal, and from the rumors he had quite the stamina. She found him cute despite the age difference and now that she thought about, why should he get the happiness he deserved after all the stuff he been put through? Why shouldn't either of them have the happiness that could be brought by being together? So she decided to do something about that.


Later that Night


Naruto heard a knock on his door so he went to open it only to see a letter on the ground. He picked it up and returned inside sitting on his bed wandering who it could have been from. He looked on the back and on it was, ''Your Doggy,'' in big bold, bright red letter.
Naruto decided to open and find out who it was from.

Dear Naruto,
You didn't give me a chance to admit to you my own feelings for you. I never thought about the nature of our relationship as I thought you only saw me as a friend. I would gladly be your girlfriend if you want me or even pack mates if things go that far. I took notice of you the first time I met you with your Cerulean eyes, and spiky blonde hair. As I spent time around you I grown to like you for you not a potential Yondaime look alike that most of the women seem to be interested in. You may not believe my words but there is a seal in this letter with evidence of my sincerity. Please don't show this to anyone… All you have do is put some chakra into the paw mark on the end of the latter. I
Haven't been able to stop thinking about you sense this morning and I really hope to see you again.
From your little doggy girl.

After he was done he put some of his chakra into the paw mark of the letter as three items popped out. The first was the key to a room. If he remembered correctly then clan homes were outfitted with individuals locks for security purposes.

The second was a nude photo of her with a small stuffed fox animal in her arms that had his name on the side.

Naruto blushed like crazy as a thought came to mind. "I wish I was that stuffed animal right now.'' The last thing was a 2nd note.

Meet me in my room of the main clan house tonight. It's the last room on the right, you need the key to get in and please take care not to loose it. I wish to see you tonight and I assure you that you will love what you see.

My little foxy going have fun tonight with me.

After being done with the note he made a mad dash to the Inuzuka main clan house. He leapt threw an open window and quietly crept to the room Hana told him. Using the key he unlocked the door and walked in making his way to her bedroom. He could smell her scent, her arousal and it was driving him wild. He walked in and their lad Hana in
A pair of black panties and an open short with a pink bra.

''Glad you can make it Foxy-kun,'' She said saunter over to him and hugging him. She went about kissing his neck as Naruto moved his hands to her back and started kissing her neck. They both moaned at the softness of the other's kisses as they took turning shower the other with the intimate action. Naruto moved his hands to her front as he slid then shirt off of her. Then he used one of his hands to remove her bra. Her breasts her a heavenly sight, the light brown aerola surrounded the Hana's surprisingly dark tan nipples.

''Seems like my doggy is chocolate all over,'' He said flicking his tongue across her left nipple causing her to moan. She was flushed all over by Naruto's comment and whimpered as he continued teaser her nubs. He then started to slide his right hand down her body causing her to let out a moan. His hand slid her panties off her round behind as he slipped a finger into her folds.

Hana threw her head back and let out a moan as he began to finger her. His digit massaged her moist folds sending a delicious sensation throughout her body. At first it was a nice steady rhythm but then he slipped in a second finger and sped up the rate of his ministrations.
Naruto gripped her hip with his left hand as Hana crashed forward into him and started grinding her body against his. She was panting heavily and sweating as Naruto continued
His ministrations. His finger brushed across her pussy resulting in her letting out an audible scream. He decided to start stroking her there and the result was her snatch squeezing his fingers and drenching his hand in her juices.

''That feels so good foxy!" Moaned an aroused Hana. Naruto removed his fingers and got on her knees and started licking her woman hood. He sped up the rate of his licks until Hana once again was brought to her peak as she came inside his mouth.

Naruto swallowed her juices and moved up to her kissing her mouth, his tongue gaining entrance. Their tongues fought for dominance and after a minute Naruto one out causing Hana to submit arousing her. Anyone who knew the dynamics of the Inuzuka clan knew then that the females sought a powerful male, an alpha as a mate.

Hana fell back onto the bed so Naruto took this opportunity to undress himself. Before he could pull off his boxers, Hana grabbed him and straddled his legs. She pulled down his boxers to reveal a very sizeable swollen organ.

''My Kami..he's huge,'' She marveled at the size as her mouth wetted. She moved her hand down his stomach and took a hold of his tool slowly stroking it causing Naruto to moan. After a few minutes he grunted and shot his seed on his hand. She licked it off nothing the salty taste as she started to crave more. She then took his tool into her mouth and slowly bobbed up and down.

'Wet and Warmth' was the only way to describe the conditions of her moist cavern.

''Hana-chan…your mouth is incredible,'' He groaned as she sped up the rate of her ministrations. She felt him his dick twitch and by the rate he was griping her shoulders she figured he was coming close to climax so she stopped. She wanted his baby making seed inside her, coating her walls. She turned around and got on her hands and knees giving her behind a shake.

''Come and put it in me Foxy-kun…I want your long and hard shaft in my twitch,'' She said wantonly as he moved behind her gripping her hips. He rubbed the dick head against her moist entrance causing her to shudder in anticipation.

''Foxy-kun…please…I broke my hymen some time ago while I was training so fuck me hard you stud… so make me your bitch''

That was all the invitation Naruto needed as his tool penetrated her moist cocoon. He slowly started to move in and out as they both moan in ecstasy.

''Aaah! Mmhmm! That's it Foxy-kun! Harder!'' She cried out pleadingly as Naruto stretched her in wonderful ways. It was a bit painful but the pleasure did more than make up for it.
Naruto groaned as the feeling of tightness was indescribable. He gave her rear end a smack and the result was that Hana let out a howl. It was an arousing sight. Her sweaty and curvy form, the sight of her round behind and her lustful cried were amazing.

''Oh kami that's it spank me! Spank your doggy girl.''

Naruto felt his lips purse as he began to let out several slaps to her behind. Each smack caused it to jiggle like Jello. He then moved his other hand to one of her breasts, teasing and pinching one of the nubs. Her moans grew even louder as he groaned and sped up the rate of his thrusts.

''Yeah that's it! fuck your doggy girl!'' She screamed clutching the sheets. As she fell forward slightly she started to thrust backwards which increased the sensations two-fold.
With renew vigor their love making became more wild, the sound of smacking flesh echoed throughout the room.

"Foxy I'm coming again" Hana screamed as she felt her climax hitting full force like a hurricane.
Hana's walls gripped his tool in a vice like grip. He could feel his own climax approaching as a result.

''Hana-chan I'm going to cum too.''



Both of them screamed as they came together. Their juice/seed intermixed covering and coating their lovers private parts. Naruto for some reason unknown to him leaned over and bit into Hana's shoulder. She moaned in ecstasy and delight as the action had a very important significance to the Inuzuka clan.

Both fell to the bed exhausted yet happy. Naruto moved over to Hana, wrapping an arm around her waist. Naruto kissed Hana on the lips as they snuggled together.

''Naruto-kun I just want you to know…you were my first…my first and only.'' She said as they held each other and fell asleep.


That Morning


Kiba that morning went to Hana's room and knocked on the door. Not too many people could get sleep last night because of the moaning. As he knocked on the door it jarred slightly. As he walked in he noticed two nude people, one was his sister and the other was…

'' I'M GOING FUCKING KILL YOU NARUTO!' Kiba shouted in rage as he woke up the two lovers.

Naruto in an instant grab his clothing and made a mad dash for his life. As he ran he came across the training field where the other teams were gathered.

''HELP! Kiba is trying to kill me!'' He shouted as he made his way to the teams. He could understand or at least figure he understood how Kiba felt. I mean who would want to find their friend naked with their sister.

''Why would he Naruto? What did you do?'' Asked Sakura his pink haired team mate.

''Because he found out me and Hana are dating just now, because he walked in on us naked and asleep because we had sex with each other last night,'' He explained.

Everyone was in shock because one he get a girl friend and also he had sex with someone that older than him.

"Great job Naruto!" Kakashi cheered giving him a thumbs up.
Sakura hit Kakashi in the balls for cheering like that,

''KUSO!'' Naruto swore and took off as he saw Kiba running over the fields armed with kunai with the attempt to kill.


Later that night at the Inuzuka clan house


Hana and Tsume were eating dinner as Kiba walked in **.

''Hey pup why so pissed?'' Tsume asked little worried.

"Myy horny bitch of a sister had sex with Naruto. I'm going to kill that blonde bastard next time I see him…he got lucky but next time he won't get away.''

Tsume had hopped up with Kami like speed and broken a chair on Kiba's head and proceeded to shout at him for calling his sister a horny bitch.

''You listen and you listen good Pup…Your Onee-chan is not a horny bitch but was just in Heat…she is a grown woman and a Kunoichi of this village and as long as whoever she chooses treats her right and makes her happy is no one business but her owns.

''Besides Kiba Naruto and I are happy together…besides we all know he can kick your ass if the

Chunin Exams were anything to go by. All because you don't like the fact he's stronger then you now doesn't mean I can't date him.

''Damnit!'' Kiba swore as he left the dinner room.

"Now tell me Hana, is he a good mate to you?'' Tsume asked her daughter concerned in a way only a mother could be.

'Well Okaa-san he's strong, kind, nice, has a big heart, never gives up not to mention he has fox appendages that are so cute and he's…quite equipped down there,'' She told her Okaa-san as Tsume smirked.

''Hhm he sounds like a dream…maybe I should steal him and take him for a 'test drive,' show him what a real woman can do.'' She teased her daughter.

''Oh hell no! He and his big dick are all my Okaa-teme!'' Hana shouted as she turned red.
Tsume giggled like a kid at her daughter.

"I going to go to his house to sleep tonight" Hana announced as Tsume nodded.


Naruto's House


Knock knock knock

"Who is it?" he opened the door to see it was Hana-chan. ''Hey there Hana-chan come on in.''

He said inviting her to his small and cramp apartment. It was in shambles, broken furniture, slander with words of 'die' and 'demon' sprayed on the walls and other things that shocked her.

" I can't believe Naruto-kun lives like this? I need find way to let him move into the clan house" as she was lost in thought Naruto wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Aishiretu(I Love you) Hana-chan,'' he said placing his face into her neck.
put his head onto her neck.

"Aishiretu Naruto-kun,'' She said turning her head around and kissing the cheek.
Naruto then led them to his bed as they lay down together and went to sleep in each other's arms.


End Notes


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