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"I truly just can't wait till we have to stop for the night. Then I will have you all to myself Hana-chan." Naruto softly whispered into his lover's ear which caused her to blush badly at first but smiled right at him after her heat gathers around her cheeks. The truth be told she couldn't wait till they are alone again but she isn't going to let herself tell him that.

"You can't wait at all can you?" She whispered husky with hint of flirty back to him only to earn herself a shake of his head no back over to her. He moved his right arm around her waist and pulled her even closer against him while they walk behind the rest of the group.

"I don't like this at all!" Sakura let out an outburst at Hana with her eyes staring back at the two of them. "Why did she take Sasuke-kun place? Tell me why dammit!" Her anger only start to get worse now but Naruto just stared blankly back at her without even giving a damn about what she has to say.

It not because he didn't care at all or that he hates her or dislikes her maybe just simply that he's heartless no it's not any of that. It is just because no one has the right to talk to his love like that. No one in this world could talk to her like that because he isn't going let anyone no matter who they may be.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Sasuke-tama is nothing more than a missing shinobi and not a part of this team anymore. You need to get over this and move on already before you go and do something you will regret." Everyone stopped walking to look over at team seven fighting with each other but Sakura started to just make a fist at him.

"Who do you think gives you the right to say that! You are just the dead last of our class and have no right to talk about someone better than you." She then tired to punch him only for it to be stop by Hana's hand. She just throws Sakura on her ass before growling at her while her eyes are staring at the bitch in front of her. She truly had become pissed off by how Sakura tried to hurt her mate like that and in front of her like that.

"Don't you ever think about trying to touch my mate like that again do you understand you whore! You need understand already that your asshole of a boyfriend Sasuke backstabbed our village and you have no right to defend him like this!" Hana is now standing over the scared girl but Tsume moved over to her daughter and was about to try and calm her daughter down.

"Let it go Hana-chan she isn't worth it." Before Tsume could get there Naruto moved his hand to her hand slowly rubbing it to Tsume's surprise it did calm her down and making her daughter kiss him in a loving manner.

"Let's keep moving so we can get to nearby village before night fall." This came from the anbu member with a neko mask on. She has long purple hair with a katana on her back. Naruto just then looked over to see who is coming with them.

They once again start to walk but his eyes go back to scanning over the members of his village that is walking beside him now. He knows everyone from team eight, nine and ten also their sensei but he doesn't know a lot of the anbu members.

There are few jounins he has never seen before either along with the chuunin members that are with him as well. He looked at Kakashi who just gives one of his smirks before getting Sakura to walk away from him and Hana.

"Can I ask you something Tsume-chan?" She looked over at her daughter's mate and a smile formed on her lips. She never did hate him or dislike him for what he has inside of him. In truth she always wished that she could help him but wasn't allowed by the old fools which greatly pissed her off at the fact that they did.

"You can ask me anything after all you are dating my daughter but also you're her mate from what I have heard from her own lips that is." He blushed at that comment of her only for her to giggle but her giggle was soon followed by a set of giggles from both Anko and Hana.

"Have you ever been to one of these kinds of things? I'm just wondering what kind of place we are going to and how it worked." She nodded to him with her head but she moved a finger to her lips but her eyes go back to him than to her daughter.

'Yes I have been to a few of these but the rules always change and it can be a royal pain in the ass. You shouldn't have to worry too much because right now you're a genin and don't have much to worry about." Naruto just looked away after hearing that because he isn't going to lose at the matches no matter what even if he just a genin.

Hana can now see him making a fist causing her to hold his hand tightly and look at him. She moved her lips to her ear and softly whispered the new few words to him. 'Don't worry so much because I know you will the best out of your genin teams."

"Thank you Hana-chan." He kissed her before walking side by side with her but his eyes kept looking at everyone because he hopes that this does end well for everyone. He moved his hand closer to her side while their hand kept being held together but she slowly lad him while his eyes close tight.

When night finally set that's when they ended up in a village buying rooms for the night but Naruto just looks at Hana with a smirk. Once the two of them finally got inside their room he moved right to her neck with his lips to give her a kiss that caused her to moan only for her hands to move to the back of his head.

"You really can't stop touching me can you Naru-kun?" He lips become a smirk before moving to her ear lope and uses his tongue to play with it. She slowly moved her hands down his back while he kept on playing with her right ear lope.

The two of them move over to the bed for another night of fun but Hana end up enjoying it more this time than their first time. When the he wakes up he kissed her neck and runs a hand down her naked body which caused her to wake up.

"Good morning Naru-koi, is it morning already?" Naruto looked outside before looking back at her. She looked out the window this time to see that it's still somewhat dark out only for her to stare at him

"Why you wake me up so soon?" He just looked at her before giving her a kiss but he does have his eyes closed right now. "What's wrong you can't sleep? Was our fun not good for you?" She looked at him before looking down but he moved his hand to her cheek moving her look back up to him.

"No our fun was truly great Hana-chan I just worried about how well I'll do at this place that we're going to." Hana smiled when she heard that because the last thing she wanted to do was be bad in bed for him.

"You don't have anything to worry about Naruto-kun because I believe in you and I know you can do it." She kissed him before getting up to head for the shower only for him to follow after her with a kitsune like smirk on his face.

Hana just looked back at him with a smile on her face before leading him into that bathroom than closing the door behind them quickly. "You simply just can't get enough of me Naruto-koi? I'm really that good for you to be unable to resist me?"

"Why in the world would I try to resists to begin with?' He moved her against the wall kissing her neck hard before she reached over to start the shower. By time the water was ready for her he was already licking her pussy slowly at first but she didn't want slowly because she slammed her pussy against his mouth grinding against his lips hard.

She wanted it hard and rough but once she felt his tongue now licking around her folds hard and his finger thrusting hard inside her she couldn't help but moan out his name. She could feel him adding another finger inside her only for her to grab his head forcing it against her wet folds harder.

She couldn't take it anymore because she wanted more than just his fingers inside her right now and only thing that can help her desires is his hard member pounding her sweet wet dripping pussy right here and now.

This caused her to move him up to his feet fast and then pushed him hard against the wall inside the shower where. She could hear a loud sound when his back hit the wall only to cause her to kiss him on his lips in a rough heated manner like a predator going after its prey.

She kissed and used her teeth to leave bite marks down his chest till he got to his tool taking it inside her wet hunger mouth quickly while her hands played with his balls. She could feel the water hitting her back as she sucks faster but he doesn't just sit there do nothing because his hands began to play with her breasts hard and in a rough way just the way he knows both of them loves it.

She slowly let herself give into the pleasure she's feeling by him giving it to her through his playing with her breasts but doesn't stop working her mouth. She started to move her tongue up to the tip of his member then all way down to the base where she gave each ball a suck.

She also gave each one a small bite before licking the base once again then all way up to the tip but the whole time her eyes just stared up at his only turning him on even more. She could tell by his hunger eyes he wanted more of her mouth but she smirked.

She teased him more by just licking the tip before taking his whole member down her mouth but her hands went back to playing with his balls but unlike before now she's playing rough with more earning groans from him.

Hearing him groan out like that only caused more chills to go down her back but she only played with them more rough while licking the tip once again before giving him few more long licks up and down his harden member.

She moved his member out of her wet soft mouth to between her two soft breasts before she rubbed them against him only to feel his member starting to harden more to her enjoyment. She grinned and still looking up at him while she contained to play with his hard member with her breasts.

After few more minutes he let out his seed all over her chest and breasts only for her to move her finger wiping his cum off her and licking it off her fingers slowly causing his member to come back to life quickly while he watches her tease him with his cum.

He moved her quickly against the wall at the front of the shower with her hands against the cold wall. The warm water against her bare soft back and ass and then she moved upwards with his hands on each side of her perfect ass.

He gave each of her ass cheek a hard spank before moving inside her dripping wet pussy only to see the lips of his lover break open as her mouth opens wide with moans coming out of it. He thrusts harder inside her without giving her time to catch her breath.

She could feel and hear his balls hitting against her ass cheeks each time he thrust in deep inside of her but she enjoyed it greatly when he is this rough this her. She guessed it was part of her clan when it came to her love of rough sex but she looked back with her eyes filled with lust and hungering for more.

She wanted to feel more of him and his body against her but more than anything she just wanted to be close to him like this. She wanted to be close to the person she loves with all her heart and soul but to share this passion together and so rough mixed together.

"Give it to me harder Naru-kun! I want it deeper inside of me and now!" With these words he moved his hands to her sides and begin to thrust even harder inside her with sounds of their bodies hitting together could be heard loud and louder with each thrust.

Her moans just sounded so exotic to his ears which only caused him to feel more lust for the woman he loved with all his heart. Her voce and how she was just made him want her move but he moved his lips to her neck slowly giving it a got bite only for her to moan out even more with lust filled voice.

She moved her ass back against him while he bite her only to be turned on even more by him marking her as his. She looked back with her black slit eyes just showing lust and love to him but she moved him off her and pushed him roughly down on the floor of the shower.

"You truly know how to turn me on Naru-kun, now let me have my fun ok?" She asked then slammed her dripping wet hunger pussy down on his harden dick only for her to move her head back letting out a howl of pleasure.

The scene in front of him of her howling in pleasure like that seemed so exotic to him that he shouldn't help but be turned on by the woman on top of him. He started over to her harden nipples that she started to be playing with while howling out.

She moved her mouth fast to his neck giving the mate mark new fresh bite mark only to let out a groan from his lips only to further her lust and desire. He moved his hands to grab her breasts replacing her own hands and started rubbing them hard with his mouth biting her nipples hard leaving bite marks around her harden nipples.

She moved her nails against his cheeks then sides while riding him hard and rough but each time she could feel his dick thrusting hard against her walls she just kept letting out howls of pleasure while clawing at him.

'I love you Naru-kun." She bitten down his neck once more but she felt his hands now on her ass grabbing it while slapping it hard. With she slap she felt of his hand hitting her ass cheek she pushed her ass into each slap only to cause her feel mix of pleasure and pain with felt chills up her back.

She weren't say it to him but she loved it whenever he grabbed or slapped her ass like this because she knows it is his way of telling her that her ass belongs to him. She always wanted him to show her that she's his and only his no matter what.

"Slap my ass harder! Show me that it belongs to you and no one else! I may you keep slapping it harder Naru-kun!" She screamed out loud in a husky horny voice while moving her hips faster when grinding against his member but like she told him he slapped her ass even harder. With each slap the force behind it got stronger leaving deeper red marks all over her ass cheeks much to her enjoyment and later regret thanks to not being abided to sit down for long time to come.

He moved his hands to her back slowly using his nails thanks to Kyuubi leaking out giving him longer ones to claw her back. Her eyes just lock with him with she does the same to his chest but she could feel herself finally climax as her juices run down his member but soon after she felt his seed being send up inside of her.

Both of them now are panting heavy with her head now on his neck with the water hitting against her back still. "You really know how to get my wild self out of me but also how to handle me as well."

"What can I say? I'm the best there is." She just playful slapped him on the chest where so many of the claw marks she made are. He picked her up and himself off the floor but turned off the shower while leaving the bathroom with her in his arms.

He just put her down on the bed softly before soft kissing her neck while lying beside her. He simply just looked into her beautiful breathtaking black slit eyes but he felt her hand on his cheek slowly rubbing them.

"I truly love you Naru-kun." Her voice sound so sweet to his ears while her lips claimed his once more for her own. The two of them wrapped their arms around each other and simply let each other sleep in peaceful bliss.

When they finally woke up and had new clothes on which they got from their storage scrolls he couldn't believe just how badly she clawed him because even with healing powers many of the marks still are there.

"You really know how to claw me Hana-chan." She could tell that he's teasing her but she only took her shirt off showing she had no bra on with result of him staring hard at her breasts. She turned around so he could see all the claw marks on her face.

"Your one to talk about clawing because unlike you my marks going be here for a while but." She stopped talking and moved over to him with her lips against his neck biting the mate mark. "I enjoyed it all last night, I really enjoyed you clawing me and marking me like that."

"I know you that, that why I'm going keep doing it to you. "He moved to her neck biting the new mate mark hard only to cause her to move her head back moaning but she looked at him with pout once he stopped.

"You will always be my Hana-chan, my love and my mate because I love you and always will be with you no matter what happens. I'll always show you that you're my mate no matter what and where." Chills went down her back when he could her how dominant his voice sounded right now but she enjoyed it very much.

She put her shirt back on but looked at him with a smiling face. "Let's get going because I bet everyone is waiting for us to finally leave her room. We can't be late you know, at least not for the tournament." He smirked but nodded his head giving her a good spank on the ass before the two of them leave their hotel room.

"If you do good, I'll reward you as well" She whispered into his ear while they walked out to see everyone staring at them but Kiba glaring along with Hinata. "What is with all the staring? Did something happen that we don't know about?" Tsume just shakes her head before walking up to them.

"Everyone could hear your first round of fun then your second one which was a lot louder and by sounds of it more wildly than the first round you two had together." Both of them blush hard but Hana looked away from her mother's eyes only to cause her to let out a howl of laughter.

"You really are my daughter, now let's go everyone ready or at least tired ready." Naruto stared at her like she's crazy but Hana pushed him up while hiding behind him not wanting everyone to stare at her.

"Using me as a shield now are you Hana-chan? That's not fair at all you know" She shy nodded her head to him before moving her neck to the back of his neck breathing against it. He stopped only for to kiss his neck but the groans got them to keep walking again.

"I swear Kurenai-sensei my mind scarred for life, why did they have to be so loud!" She couldn't help but giggle at her student ranting on about hearing his sister mating. She looked back at the two love birds with a grin on her face.

"I think I need teach you Naru-kun how to set up a sound barrier next time you wish to have fun with your girlfriend. Why don't you come see me later tonight ok?" He nodded his head but Hana stared at her deadly only for another giggle to leave Kurenai's mouth.

The rest of the trip had tons of teasing both by Kurenai and Anko but he just laughed with blushing had of the time. When they finally got inside the lands of valor he could see that so many other villages had sent many of their shinobis as well.

He noticed few people that caused him to let out a smile but rushed over to them only for Gaara to look at him hard but Temari smiled and waved over to him. "You guys are here to? Temari nodded her head to him.

"Yea we are here to fight in these matches but it seems turn into something big this year. They won't tell us what but they said this year going be different than any other year so far in the history of these tournaments." He smiled at hearing that but when he felt Hana's arms around him his smile only grow bigger.

"I'll catch you later Naru-kun, we need go back to our village area." The three of them start to leave but Gaara stopped moving only to look back at Naruto. He stared hard at the blonde hair shinobi for a minute.

"It's nice to see you again and good luck in your match." He walked off only for Naruto to shake his head but was happy. He truly was glad to see that his old friend is doping better since the last time he had seen him.

"It's time to get to our area to Naru-kun because we can't be late and everyone is waiting for us to get there." He nodded and head over to the hotel that Konoha shinobis are staying at. He couldn't help but look around with his eyes because so many different parts of the world in one village like this.

When they get inside Kakashi handed him his key to his and Hana room but they blushed because they didn't realize everyone would put them in same room. They looked at each other with a smirking face before heading to their room but once inside they put a sound barrier up.