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Full Summary: Carlisle brings an "old friend" to Forks to stay for a while. While he is there, a baffling mystery pops up. So baffling, in fact, that only the greatest detective of all time could solve it. Luckily, he's there...

Author's Note: Well, this is an edit of the first chapter of "Elementary, My Dear Cullen". I thought it a bit short and decided that it would be good to make it a bit longer. No, I won't be moving this fanfiction like I did with "Jacksonville Blues".

The Meadow - Somewhere Outside of Forks, Washington

Isabella Marie Swan sat in a pool of sunlight, surrounded by flowers. Next to her was her boyfriend, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, glittering merrily. They were intent on enjoying their day together. Not even a visit from a bear would have disturbed them.


She turned slightly so she could see Edward better. "Yes?"

"Carlisle asked me to warn you, one of his friends is coming to the house today. He'll be staying for about a month," he frowned, as if he was looking for the right words to describe Carlisle's friend. "Let's just say that he's an odd soul."

Bella smiled. "You talk about him like he's a monster! Can he really be that bad if he's one of Carlisle's friends? Besides, I like meeting more vampires," she shuddered. "Unless, of course, they're like the Volturi."

Edward laughed. "You don't need to worry about that, Carlisle's friend is definitely not like anyone you met in Italy. In fact, he's quite the opposite. He's a," he smirked. "'Vegetarian,' like us."

She smiled again. "That's good."

They went back to enjoying each other's company and the sun. Bella closed her eyes and was just on the point of sleep when Edward stiffened next to her.

"What is it, Edward?"

"It could be nothing, but I could have sworn that I saw..." his jaw tightened. "Bella, stay right here! Don't move an inch!" Edward ran at top speed for a patch of tress directly across the meadow from her.

Bella, who was never particularly good at following directions, rose to follow her boyfriend. It took her a few minutes to get to the trees. When she finally reached them, Edward was nowhere in sight.

"Edward," she called, standing on her tiptoes. There was a slight noise from behind her; so soft that it was barely perceptible to her all-too-human ears. She turned and saw a woman standing in the middle of the field.

The woman was saying something, but it was too far for Bella to hear. So she went closer. The woman's head was down, her long black hair hanging in her face. It appeared that she was crying.

"Sorry, Miss, is there something wrong," Bella walked cautiously forward. "You really shouldn't be alone in the woods, it's dangerous!"

The woman raised her head, livid red eyes met Bella's. "You killed him," it was just a whisper. If she hadn't been paying attention, Bella would have missed it. "You killed him."

Bella stepped back. "What?"

The woman started to scream and tear at her hair. "You killed him! You killed him! You killed him! YOU KILLED HIM!" She threw herself at Bella in a flash of black and white.

Just as Bella was sure she was finally going to die, another flash appeared out of nowhere. Brown and black met black and white with an explosion of sound and color. Bella was hurled backwards and landing a good twenty feet away from the two fighting vampires.

Terrible snarls were coming from the tornado of color. Then came a sickening snap. The tornado stopped and revealed a man in black and brown standing on the female vampire's back.

He dusted off his hands and walked over to Bella. "Miss Swan, I presume?"

She was just lucid enough to nod.

"What did you do to provoke that young lady?"

"I don't know," she stared up in the man's peculiar silver eyes. "You're a vampire."

"Yes," the sun refracted off his skin. "My name is Holmes, I'm here to see Carlisle Cullen. He sent me out to get you and Edward back," Holmes pulled Bella off the ground. "But I don't see Edward."

Edward appeared out of nowhere at Bella's side. "I heard the commotion and came back as fast as I could. There was another vampire, but I didn't catch her. What happened?"

Bella pointed a shaky finger at Holmes. "He saved me."

"Ah, Mr. Holmes, good to see you again! It's good to know that you're still a gentleman," Edward smiled and shook Holmes' hand.

"Quite. Have you any idea who this was," Holmes gestured at the dead vampire.

Edward reluctantly parted from Bella's side to examine the dead vampire. "My God, it's Irina!"

"Who's Irina" Bella had stopped shaking for the most part. She stepped forward to look into the female vampire's now ruined face. "She kept saying 'you killed him'."

"Irina was part of the Denali coven. She was Laurent's mate before he died. I assume that Laurent was the 'he' that she was referring to," Edward reached down and closed Irina's eyes.

"But we didn't kill him, the wolves did!"

"It is perfectly clear that she didn't know that," Holmes frowned. "But the presence of this other vampire troubles me. If you'll excuse me, I'll go back to your house and tell your father what has happened," with that, Holmes was gone.