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Chapter Fifteen

"Come, come, Professor," Holmes smirked. "You let me foil your plans with little more than a well-placed phone call."

Professor Moriarty frowned and pulled against Simon and George's grip. "I highly doubt that you could topple my organization with a phone call. It would take considerably more than that."

"Not at all," Holmes pulled his pipe out. He struck a match and paced over to the window. "In fact, the Volturi are arriving as we speak. Carlisle, which one is the little girl?"

"That would be Jane, Holmes," Carlisle strode over to the window.

Victoria snarled as he passed. It had taken three vampires to hold her down. Mary Watson was currently the only one needed to hold her down.

"Can't you keep her quiet," Edward growled. "She's caused enough trouble as it is."

Mary shook her head. "Everyone deserves mercy, Edward. My gifts my comfort the sick and weary, but even I can't quench the fires of hate. Only time and forgiveness can heal her wounds."

Moriarty scoffed. "Nothing can heal that woman. She's clinically insane, you only need look at her to tell."

"Do shut up," Holmes sighed, taking a puff off of his pipe. "I'm tired of listening to your voice. Now, I'm sure most of you have some questions about what Moriarty was up to. It's horribly simple. I knew his plans from the moment that I came to this country."

"If you knew his plans, then why didn't you tell us that Victoria was on the loose again," Bella leaned into Edward's side, away from the redhead. "It could have saved us so much trouble!"

"I knew that she was on a rampage, I got that much from the somewhat incomplete news reports on the murders in the Seattle area. I did not, however, know that she would join forces with my, ehm, old friend."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Carlisle called.

Jane and Demetri stepped through the door. "Ah, Mr. Holmes, I see you have captured our most wanted criminal," Jane moved in Victoria's direction. "She has caused my Lords much trouble."

"It is not Miss Adler that you want," Holmes commented dryly. "Honestly, after three thousand years of life you'd think that Aro would have figured out some things."

Jane scowled. "If she isn't the one responsible for the murders in Seattle, who is?"

"This man," he gestured at Moriarty, who was growing paler by the second. "He incited her quest for revenge by killing her mate."

"What," Victoria's eyes opened wide. "Did you say?"

"I've just told you what you wanted to hear, didn't I? You've always wanted to know what exactly happened to—James, was it?"

"What did happen to James," Edward's eyes narrowed. "He was already dead when we reached the ballet studio. Bella was passed out on the floor, she doesn't remember anything."

"Ah, that was the neatest part of Moriarty's little plan. He staged the whole thing to undermine the Cullen's power. After all, are they not one of the largest covens in the United States? It would have been most prudent of Moriarty to remove one of his greatest obstacles. "

"But what does he want," Demetri snarled. "What could he possibly gain?"

"His reasons are trite and unimportant. His goal? Overused and unoriginal. He wanted to rule the world. Barring the human one, he wanted to rule the vampire one. By taking out the largest covens he could unite the nomads and eventually take on the Volturi. But he needed a willing pawn. And what better pawn than a heartbroken woman bent on revenging herself against the people who she assumed had killed her love? So he set up the meeting with the Cullen coven and put his little plan into motion," he shook his head. "I must say, it was an elegant one. Perfectly designed to look like a combination of chance and bad luck. He commissioned James to chase down Bella, no doubt using some excuse. Then, at the very climax of the events, he killed his lackey and framed the Cullens. Thus triggering Miss Adler's lust for revenge. He only had to contact her about realizing her goal and she was ensnared. Elementary, really."

Victoria's eyes were bulging. "How could you," she whispered. "How could you do something like that?"

"My dear," Moriarty frowned. "I have been doing things like that since before you were born. It's nothing new."

Mary placed a hand on Victoria's shoulder. "Let it go," she whispered.

Victoria trembled violently but said nothing.

"So we need to arrest this man," Jane pursed her lips. "My Lords will be please to hear that we have apprehended the mastermind behind the plot to overthrow them. Thank you for your services, Mr. Holmes." She bowed and took a hold of Moriarty. "It will go better with you if you do not resist."

He nodded and walked out between Jane and Demetri. Moriarty turned back to Holmes. "I'll have you know that this is not going to be the last time we meet."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you," Holmes commented dryly. "However, I will be quite some time before you and I see each other again."

Jane and Demetri pulled the Professor out of the room and into the hallway. They passed Miss Davidson on their way. She poked her head into the room. "Mr. Holmes, your friend, Dr. Watson, is downstairs and wishes to know when he can have Mrs. Watson back."

"Tell him that I am in need of his assistance. And tell your bosses to stop reprimanding you. We haven't done anything this is, shall we say, less than legal."

Miss Davidson smiled slightly and left the room.

Moments later, Watson came rushing in. "The girl at the front desk told me that you needed my help."

"Yes, I would appreciate you seeing to Mr. Swann, if you could."

"Of course, Holmes."

Watson set to work on Charlie, who was still unconscious. "I saw the Volturi leaving with Moriarty. Did you accomplish what they asked?"

"Wait," Carlisle said. "The Volturi hired you?"

"Of course, I am still the single greatest detective in the world. Who else would they go to with the potential threat of overthrow?"

"Good point."

"There's still one thing that I don't understand," Bella stated, pulling Edward down next to her where she was sitting on the couch. "Why did you call Victoria 'Miss Adler'?"

"Because my name is Miss Adler," Victoria sighed. Mary Watson nodded slightly, prompting further speech. "Irene was my sister."

"That complicates things," Watson muttered.

Holmes shot him a nasty look. "It complicates nothing."

Watson just smiled.

"What now," Seth had been quiet for most of the time.

"Well, I'll go back to London. I don't know what the rest of you are going to do," Holmes put his pipe out.

"This will certainly make an interesting narrative," Watson grinned. "I'll look forward to writing it up! You'd be surprised the number of cases that I have to write."

Holmes made a face. "Really, Watson, are you still inflicting your—" Mrs. Watson gave Holmes a look that clearly spelled out his imminent demise. "I mean, it would be a treat to read your latest novella."

Mary smiled. "What are you going to do now, dear," she asked Victoria.

"I don't know. There isn't anything for me here now. I don't even have the excuse of revenge. My coven is dead, my life a sham. There's nothing left."

"You could always return to London with me," Holmes coughed.

Watson almost choked trying to hide his laugher. Carlisle's eyes bulged. Bella's jaw dropped and Edward raised an eyebrow. Seth made no attempt to hide his merriment, it sparkled in his eyes.

"Um," Victoria was quite clearly taken aback. Her now calm state was due to Mrs. Watson, but even Mary couldn't keep the shock out. "I suppose it would be interesting."

"Good show, old man," Watson grinned.


"I'm not so sure that you could write this case up, Dr. Watson!" Bella smiled. "I mean, after all, Sherlock Holmes and vampires. That coupled with the ending, no one would believe it!"