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Just One More Night
by cherry-kiss-red © 2008
Disclaimer: The following characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just own the idea for the actions in this story.

Chapter 1: New roomies and a one-night stand.

"Okay, Isabella. I really like you a lot, according to Emmett you are the perfect person for us and I am happy you like the flat, but I still got two questions for you, before I can completely decide if we'll keep you here." Alice Cullen said, a short pixie-like girl, with spiky black hair and a matching personality. She and her brother Edward, whom I hadn't met yet, were searching a new housemate and I was in the need of a place to live. I had found out about this offer by my best friend's boyfriend, Emmett, who fortunately was Alice and Edward's big brother and had put in a good word for me. After Alice had shown me around the rather large apartment, I knew that I'd love to live here. It was a bright and beautiful flat and the room I would get was a lot bigger than the little room I was currently living at Rosalie's in. But hearing Alice speaking so serious about two left questions, I was wondering if I gave her a wrong impression.

"No problem, Alice. What do you want to know?" I asked her, trying to get rid of the nervousness in my voice.
"Don't worry, Bella, it is nothing bad. First: Do you cook?"

I was a bit taken aback by such a trivial question, but nodded my head in agreement nonetheless.
"That is awesome. I still think that Edward and I will die of too much take-out one day. You're going to be our personal cook, if you don't mind." Alice laughed and calmed down again immediately. "Okay, last question and then we can go more into detail. Are you single or are you involved with someone?"
"Single, definitely." I answered, relieved that the questions Alice had for me were quite easy to answer and not embarrassing. "And I will try to stay single at least until the end of my life."
We both laughed and I knew I would have an amazing time with Alice. And even though I hadn't met Edward, I was looking forward to living with them. And according to Emmett, his younger brother was really fun to live with and I trusted what he said.

Three hours later and some "going into detail" - as Alice called it - I was sitting in Rosalie's living room and had to tell her everything about this afternoon. Emmett was thrilled by the thought of me living with his siblings and couldn't wait for the "Welcome, Bella"-party Alice would surely throw.
"Wait until you meet Edward, you will really like him. Though I should warn you, when you meet him first he will probably be a bit shy, but once you really get to know him, you will never want to live with someone else." It seemed like he couldn't stop to talk about his younger sister and brother and I had to admit that I liked to know some things about them, before I moved in with them; though I wasn't sure if funny childhood-stories were the most important things to know.
"But Emmett, what if they both realize that they don't really like me and are unhappy with their choice?"
"Bella my dear, you worry too much. Alice always makes the right choices, if it was possible I would say she's a psychic. And Edward… well Edward always used to do what Alice told him and when she says that you are the right choice he will definitely believe it. Come on girl, smile and be happy. You will share an apartment with two of the best people in the world."

I really wanted to believe Emmett, but I was still a bit afraid of what they would be thinking of me. Living together could always end in big problems, especially if you didn't know the people you were going to live with. On one hand my first impression of Alice was great and she was exactly like Emmett had told me: A little girl who had more power and energy than anyone you would ever meet and whom you just had to love. The optimistic part of my mind told me that she and I would become really good friends, but on the other hand I couldn't stop myself from being a bit scared.
I was just 22, on my way to be a teacher, and had no real experience in sharing my apartment with people I didn't know. When I had moved out of my mother's house I had been 20 and after that I always had lived in Rosalie's house. Back then she hadn't wanted to be alone, but now she had met Emmett and he wanted to move in with her. Of course they always told me that I didn't need to find another apartment, and that they would love to have me around, but actually I didn't want to disturb them. Their relationship was so serious that I already knew they would marry one day. For that I didn't need to be a psychic, I just needed to watch them for five minutes.
At first I had tried to find a small apartment for myself, so I would be alone for the first time in my life, but I couldn't afford all these prices. I was currently working in a library and even though there was nothing better for me than working with so many books, the money I got for that wasn't too much. So I needed another option and when Emmett told me that Alice and Edward were searching a housemate and didn't want to have too much money, I couldn't really say no.

When we were finished talking and Emmett and Rosalie had started to get a little more intimate and I wanted to see, I went back into my room where already some boxes were standing. I was a bit sad that I was going to move out, but it was the best thing for everyone. These two lovebirds needed more time for themselves and I really didn't want to walk in on something I didn't need to see. And I don't think that it will take too much time until I realize if the "Cullen-apartment" is the right place for me or not.

I sat down on my bed and took out my copy of "Romeo and Juliet", which was one of my favorite books, when my cell-phone started to vibrate. The caller ID told me that it was Jessica, a girl I was having some classes with and who wanted to become a PE-teacher.

"Hey Jess." I answered the phone, wondering what she wanted to tell me.
"Hey Bells. I wondered if you'd like to come to that new bar Singer. Angela, Lauren and I are already here and I thought it would be nice if you were here too. We always wanted to have a drink together to get to know more about the other." In the background I could hear the typical bar-music and some shouting. To be honest I wasn't in the mood for "partying", but Jess was right when she said that we always had wanted to know more about each other. Probably it would be a welcome change, considering that my usual Friday nights were always a tad too boring (on Rosalie's scale).
"Thanks for offering, Jess. I'll be there in an hour, if that's fine with you." I answered and already thought about what to wear. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not a fashion person, whose closet just consists out of clothes by Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Ed Hardy. But I knew that Rosalie would see that I was going out and if she realized that I would go to a bar wearing my favorite hoodie, she would drag me into the bathroom and spend the next two hours with dressing me up. And yes, this was definitely something I was afraid of. Call me chicken.
"That is awesome, Bella. See you there."

It took me exactly one hour and ten minutes to get there, from the second I hang up my cell-phone until the moment I went through the doors of the bar. I would have been faster, if Rosalie hadn't insisted on me changing my top three times. All the time she was rambling about me never finding a good guy, if I weren't showing a bit more of my body. Honestly, I didn't know that I needed to be half-naked to find a man to marry, but apparently Rose is thinking differently.
So now I was in a bar that resembled the typical drunk college student and couldn't find my friends. It took me five more minutes to push my way through the crowd of drunk and half-naked people until I found Jessica, Angela and Lauren sitting at a small table. When Angela saw me, she immediately held up her hand and waved to show me to come over as fast as possible. They were all sipping their drinks, which looked suspiciously like the bad alcohol I should never drink.

"Bella, it's so nice to see you." Jessica said and gave me a hug, once I arrived at their table. "Do you want a cocktail too? These are so delio-, delico-… delicious."

I could clearly hear her problems with her voice and my assumption was affirmed. Definitely alcohol.
"Oh Jess, I shouldn't. They probably are really, really delicious, but I and alcohol don't get along very well. It would be embarrassing."
"Come on, Bells, just tonight. Have a little fun… there is nothing to do tomorrow for you. One -hicc- drink… please."

In the back of my mind I knew that I would regret it, but I nodded nonetheless. Later I realized that it had been a really bad decision, because the cocktails were too tasty to stop after one. Not one of the virgin drinks they were offering at the bar could make up for the delicious flavor of the colorful cocktails, so I just kept ordering the alcohol. Good for my taste buds, bad for my head. It didn't take long until I felt lightheaded and talked more than ever. These three girls were really fun to be with, even though I was starting to feel a bit out of place when their boyfriends showed up. When their making-out sessions became too much for me, I decided that it would be a good idea to pay the restroom a little visit. Again I pushed my way through the sweaty crowd and was really relieved when my body was freed from the crowd. But before I could get to the restrooms, I felt myself bump into somebody else.
I could feel the blood rush to my head immediately and was very thankful for the dim light in the bar. Slowly I looked up to the person I just collided with and was ready to apologize, when my eyes met a pair of the most beautiful emerald eyes I had ever seen. Every "sorry" I wanted to say, disappeared like it never had existed. Every cell of my brain was thinking of these green pools and forgot that they needed to make me look a bit more intelligent.

"I am sorry. I didn't look where I was going." The man in front of me said with a velvety voice that made him even sexier. His hands lightly touched my forearms to steady me and when I realized this contact the blush on my face just worsened.
"It is not your fault. I've always been a bit clumsy." I answered him, realizing too late how weak my voice sounded. Oh my god. I had never seen this guy before and was intoxicated by his mere presence… I really needed to get out of there.
"Can we at least pretend that this was my fault, so I can buy you a drink as a make-up-gift?" He asked and all my plans to get out of the bar were forgotten immediately. This hot man was offering me a drink? I wouldn't say no.
"Okay, if you want it this way." I said and smiled at him. It was official now: I had definitely spent too much time with Rose telling me about "how to flirt".

The man led me to the bar and we sat down on the comfortable looking chairs. After we ordered our drinks, he turned his chair around to look at me completely and shot me a dazzling grin that made my heart skip a beat. What the hell was happening with me?

"So, would you tell me your name?" He asked.
"Bella. Yours?"

In the back of my mind I remembered something when he mentioned his name, but I couldn't figure it out. Of course I blamed the alcohol and the Greek god in front of me, but still… I wanted to know why his name reminded me of something.

We talked a lot. Time passed like it was running away from me, but Edward and I talked and talked and talked. He was so much fun to be with and told me funny stories about his childhood and his siblings and I couldn't get enough of him. Sometimes I concentrated less about what he was saying and more on the light that was playing with his messy auburn hair, losing myself into daydreams where I could touch it and make him moan. Believe me when I say that I am usually not that way. This was something completely new for me and I never had felt like that before.
And I had never done anything like this before. When Jess, Angela and Lauren came to say good-bye, Edward and I also decided that it was too late to keep drinking. He gave me his cell phone-number and wanted me to promise that I would call him. Of course I answered with a "yes" that came out a bit too fast and enthusiastically, but Edward just shot me another dazzling crooked grin, which was one of the best things I had ever seen.

"Let's get you a cab. I don't think you should drive and even though I'd love to offer to drive you home, I am not really sure if I should get in a car calling myself a driver." He said and we both laughed. Once outside he stopped a cab and opened the door for me, so I could get in.
"Would you tell me, when you're home? I don't like to let a beautiful woman like you drive home alone…" Edward said and smiled apologetically.
"Why don't you just get in the cab and watch me go through my door, so you don't have to worry about me." I answered, stunned by own blunt behavior.
"If you don't mind…" I shook my head and he sat down next to me. When Edward closed the door, I told the driver where I lived and dreamed of the now thirty minutes lasting ride.

After the first five minutes of silence I started to realize how close Edward really sat next to me. There were just one or two inches of free space between us and just the thought of it, made the butterflies in my stomach freak out. I moved my head to the side to look at him and saw that he was already looking at me. His eyes had such a penetrating expression that made shivers running down my spine. My eyes fell down to his lips, watching them curve into a beautiful smile, before his head moved closer to mine and our lips touched.

My eyes closed immediately and I completely lost touch with reality. His lips were so soft and warm that it felt like they were made to be connected with mine. One of his hands rested on my thigh, caressing me with its light touch which made me ache for him in ways I never would have dreamed of. My own hands moved up to the back of his head to push him closer to me and to run my fingers through his messy hair like I had wished to do all night long.
His lips parted and his tongue swept across my bottom lip, asking me for entrance. I opened my mouth and let my tongue meet his in an everlasting dance of passion which made my body feel like it wanted to combust. I never wanted this moment to end, but the cab driver had other plans for us. He cleared his throat to announce our arrival at Rosalie's house and we jumped apart.

This situation forced another blush onto my face and I smiled sheepishly when Edward paid the driver. I was wondering what he planned to do, but I didn't care when he left the car with me and held my hand, while he was leading me to the door. I took out my keys, opened it and turned back to Edward.

"Thank you. I really enjoyed this evening." Suddenly I was at a loss for words and didn't know what to do next… how to say good-bye. But he just took a step towards me and pressed his lips against mine again. We stumbled through the door, locked at the lips, and hoped we would get to the bed in time.

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